Braves 7, Rockies 1

ESPN – Braves vs. Rockies – Box Score – June 16, 2008

The Braves have suddenly won three out of their last four road games. Go figure.

Jair Jurrjens started on long rest, and looked much fresher than he has; giving young pitchers sporadic starts off (that is, not the sit on the bench for 20 days in a row usage the Braves used to inflict on their fifth starters) probably helps, but most of the time you really can’t afford to rest a good starter. He went 7 2/3 and gave up eight hits, but it’s Coors Field, which humidor or no greatly increases batting averages. He only walked two and struck out seven, and 72 of his 103 pitches were strikes.

Chipper finally got some hits (2 for 4 with a walk) and apparently that was what the Braves needed. He drove in two runs in the fifth on a single (the Braves had threatened some, and mainly made the Rockies’ starter work, so he was around 100 pitches at this point) and scored on a Francoeur “double” (a combination of the usual overdeep outfield required by the park and inspired bad outfield play by Matt Holliday, who helped the Braves score four of their runs).

KJ didn’t have a hit, but did walk three times and score twice; Teixeira didn’t either, but drove in a run with a groundout. Escobar had one hit and a walk, and everybody else had two hits. Again, Coors Field. It’s a joke, and it will always be a joke, and while it’s nice that they took some of the home runs out of the equation it’s still far too easy to mount the death-by-a-million-cuts offense. Luckily, the Rockies couldn’t get their cuts together until the ninth, when pseudo-closer of the moment (thankfully, Gonzalez is expected to join the team Wednesday, until he falls victim to the Closer Curse) allowed two walks and a hit in the ninth. (Ohman had finished the eighth when Jurrjens got tired.)

On to the next ridiculous ballpark, the good old-fashioned home run haven in Texas.

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  1. I think giving young pitcher random rest (no matter how good he is) is always a good meassure. We can all remember how fast Avery fade away…

  2. Mac, you must be tired. No talk or the 4K’s from Tex and not even a sentence for Snitker???

  3. I Jurrjens elgible for Rookie of the Year? With a 7-3 start, a strong 2nd half would give him a shot – if he’s elgible.

  4. I know Jair had a few starts for the Tigers (7 to be exact), but I wouldn’t think 31 innigs would cause him to loose his rookie status – although it could be close.

  5. 50 IP is the magic number for a starting pitcher to lose rookie status. It can also expire on a certain number of appearances, I think, or just days on the roster.

  6. Jair is ROY eligible. Volquez is not.
    Neither is Justin Upton..

    Soto is going to win it though

  7. Soto isn’t the best “rookie” on his team. I don’t see any way that Kosuke Fukudome doesn’t win it unless he just tanks in the second half.

  8. Godot, you’re probably right about Soto, he of the 25 career minor league home runs before hitting 26 last year, will probably win ROY, and unfortunately he will also probably start ahead of McCann in the all-star game.

  9. 1991 Braves: 39-40, 9.5 GB
    1992 Braves: 20-27, 7.0 GB
    2004 Braves: 32-38, 6.5 GB

    Maybe the Braves aren’t dead yet. They’ve been in worse holes in the past and come back. It is possible the the Phillies are a better team than any of the competing teams in the other years, though. But the Wild Card is still there.

    It’s not that likely, but the run differential and talent on the team suggests that we should make a run eventually.

  10. or maybe I’m wrong about the stats but Fukudome does definitely have the hype, maybe they can take votes away from each other and someone else can win.
    Silly Japanese “rookies”

  11. Hideo Nomo was RoY in ’95; Chipper was 2nd.

    I like the optimism. I retain mine, though it’s rather guarded, given the realities of the current roster—meaning players that can still walk, talk and chew gum.

    Mets trying to blow one. They were up 8-3, now it’s 8-6. Willie may not survive this one.

  12. Unless they open it up to online voting, so everybody from Japan can vote, I can’t see Fukudome getting votes from Soto. Fukudome’s a decent player, but he is a Wrigley Field creation.

