Rangers 7, Braves 5

ESPN – Braves vs. Rangers – Box Score – June 17, 2008

It wasn’t that close, and the Braves were rarely really in danger of another one-run loss, much less winning. The Rangers took a 1-0 lead in the first, then scored four runs in the third to essentially put it away. It was 6-0 in the fifth, and Hudson was pulled. Hudson is great most of the time, but every few starts doesn’t have it, and this was one of those times.

The Braves didn’t even get a hit until the fifth. They scored two in the sixth, but Ridgway, who will probably be sent down tonight, immediately allowed a run to make it 7-2. McCann hit a three-run homer in the eighth to cut it to two, but that was it. Brandon Jones doubled leading off the ninth, but couldn’t score him or get the tying run on; Bobby bizarrely hit Greg Norton, who can’t hit at all, for Gregor Blanco, who can’t hit much, and Norton grounded out.

Chipper was 0-2 and walked twice; he’s now at an even .400. The Braves had just five hits. Francoeur sucks and was 0-4 with three strikeouts.

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  1. Anybody catch the all overpaid team listed on yahoo? I hope this preserves formatting… the poem at the ends is just great.

    SP: Mike Hampton, Atlanta, $15.98 million – This is the farewell to Hampton, whose eight-year, $121 million contract expires after this season (with the requisite $6 million buyout). In his honor, we present a poem:

    Hamstring, elbow, Tommy John

    Disabled list you’re always on

    Mr. Hampton, you’re the best

    Working on three years’ rest

  2. Mac, in the pre season you said that we should have tried to get Josh Hamilton. Prescience.

  3. It will be nice to have Gonzo back–but it is a shame that Stockman has to be banished to Richmond to make it happen. I would like to have seen more of Stockman while he was up with Atlanta.

  4. Yeah, but at that time I was saying “I think we could have beaten that deal.” Edinson Volquez? Just a failed prospect. Obviously, the Reds knew things. Has there ever been a deal that immediately benefitted both teams so much?

    Yeah, the Braves sent Stockman down. Since he never pitched, I don’t see why not, but then I don’t know why we need four lefthanders. Ring is trade bait.

  5. Things I hate:

    1. NBA

    2. NHL

    3. WNBA

    4. ESPN

    (I think I have alphabetaphobia.)

    There are two Joneses in the Braves line-up hitting better than .400. Make me eat crow, B. Jones, I dare you!

    Francouer needs an extended rest, preferably in Richmond or Mississippi.

    Go Braves.

  6. It’s a good thing Hudson got out of the AL! I really didn’t like the way the Braves whined about an ostensible interference that cost them a DP. Even if they are right, that’s no justification for Hudson getting hammered. He is supposed to be the ace of the staff and should be able to pitch around some things.

    And, with all the talk about Frenchy, Tex is sucking himself. What is going on with this guy? Even if he starts hitting, he has pissed away the first half of the year.

  7. Tex does not suck nearly as badly as Frenchy–but then again the expectations were much higher. I hope that Tex gets it together and has a great second half, but I don’t think that the Braves should go too far to keep him.

    That said, if he continues on his current pace, I can imagine Boras’ telling him to accept arbitration and try for a monster year in 2009. Not a bad outcome if happened–and I am sure it won’t….

  8. I actually signed on to make a comment about Teixeira but Marc beat me to it. 5 for his last 31 with 4 walks and 0 Hrs. ‘Nuff said.

  9. It seems like Tex is putting us in that Andruw situation from last year, sucking bad enough that his price may come down, but sucking bad enough that it might make us leary to sign him…..anyone agree?

  10. the Braves should do nothing to keep him and should just go with the two draft picks. We dont have the payroll to sink $18-20 mil in a guy that cant even sniff off spead pitches. Tex is slowly becoming another Frenchy in our lineup.

    Someone please explain why we need 4 lefties in our bullpen

  11. We don’t need seven pitchers in our bullpen, period, but since Bobby will use Ridgway and won’t use Stockman, this is a better arrangement. As I said above, I think they’re trying to trade Ring.

  12. It’s weird how Teixera’s problems seem to have passed under the radar. People talk about how he “protects” Chipper but, even leaving aside the question of whether such a concept exists, how can a guy struggling to hit .270 (and much worse from the right side)be protecting a guy hitting .400? It’s sort of an example of how, once a player gets a certain reputation, good or bad, it takes a long time for people to recognize a change. That’s not to compare Tex to Frenchy–Teixera has a track record as a good player–but this year, he really hasn’t been such a good player.

