ESPN – Cardinals vs. Braves – Box Score – July 29, 2008

Hi, I’m back. I’ll deal with Teixeira in a bit. Without him, the Braves fielded a joke lineup, Kotsay hitting third and Norton cleanup. But Campillo did a good job, and the Braves got two runs in the second, Francoeur (who sucks) singling home KJ and coming home on a single by Blanco. It was 2-1 through five, but obviously the Braves weren’t going to do much offensively. Campillo finally cracked in the sixth, giving up a solo homer to Pujols.

In the eighth, Soriano gave up a leadoff double to Pujols. He got the next man, but then Pujols stole third and Corky, who is a terrible, terrible excuse for a ballplayer, threw the ball away and allowed the go-ahead run to score. I hate him. Bobby, quite properly, brought in Gonzalez to pitch the ninth, but he had nothing. It was 6-3 when he was pulled for, of course, Boyer, who gave up a hit to allow two more runs to score. Blanco scored a meaningless run in the ninth on a groundout.

Now, the trade. I don’t like it. Casey Kotchman was a productive hitter in 2007, but in 2008 his walk rate has plunged, and his on-base percentage is only .327. That’s terrible. Now, the Angels are an overly aggressive team, and it’s possible that in another environment he’ll bounce back to something resembling the hitter who had a .377 OBP last year. I like him better than Chad Tracy, but it’s primarily for financial reasons.

I had never even heard of Stephen Marek before this trade, and now that I have I don’t know anything about him except that he used to be a starter and now he has a nice strikeout ratio as a reliever. As I stated before, I was against trading Teixeira for spare parts, but that’s basically what they got. My initial grade is D, but we shall see.

I can’t believe this is all they could get.