    Home .376/.483 /.560/1.043 4 hrs 20 rbi
    Away .205 /.312 /.282 /.594 1 hr 8 rbi

    No way he’s winning ROY unless he seriously works on those splits.

  13. braves14, I have said it before, but a hot second half has not been in the Braves’ book for many years. A hot second half used to be a Braves’ routine.

    However, I am optimistic if JJ, JoJo, and Morton can hold up…but the chance is against up to have three rookies in the rotation…wait, is Jorge still a rookie?

  14. So who goes to the pen when Glavine and Hampton (Hah!) come back from the DL. I would almost rather stick with the rotation we have – I think they give us our best chance of winning.

  15. Joshua, somebody will get hurt by the time they come back. Besides, we still have Buddy in the bullpen, right?

  16. McCann: “I think that ankle injury was the best thing that happened to him (Jurrjens).”

    I agree absolutely.

  17. Joshua, I’m not so sure that Glavine is going to pitch again, or might effectively for that matter. I sure as hell hope so, but I’m not counting on it. If he does, it might be around the time that Jorge Campillo turns back into Jorge Campillo though. I certainly hope neither one bumps the three youngsters though. There’s likely to be more bad than good with those three the rest of the year, but it may serve a greater good.

  18. Of course we all know Hampton’s not going to pitch again in a Braves uniform the above post was mainly referencing Glavine.

  19. I think if Glavine can come back that either Morton or Campillo would be the likely odd man out.

  20. Oh, so JoJo lost his rookie status by an inning…well, I still consider him a rookie in my book.

  21. “The first time I went to Yankee Stadium was in my rookie year,” Teixeira said. “The first home run I hit in Yankee Stadium, it was pretty neat. I’ve played well there. I love playing there. That’s just kind of a special place for me.”

    That’s good to know Tex.

  22. jj3bag,

    I’m finding old Braves media guides. Got ’em from: 1988, 1993, 1997, 1999 & 2001.

    Any interest in those?

  23. I retain some optimism–simply because it has been a bizarre season for the Braves. My optimism will almost certainly be tempered by realities–but I like the development of our your pitchers.

    KC–Thanks for the Tex quote–if he can hit the way he did in the second half last season, things might get interesting….

  24. You know Stephen…I was looking at Locke’s split…it’s amazing that he actually is getting good results well when he is on the road…and he struggles to get lefties out…seems like problems he can sort out…

    …and seems like Hanson has figured out AA hitters.

  25. jj3bag,
    Alright, they’re set aside for you.

    And that ’88 guide, with a cheesy line drawing of Dale Murphy on the cover, is amusing, sad & hopeful—all at once.

    Bobby Cox was GM, John Mullen was Asst. GM, Chuck Tanner was manager, Willie Stargell was a coach and, yes, Brian Snitker was on the staff as well.

    But the roster…whew: Lotsa never-will-be guys like Chuck Cary, Marty Clary & Kevin Coffman; dead wood like Ken Oberkfell, Ozzie Virgil & Charlie Puleo; and AARP klingons like Ted Simmons, Graig Nettles & Gary Roenicke.

    But there are also some young guys named Glavine, Gant, Lemke, Blauser & Justice.

    BTW, Smoltz was a “Spring Training Invitee.”

  26. KC–Do you know if Evarts will be back in 2008?

    I am not too worried about Locke or Rodgers. As I have mentioned on earlier threads the ones that concern me are Barrett and Rohrbough

    Take a look at Edgar Osuna…his numbers are pretty much replicating the great work that he did at Danville.

    The ‘Late Crew’ is back…

  27. ububba, I can’t wait. Hopefully there will be a sharp Andres Thomas picture. Is WFAN reporting that ?? I haven’t seen that confirmed anywhere. Big shocker there.