  13. I am already looking forward to having Tex’s salary off the books and the draft picks. The best case scenario is to see him suck even more next year in a Yankee uniform….

  14. Braves top 5 batting leaders by AVG in the past week: Corky, .500; B. Jones, .478; McCann, .346; Blanco, .333; Hudson, .333

  15. How about a new poll on what body part failure will abort Hampton’s latest comeback attempt?Put me down for ingrown toenail.

  16. Kirk H.–Thats a really good idea or it could be how the injury will happen (i.e., in a bathtub, brushing his teeth, driving to the ballpark etc.)…

  17. Funny how things turn out. Scouting counts a lot. Volquez’s numbers made him look like no better than James or Reyes or Jurrjens. Of course this could be his career year too. Hamilton only played 92 games last season thats why I said that we shouldn’t trade a starter for him. Baseball will drive you crazy.

    Texieria will still get the big dough even if he doesn’t have the big second half. Some are saying he sucks and he does but only relative to the huge expectations we had of him pre season. Tex is only 28 and thus entering the ‘prime years’ although I think that Bill James identified these as ages 26 through 30 rather than the 28-32 that most say.

  18. Re: Marc

    I think on the Braves site they had a quote where Hudson said something along the lines of “he should’ve been out two ways, but that’s still no excuse for my blowing things once it happened.”

  19. Okay…last chance Milwaukee Brewers. The Braves will basically give you a 24y/o Jeff Francouer and cash, for a 25 y/o Ryan Braun. Francouer is younger, a great outfielder, with outstanding plate discipline. In almost 4 years in the big leagues he has 70 HR, while Ryan in two years has only 54 HR. So Francouer power is clearly evident. Don’t miss this opportunity to have a future great roaming your outfield!!

  20. While I have what are likely delusional hopes that Chuck will put things together and become a #3 starter… If we could’ve had Hamilton for him (it appears Chuck would’ve looked better than what Volquez had previously done) I sure wish we’d taken that gamble… would’ve been nice to have a young guy for our outfield.

  21. ive been saying all year that Tex just doesnt give a damn and i’m more convinced that i’m right every day. when is the last time you saw him actually run hard or slide into a base? he saw that andrews horrible year paid off handsomely and hes gunning for the same thing. its all about the $$$ with him. ………….. he was an arrogant prick in college and now he’s a greedy arrogant prick. but for now, he’s OUR greedy. arrogant prick.

  22. Here’s an idea. Convert Hampton to an outfielder and platoon him with Francoeur in RF. I bet he’d have a higher OPS vs right handers than Jeff.

  23. Hey, Tony, I like that, all we need to do is sneak someone into the Brewers’ offices and put some hallucinogenic drug in their drinking water. Either that or hope that they hire Bill Bavasi soon.

  24. Surely the Braves will struggle against him:

    “The Rangers will counter with Eric Hurley (0-0, 6.00 ERA), who is coming off his first major league start, allowing four runs and six hits in six innings as Texas lost 6-5 to Kansas City on Thursday.

    The 22-year-old right-hander, a 2004 first-round pick, was 2-5 with a 5.30 ERA in 13 starts at Triple-A Oklahoma before being called up Wednesday. “

  25. This team is such a tease. Well, at least we get to watch Jo Jo tonight.

    I would have taken James for Hamilton in a nanosecond, but I’ve never thought much of Chuck.

  26. Thanks Parish, was thinking the only mention of Cox was about having Chipper and Tex DH and wasn’t sure why that would make somebody so angry…

  27. Let me get this straight…

    Boyer, Bennett, Carlyle, Acosta, Ohman, Ring, Gonzalez, Ridgeway….8 pitchers in the pen or did I miscount.

    Exclinding McCann out top six hitter went 0-17 last night? Can’t have that.

    In regards to Tex move him down in the order or sit him donw for a couple of games. He and Francouer have cost the Braves mightily this year.

  28. Sorry about the double post, my “Senior Senator from Arizona” disease is kicking in

  29. I wonder if we can get in a three way with the Yankees and some other team snd see what a Hudson,Teixeria, and Ring deal could land us.

