ESPN – Phillies vs. Braves – Box Score – July 03, 2008

This team depresses me.

I considered stopping there. But to sum up — Jair Jurrjens gave up eight hits in seven innings while walking one, which isn’t too bad, but three of the hits were solo homers and he threw in a double and a triple. Still, he gave a normal team a chance to win. This team, however, is rapidly taking on the personality of its supposed face, Jeff Francoeur, who sucks.

The Braves had exactly one scoring chance of note in the first eight innings, when Infante singled and McCann walked leading off the second. Guess who was up next? Amazingly, the Out Machine only popped out, but the next two guys also popped out, so threat negated.

Chipper had a one-out double in the ninth, and with two out McCann doubled him in. Whoopee. The Phillies went to their pen for the easiest save situation in world history, and the Out Machine popped out on the first pitch. He sucks. This team doesn’t suck as much as he does, but it’s getting there.

Kelly Johnson, who it hitting well over .300 against lefties, sat, while Francoeur, who sucks, and who couldn’t hit if you told him what was coming and where, played and gave his usual 0-4. I hate him.

On the positive side, Ohman and Gonzalez each had a strong inning. Didn’t really matter.