  28. I vote for “The Third Shift” to steal from Big Ben Maller instead of “The Late Crew.”

  29. Also, the Braves game is not listed on my Extra Innings ?? WTF ?? I hate Comcast with a passion

  30. Willie is going to wake up in few days and realize that he is now a happier man, with his life ahead of him….

  31. Yup, Braves not on extra innings Again, that has happened alot lately. I have no idea why either, it has nothing to do with the local cable provider, it as about the iN Demand programming. I missed 2 Cubs/Braves games last week for the same reason.
    Now I will have to talk to my wife instead of watching the Braves.

  32. I think it’s funny that DePodesta was fired for not signing Beltre and Bavasi was fired for signing him. (Obviously, there were other factors that contributed…I’m just saying.)

  33. What’s the feeling on the other aspects of the Willie firing? I thought Rick Peterson was pretty well regarded as a pitching coach (aside from his inability to hold Pedro’s loose body parts together and work a miracle with the flakey braves killer Perez hasn’t he been pretty good at his job?). For my money I think the person who SHOULD have been fired in that organization (if anybody) was Minaya. With a virtual blank check he went out and signed the “best pitcher in baseball”, but also didn’t handle the Delgado situation, or the need for a solid platoon for tattered remains of Moises Alou, and actually gave a big-ish contract to Castillo.

    For all our complaints about what Wren did or didn’t do I think we went into the season with a reasonable expectation for what age could do to our team (it has ended up doing even more than we thought mind you), and an understanding we just weren’t going to be able to throw the cash around like we could when Ted ran things. Mets on the other hand did throw some cash around, and it was fairly apparent they could’ve thrown around more but chose to stand pat with what they had. These are things Willie couldn’t do much about.

  34. Minaya’s very, very much on the firing line now, because Willie was his guy. If Manuel doesn’t right the ship, Omar’s job hangs by a thread.

    I think we should pick up Rick Peterson. Maybe he could be our third base coach, huh?

  35. Classy move, firing someone at 3:00 a.m., but then again when you think of Mets fans, Queens, etc., class really doesn’t come to mind.

  36. Apparently even the Mets fans aren’t real happy about how that was handled. They’re not unhappy he was fired, just unhappy it was handled so crappy.

  37. Stephen,

    I still do not understand the concern about Rohrbough. Let’s see in the next few starts if he has shaken the rust off.

    Barrett is another matter.

    Our pitchers seem to have a lot of challenges moving from Danville to Rome, a transition that should not be tough.

  38. The Mets suck. Why even allow the man to fly all the way out to Anaheim to fire him? Why not just do it in NY? Minaya should be fired…that’s disgraceful.

  39. I refuse to be optimistic because bad things then happen. It’s like the scene in “Band of Brothers” where Lt. Speirs tells his men at Bastogne that it will be easier if they just assume they are dead.

  40. Parish–I hope that I am just paranoid–he has been hammered in a league that he dominated. Maybe it is rust….

  41. Guess what’s happening in Metland? From Take the 7 Train:

    So here we are. Mets fans in the middle of yet another managerial/ownership mess. Ken Oberkfell-The AAA manager- has been called up, along with Luis Aguayo, and Dan Warthen. Unfortunately, I still see more of the same styles here. Even for Oberkfell, the ever noted “player’s manager”. How this team gets out of this rut with Jerry Manuel at the helm, along with these coaches, I don’t know. What I do know is that this is a temporary change that will last the year.

    They’re asking Ken Oberkfell to right the ship! Hey, that’ll work out.

  42. Wow, hadn’t heard about Willie… Oh well.

    JJ looked like he was going to collapse in the 8th last night, I thought they were going to have to cart him off. He was outstanding, and just adds to my enthusiasm to watch our young pitchers grow. Chipper had some much better swings tonight, and he got robbed in the 9th, so maybe he can keep it above .400 for another week or so.

    Tex is awful, and I’d rather have a blind monkey in RF than Frenchy.

  43. “I think it’s funny that DePodesta was fired for not signing Beltre and Bavasi was fired for signing him.”

    The DePodesta firing continues to irk me, though as someone who dislikes the Dodgers, it’s nice to see they have worked so hard to undue the good work DePodesta did in such a short time. Not re-signing Beltre was obviously the right move. Hiring Ned Colletti? Not the right move.