  30. A “three way with the Yankees and some other team?” Don’t mention that around A-Rod or he might want to get him some of that. Oh wait, you were talking about a baseball trade…my fault.

  31. I don’t wanna trade Hudson. Just what Mac wrote. He will have a start like this every fourth or fifth game. He was excellent the past games. We need him.

  32. @33,

    As if the Braves don’t have enough trouble, the Rangers are pitching someone that can invoke the powers of the island? This means Francouer will swing at pitches that are invisible.

  33. What do the Braves have against Stockman? I don’t get it. He’s been nothing but effective when in the game in Atlanta. He really is getting the Joey Devine treatment.

  34. I am already looking forward to having Tex’s salary off the books and the draft picks. The best case scenario is to see him suck even more next year in a Yankee uniform….

    This is the same Tex that has a 112 OPS+ right? He hasn’t been as good as we’d hoped but it’s not like he’s been a disaster. If his Texas career is any guide, he’ll hit much better once we are 10 games out.

  35. Does anybody have a handy chart showing MLB-average OPS+ by position? I don’t think a 112 from a 1B is all that great, but I don’t really know for sure and I am too lazy to look it up myself.

  36. Yes, the same Tex who is our cleanup hitter yet is our fourth-best hitter by OPS+, just ahead of Yunel and Kotsay, and just behind Kelly Johnson, who makes the minimum and who is no one’s idea of a cleanup hitter.

  37. I dont think its Bobby’s call on who gets sent up and down and makes roster moves. I would put a lot of blame on Bobby for not giving Stockman and equal opportunity while he was on the roster though. We dont know for sure, but there has to be some reason why he wasnt getting used.

  38. Rufino, as usual, it’s on B-R: scroll down to splits by defensive position. This year, the ML-average 1B has an OPS of .266/.351/.447 (OPS+ of 115), while Tex is batting .269 /.359 /.437 (OPS+ of 112).

  39. I don’t. Teix has probably been the ninth best 1B in the NL this year, which is certainly nothing to get excited about. Of regulars, he’s probably only ahead of Howard, Loney, Delgado, and LaRoche. We certainly expected better.

  40. Robert,

    Actually Tex has been a pretty bad lately, but I think he will come around. Tonight would be fine for him to start his hot streak. I think when Tex gets hot he will carry the club for a couple of weeks like AJ use to do.

    Now I am completely at a lost for Frenchy….will try something new.

  41. It seems like the Braves always have a mystery player or two that do not get used and nobody knows why. Does noone ask Cox these questions or does he refuse to answer them? Is it this bad with other teams?

  42. But the NL-average 1B is batting .273 /.359 /.473, which just goes to show you how little power Tex has had this season.

    I wonder how Scott Boras will explain that away…

  43. AAR, thanks. I will check that out. I’m surprised at the MLB average OPS+ for 1b being “only” 115, although after typing it I suppose that statement seems a little dumb.

  44. I think Howard is ahead of Tex in OPS after last night’s games.

    True, but Tex’s OPS is more OBP heavy which is important.

  45. AAR, thanks. I will check that out. I’m surprised at the MLB average OPS+ for 1b being “only” 115, although after typing it I suppose that statement seems a little dumb.

    For rightfielders it’s 112. We have been anywhere near that for the past three seasons…

  46. Thanks AAR. I guess a next step would be to weight OPS+ by salary, or something like that. Or not. I suppose it all boils down to, Braves fans expected more from Tex than just a league-average performance at the plate.

  47. And, with all the talk about Frenchy, Tex is sucking himself.

    I had no idea Teix was that into Francoeur being bad at baseball. To each his own…I suppose.

  48. If Tex is putting up below average numbers for a MLB 1B and is getting paid well above average, then its a wasted cost. I keep thinking Tex has the potential to be a lot better, but really the only stat that’s down is his SLG%. Then I get the priveledge of watching him put up 0-5 nights with 4K’s and the more I watch the more I’m ready to see him leave

  49. The biggest issue with Texieira is his drop in power. His ISOP is .168; it was .257 last year and it’s .245 for his career. His walk rate is right in line with his career numbers, and his strikeout rate is actually down.

  50. I traded Youkilis for Teix, I demand that at the very least, he outperform Kevin F’ing Youkilis…

  51. “his strikeout rate is actually down”

    true, but man it seems like he’s always striking out

  52. Well this sucks…

    Tiger’s season is over. I guess he really jacked up that knee.