    Anyway, I never really disliked Willie Randolph. The injuries to Pedro and Church, the decline of Delgado and Glavine, the lack of talent at the bottom of the order and rotation, the disappearance of Reyes and Beltran for extended periods over the past two seasons: none of that was his fault. Nor did he trade Scott Kazmir for Victor Zambrano, which is quietly moving up to ‘A.J. Pierzynski’ territory.

    The point is that it’s almost always the GM who messed up, and Minaya’s roster does not do justice to his payroll. He needs to go.

  44. I remember watching Ken Oberkfell as a kid and thinking….man he sure is lazy. I don’t know why, but that was my impression of the 3rd baseman with no power. However I do remember Obe being able to hit a little…

  45. Adam M, I agree with you. Don’t know why Oscar is held in such high regard. The highest payroll in the NL, a decimated farm system, and aging players not performing. A pretty sad story.

  46. Oscar is held in high esteem for the “great” job he did in Montreal. And he’s Latino. Oops…did I just say that???

    You cannot tell me Beltre was not on the “Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa” workout plan when he had that “career” year. Too bad the Mariners fell for it.

  47. As much as we might complain about the stewardship of Time Warner and Liberty and about Wren’s performance, I can’t imagine the Braves ever handling anything as poorly as the Mets handled Randolph’s firing. And then Hank Steinbrenner complains because his pitcher gets hurt running the bases. I would call the sports execs in NY the village idiots but that would be an insult to village idiots.

  48. I can’t imagine the Braves ever handling anything as poorly as the Mets handled Randolph’s firing.

    I don’t know. The Leo Mazzone and Marcus Giles hatefests were pretty distasteful.

  49. If Steinbrenner’s pitchers have so little athletic ability that they sustain season-ending injuries while slowly jogging the bases, I’m surprised one of them hasn’t broken a leg falling down the stairs. Perhaps the AL should join the 21st century and stop employing fat 40-year-olds who can’t even move two steps to the right anymore and putting them in the starting lineup.

  50. JC, I think the comment was about management’s handling, not the fans. Weren’t those “hatefests” coming from the fans?

  51. I think JC’s referring to all the mysterious leaks about how nobody could get along with Leo that appeared right around the time he was let go.

    That was indeed distasteful, but the way the Mets have handled this — the players heard about it by text message — has been much worse, in my opinion. First of all, of course, it’s a much more seismic change than just getting rid of one pitching coach, and tempers run higher and feelings rawer. Second, though, it’s a situation that has been simmering since October, and while Willie probably could have avoided this by simply winning, his firing has been a topic of conversation for the better part of a year, and he’s been smeared in the back pages for a large part of that.

    I wouldn’t want to work for the Wilpons.

  52. Because if there’s one thing I’m looking forward to, it’s the impending weeklong conversation on ESPN asking if its time for the NL to adopt the DH, since half of their talking points seem to be conversations about something Hank Steinbrenner has said. Never mind that he’s a crackpot who never has any clue what he’s talking about, he’s saying stuff! ESPN has to discuss it like it has some merit, or else they would actually have to do their jobs!

  53. Wasn’t willie supposed to be a coach on the all-star team? What will they ever do now?

  54. I think Cameron is too hard on Bavasi. Being a GM is tough, and some of his moves just didn’t work out. For example, Sexson played pretty well for two years before falling off a cliff last year. No matter how much you believe in old-player skill aging theory, it is abnormal for a player’s OPS to drop .200 points in three years. The belief about Soriano’s durability appears to be well founded, too.

  55. Yes, I was referring to the off-the-record talking points that the Braves circulate to the media.

    I do agree that the Mets handled this badly and their sins are much greater than the Braves. I just think the Braves get too much credit for being a class organization.

  56. Parish,

    I meant Omar…Don’t know where the hell Oscar came from.

    As far as Willie goes….Mets fan, which are like stepchildren here in NY, want Minaya gone and also Antonio Bernazard Garcia, or Tony Bernazard(VP of Development) as he is called. You basically had the Latino management going behind Willie’s back talking to the Latino players about Willie. Basically telling them what Willie said about them. I know if they could get away with it…they would bring in a Latino manager. In my opinion, those two should be the next to go.

  57. Parish…

    Oh ok…that what it was. I was trying to figure out where Oscar came from…

  58. I really don’t think Cameron is too hard on Bavasi. Nobody writing on this situation knows is as familiar with Bavasi’s moves as is Cameron, who has been wildly critical of him for years (remember the Ho-Ram-Soriano deal? That one didn’t go over well, for instance). The defense “Being a GM is tough” is just not a good one. I mean, if they hired me and I failed, sure, that might be a fair point to make. But he was hired to do a job and he failed–miserably. I mean, that is a bad bad team with a $114 million payroll. Oh, and they traded away their best prospect in the offseason. He was easily in the bottom-three GMs in baseball.

  59. ” I just think the Braves get too much credit for being a class organization.”

    I agree. If the Braves organization was put under the microscope by the media and the fans like in NYC, Philly and Boston…Bobby Cox would have been fired long time ago, JS would have retired long time ago and gosh who knows, Francouer might be back in the minors.

  60. JC,
    The way the Braves conduct themselves on the field, which I believe is pretty important, is a big part of why they’re considered classy.

    The Leo stuff, I never did get and, although I was a Marcus Giles fan, I always believed in my heart of hearts that he was a “product of the era.” It didn’t upset me that we let him go. But, yeah, throwing dirt on him was goofy.

    I think there’s a degree of relief in Metdom. IMO, most of the fanbase is somewhat delusional about this team’s prospects—this is not the ’06 team where everything broke right—but they’re happy this sideshow has ended. It had gotten beyond ridiculous.

    The circumstances of the Willie firing…hard to warm up to that. But it’s still not quite Steinbrenner territory—Yogi, Showalter, etc.

    My take: A change is probably best for them. The atmosphere was poisoned. The Met clubhouse was like Love Canal.

    However, I also believe that John McGraw could manage these Mets and it probably wouldn’t matter a lot. Their issues are rooted in its roster & its general clubhouse dysfunction, not its managerial moves so much.

    It is important to note that much of the team—notably Beltran & Delgado—did not like, did not support Randolph. Tony Bernazard, an assistant to Minaya, has been an internal Willie foe for more than a year. It’s the belief of many Met watchers in the media that he’s been the shit-stirrer who finally got his way.

    And yes, Minaya will be in the firing line now.

    Me, a small part of me will miss the sideshow and the stuck-in-neutral Mets. I hope any spark they enjoy is a very small one.

  61. It’s funny how Beltran has 2 homer game the day the manager he doesn’t like gets fired. I would bet anyone a million bucks he was told before the game that Willie would be fired.

    Anyway from Tex:

    “I’ve been looking forward to this for long time….Just getting back to my house and being in the Ballpark in Arlington again. It’s going to fun.”

    So there you have if folks…we will finally get some offense from Tex. He will carry the Braves for the rest of the week.

    Bedard vs. Campillio…if Bedard is still a Mariner.

  62. That’s very interesting, Ububba. I don’t know about Tony Bernazard at all. Why didn’t Carlos & Carlos like Willie, and why did the other players who disliked him dislike him?

  63. Did we really throw dirt on Marcus? I don’t remember that and I certainly do not recall any leaked info condemning him.

    He would not have been a good use of funds at his projected arb price and we were frustrated that no one wanted to trade for him, but throwing dirt? No.

  64. It was only a couple of years ago that Willie Randolph got ripped off on the manager of the year award (when Girardi won it) and that Rick Peterson was the greatest pitching coach, even better than Leo Mazzone.

  65. Actually Schafer went 0 for 2 Saturday against Kevin Hart who’s right handed. Got pulled when left hander came in so he never faced a lefty.

    I agree he needs more time at double a just to see what we’ve got to make sure he’s not a one year wonder.