    Ryan Howard is a lifetime .280, it’s amazing that he is only hitting .221…but will probably win the HR Title again.

    I honestly believe Tex will come around, and I’m getting a little concerned with KJ though. When is Kotsay or Prado coming back. I like KJ in that 6 hole…

  53. Don’t fear about first base. That bastion of reliability, MLB Trade Rumors, is reporting the Mariners are going to release Richie Sexson.

  54. Well, I guess Mickelson will have a chance to win a major now that he doesn’t have to piss his pants worrying about having to beat Tiger.

    In thinking about it, I think we all expected too much from Tex. His performance after he came over last year was monumental and, while he is a very good player, he isn’t exceptional. Still, his performance this year has been disappointing, primarily against left handed pitchers. I wouldn’t be surprised if he picked it up, as Robert said, after the Braves are out of contention. I suspect he has significantly hurt himself in the free agent market although I’m sure he will do fine. The teams that need a first baseman either can afford to overpay (Mets) or need to make a big splash somewhere (Orioles?).

  55. Stockman really is getting the Joey Devine treatment. Don’t let anyone tell you Cox doesn’t play favorites. You have to play favorites to justify Carlyle on the roster and not Stockman.

  56. Are the Red Sox that good w/o Papi, Ellsbury? Well good for the Braves, I guess.

    It’s funny, I never thought of Tex as a great player or even one the elites …but everyone made it seem that he was the missing piece. Then I watch JC Romero shut down he and Chipper and that was that.

    Maybe this is Tex. A 2nd half out of contention star. Can’t handle the pressure.

  57. Well Tony, that should bode well for his time in NY if it’s the case.

    Dan, it may be that Cox wanted Stockman to get more minors time? Buddy is going to be buddy and won’t really develop with more time in the minors is my understanding. Stockman can still “grow” at AAA can’t he?

  58. Maybe it’s not just Cox. The pitching coach is closest to the pitchers. Maybe McDowell or Eddie in the bullpen are also providing feedback to Bobby. We just don’t know. It is sort of weird though.

  59. The comparisons of Devine and Stockman are a bit unfair to the latter. The former was rushed to the majors, was hit hard and then got jerked around. Stockman has pitched as well as could be asked, is kept out of games and then finds himself banished back to Richmond. It reminds me more of Buddy Hernandez (even though I know that he never pitched for the Braves) who had stellar numbers at Richmond, but never even got a cup of coffee…

  60. Why is Carlyle still here? I mean, usually the Braves don’t keep their reclamation projects more than one season.

  61. I’d take Winn. He’s not great — he’s basically a really good fourth outfielder, doesn’t have enough power for a corner and doesn’t have quite the range you’d like in center. But he has a little bit of pop, probably a bit more than Kotsay, and has had OBPs of .346 or higher six of the last seven years, .359 this year. He’s a better right fielder than the Out Machine, but I assume he’d play left or center in Atlanta, depending upon Kotsay’s availability.

  62. Carlyle is useful in situations where the starter is yanked early, but it seems they always go with Bennett instead.

  63. Winn playing every day with platoons in both left (Diaz/Jones) and right (Francoeur/Kotsay) would make for some pretty acceptable outfield production. And would never happen.

  64. Don’t worry by mid-July when Bennett is burned out and Boyer is out of gas…we will need Carlyle.


    I guess if it a real cheap reclamation project…then they will keep.

  65. Here’s a nice comment on Morton from a “Scouts’ views of various players around the major leagues” section in a BP article by John Perrotto:

    Braves rookie right-hander Charlie Morton: “It’s hard to believe this kid spent four years in Class-A ball. He’s got dominant stuff. His fastball hits 96 mph, he’s got a nasty curveball and his sinker and changeup aren’t bad pitches. This kid has a chance to be the Braves’ next great pitcher.”

    So he’s got that going for him.

  66. maybe there is something to this one, MLB rumors has it now

    Braves Interested In Randy Winn?
    According to Henry Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle, the Braves are one team with “apparent interest” in Giants right fielder Randy Winn. Winn can play all three outfield positions. Lately the Braves have been using Brandon Jones in left, Gregor Blanco in center, and Jeff Francoeur in right. Matt Diaz will be out several more weeks with a knee injury, while Mark Kotsay has a lower back issue.