  66. Also, I just looked at our DL list. It includes 10 players and the following from our opening day roster:

    3 of our 5 starting pitchers.
    Our closer.
    Our number 1 setup reliever.
    2 of our 3 starting outfielders.
    One of our first bats off the bench.

    By contrast, the Phillies have no one of consequence on the DL. Only three relievers, none of whom has pitched even 50 ML innings. I doubt that any were really a part of the Phils plans on opening day.

    How bout a little turn around in luck?

  67. In light of Kaahlu’s collapse, lillibridge’s wipe-out in Richmond and Cody Johnson’s flame-out, a Schaefer failure would make for a very bad year for the Braves farm team. Right now your last name has to begin with an “H” to be a good minor league player for the Braves (Hanson; Hernandez; Hicks; Heywood).

  68. Todd Redmond (the guy we got for Tyler Yates) has also had a great year going 7-2 for the last place M-Braves with a 3.42 ERA and a 1.20 WHIP.

    On the other hand Schafer and Van Pope’s strike outs Saturday on horrible balls outside the zone made Frenchy look like a plate discipline expert. Imagine something a foot outside of the worst thing you’ve seen Jeff swing at.

  69. The Braves did diss Leo on the way out. Leo got an inordinate amount of credit for the Braves sustained run of success and I think that Leo had actually started believing some of his own press releases. I think this irked John Schuerholz, Bobby Cox and a good number of the team’s players as well. Thus the see ya don’t want to be ya tone of the quotes and paraphrases when Mazzone went to Baltimore.

  70. Antonio Bernazard Garcia is from Puerto Rico, Minaya is from Puerto Rico, Beltran is from Puerto Rico, Delgado is from Puerto Rico…do you see why Willie might have had some problems?

    I don’t remember Marcus being treated badly either…his time just was up in Atlanta.

    I don’t think it would have been wise to bring up Schaeffer this year anyway…he’s sort of an embarassment right now.

  71. Sorry double post and change of subject. Ok I know that HRs are down MLB wide. Anyone know by how many?

    Edgar .273 .318 .366 Yeah I’d trade that for Jair everday and twice on Sunday. Holding my breath that this kid continues to shine.

  72. Tony,
    Omar Minaya is Dominican.

    It would only be speculation on my part as to why there were so many factions within the Mets clubhouse. The only thing I’d ever heard on radio or saw written in print is that Bernazard had the ear of the Latin players in the clubhouse & Randolph didn’t.

    On the record, Delgado & Beltran showed a lack of support by the things they didn’t say in support of Willie.

    My gut feeling was that Willie probably called them out on something & they didn’t like it—but I don’t know that.

    Beltran is one of their better players, but he’s not a leader, not a vocal guy. Delgado has been more of a clubhouse leader, but his skills are eroding & he’s sulking now. But neither one of them show any guts when it comes to facing the media. And like it or not, that is an extremely important part of playing in New York. You make the Big Money? Well, that’s life in the Big City, a genuine responsibility.

    Of course, the fallout right now in NYC is the method of Willie execution, not the execution itself.

  73. That’s right…first I called him Oscar then I say he is from Puerto Rico. I hope no one from Washington Heights is on here….I might be in trouble.

  74. Mr. Met should be groomed for the managerial position this year. He can have Nieto’s job as firstbase coach to get the feel of the game, and the current players.

  75. I love blogs…from a Dodger fan:

    “I’d rather have Willie as the Dodgers manager rather than that stiff, Torre…he was only a decent manager with basically a lineup and bench of all-stars. When he doesn’t have that type of talent…he’s a bonafide loser. Cmon, Scott Proctor every game, giving up at least two runs each time…very poor handling of the pitching staff. Then, with the DH, he inserts a super hitter in Sweeny with his pitcher fearing .125 batting average. Like Penn State, JOE MUST GO! ”

    I have laughing all day…lol

  76. I agree that the “classiness” of the Braves organization is often overstated–when push comes to shove, they act as any other corporate organization does and are willing to be devious when necessary. They don’t show any more loyalty than does anyone else. But at least they don’t have circuses like the Mets did with Randolph; the Mets obviously knew they were going to fire him so why do it on the West Coast after a game they won? Of course, in fairness, operating in an environment like Atlanta is a lot different than operating in New York.

  77. AAR,
    It’s pretty close.

    There was an incident earlier in the year where Manuel got ejected from a game when many fans wanted to see “some fire” from Willie. But, really, who cares what they think?

    But remember, Manuel is interim manager. Unless he makes the post-season (and probably advances), he won’t be back. Expect the Mets to try to make a splash in the off-season.

    I just heard Rick Peterson on the radio. He was very classy & amusing in a new agey way, actually, as he walked out the door:
    “I’m a baseball person, so I understand how this works. I’m the hardwood floor that’s getting ripped out and they’re bringing in the custom tile.
    “But this has been a team that’s underachieved, so I leave in peace & hopefully the custom tile will work better than a hardwood floor.”

    He also offered some Eastern philosophy that was appropriate for the moment.

  78. Right. The difference between Seattle and NY is I’m not entirely convinced that Lee Pelekoudas will last the year, while it seems that Jerry Manuel will probably at least finish out the season.

    Another of my main points is that both Willie and Bill Bavasi ought to have been fired in the offseason. Other than Jack McKeon, midseason replacements generally don’t do well. Clearing house more or less sends a message that you’re giving up on the season, and so there are really only 2 reasons to do it:
    To placate the fans, and
    In the words of When Harry Met Sally, when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life without somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.

  79. Brayan Pena update. He’s on the roster for the Omaha Royals.

    Someone who understands this better than I do:
    How do the Royals get to send him to the minors after we were unable to because he was out of options? He was claimed off waivers by the Royals who then promptly waived him again. I didn’t think options were team specific since we had to deal with that after acquiring Ring last year.

  80. Astros’ Phil Garner & Yanks’ Bob Lemon worked out as mid-season replacements as well.

    After the collapse last season, I think Willie knew that he was “on notice.” He knew that a bad start would put him on unstable ground. There was talk about that in November. Believe me, he saw the writing on the wall.

    But when the Mets scored Santana, that upped the ante & expectations began to defy reason. He was in a win-big-or-else situation.

  81. Jorgbacca-

    We could have claimed him back off of waivers from them before they sent him to AAA. But then he’d have to be on our 25-man roster, and we weren’t willing to do that.

    In the end, it’s really not a big loss because (and I’m not sure why people don’t believe this) Brayan Pena isn’t very good. Not at catching, not at hitting. If he was a good glove guy, then an empty .300 would be fine. But when you’re taking a defensive hit, you want at least a decent bat. His (sadly) is not.

    And FWIW, that empty .300 he hits is in the minors; his career line in the majors is .228/.252/.315. Which is pathetic.

  82. I agree with ububba, becasue he is at the heart of the matter.

    I think that Omar Minaya is the problem in New York. Look at that team, they have really good players that are being masked as super stars (Beltran, Wright, and Reyes) Don’t get me wrong, they have great moments, but I think they are a little over rated. Omar has surrounded them with over prices has beens like Delgatto, (who is just getting old) and Alou. Really the only guy on the team who fits his role is Ryan Church and Santana. The rest of the team thinks they are A-Rod and the 27 Yankees. THey do have some talent and have under perfomed, but are they really THAT good?

  83. A couple of weeks ago there was poll in the NY Daily news of fans asking who they would want to replace Willie…and Ken Oberkfell came out on top. We will see who is the next Mets manager.

    They should have kept Bobby V….

  84. John Maine’s pretty good. And Wright was probably the MVP of the league last year at age 24. Frankly, Church was hitting over his head before he went on the DL, and you can probably guess what I think about TMEPIB Reyes, but Wright actually is a superstar.

  85. Let me start with Wright, Reyes, Santana and Wagner..and I will build the Mets into a championship team.

  86. @88

    Travis Jones has had a good year playing second base for Myrtle Beach too. And Freddie Freeman has done well at Rome.

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