    Winn, 34, is hitting a respectable .298/.359/.447 in 288 plate appearances. Winn’s line would look better in center field, but Blanco has a tidy .375 OBP going. Winn makes $8MM this year and $8.25MM in ’09. He can block trades to ten teams. I imagine Brian Sabean would settle for a marginal prospect if a team would take on all of Winn’s contract.

  67. As for Winn, he’d certainly be an upgrade over Norton. He’ll hit as well and play far better defense. Heck, maybe he’d give us a decent option for RF (which we currently don’t have; Frenchy’s really the only one on the current team who can handle it outside of maybe Infante).

  68. Morton, Jair, Jo Jo should be strong for years to come and add Hanson to that mix in 2010. It would be nice to move Tex for 1 more young solid starter + another prospect or two, and lets rebuild this pitching staff to what it needs to be

  69. Well, it should be pro-rated, and I’d imagine we have some money saved for a mid-season trade. Winn’s a decent player, we could and have been doing much worse out in left field.

  70. 34 years old? I dread these stop-gap solutions. I would like to see us trade for a long term solution or bring somebody up. Do we have anyone?

  71. We should have long-term solutions. Francoeur was supposed to be one, of course, but Shaefer and Heyward. What you need is a short-term solution to the horrible crisis in left. A long-term solution will cost one of these young players and in two or three years will leave you worse off.

  72. Brandon Jones was what we had, Lando. Schafer’s having what appears to be an adjustment period in Double A right now. There aren’t any other internal options.

  73. I proposed Winn weeks ago. It’s nice that Frank is finally getting around to reading my emails.

  74. Carroll R. says she’ll ask about Stockman.

    soriano is eligible to come off the DL on Saturday and bobby said yesterday that soriano would rest until it’s time to come off the DL, then pitch. so ridgway should be the guy going back in a few days and then this giant issue everybody is having will go away. i haven’t watched every outing Stockman had but i remember one of his first he had a hard time commanding the fastball and was throwing the curve for strikes, which seems backward. he also had two outings with two walks each. ridgway has none i think. (i have no idea if that has anything to do with anything, but i’m taking a stab anyway.)

    also seems not to be using ridgway as a situational lefty, just a one-inning guy. but again all that’s just guessing. bobby doesn’t like to say negative things about players, even if it’s explaining a move like that. so i wouldn’t hold your breath too much.

  75. Funny, braves14, I was just coming over here to post what Carroll said just before that about Winn:

    saw that on espn.com about randy winn like you probably did, chopdawg. i haven’t heard that on the braves end, but i can tell you that i can see brandon jones being a guy they’d offer. something’s just a little off about the way that went down – with his call-up and whatnot – that doesn’t completely add up. but he’s been playing great. either way, win-win that he’s doing well.

    While I like the idea of Winn, I would not be very pleased if we gave up Jones to get him.

  76. Winn’s an ok player but I wouldn’t give up Jones for him. Winn’s career ops is .770; Jones is likely to be about the same. The difference is Jones gets rookie pay–$300k or so–while Winn costs about 25 times as much ($8m).

    Even if Winn didn’t cost anything more than his salary (maybe 10 bats like the indy league guy a few weeks ago), I’d probably turn down the deal b/c of the $8m salary hit.

    It’s not that he’s a bad player–he’d look awfully good in RF–but he’s expensive relative to his production.

  77. I think to get Cain or Lincecum we might have to thorw McCann or Heyward in.

    I would give them Hudson and Jones for Fred Lewis and Cain or Lincecum.

  78. Not that I have any powers of prognostication, but based on minor league stats, it seems like Brandon Jones would project to be a lot like Randy Winn. Maybe a little worse across the board offensively, definitely not the same glove. Still doesn’t seem like a good idea to give up Jones to get Winn.

  79. I doubt that Winn wouldn’t make much more difference than Tex did last year. Brandon Jones has demonstrated some real promise since coming up; I think I would rather see the Braves let him have time to develop than trade for Winn.

  80. yeah Im tired of trading younger guys for older “MORE EXPERIENCED” ones and the team still hovering aroung .500. I was wrong on the Jones call up and he’s given our lineup a much needed spark. I dont see how you could justify trading him for Winn. I could see Blanco or maybe even Anderson for him though

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