144 thoughts on “Sick of the Fish game thread: Aug. 31, Braves at Marlins”

  1. why Gorecki over Infante in CF? and why is Norton still a brave and still hitting in big spots throughout the game? Do us a favor and walk him, please

  2. I believe if you were a Royals fan you’d be desensitized to that sort of thing by now PWHjort.

  3. I’d be beyond furious if I was a Royals fan in part because it’d mean I had some connection with Kansas City. But yeah, Moore sucks. I’m thrilled it was Wren who got the reins in Atlanta.

  4. Why not bring up Heyward? Or would that start the infamous clock….seems like we could use a little more pop, and no shame in giving him the occasional OF start.

  5. Apparently the ChiSox are planning on bringing up Tyler Flowers with expanded rosters (according to the guy from Talking Chop… on twitter… so it’s just like an official club announcement)

  6. More misery for the Royals but good news for Braves castoffs. Maybe Norton will land in KC next year; Acosta would be also good match for Moore’s affinity for hard throwing mediocre relievers like Farnsworth.

  7. on mlbtr:
    “The Toronto Sun notes that Mike Hampton won’t pitch again this year.”

    The Toronto Sun of such other notable headlines as “Water found to be wet” and “Fire surprisingly not cold”

  8. #8 – couple of reasons. Chances are we wont make the playoffs anyways and there is no point starting his arb clock, biggest reason is that he’s hurt and shut down for the rest of the season

  9. Considering that Heyward hasn’t started in over a week for the M-Braves I’d be very surprised if he was called up right now.

    Sounds like they maybe resting his heel injury to get him ready for the Arizona fall league.

  10. #8, 14, 15 Another reason not to bring up Heyward:

    Heyward has been slumpling of late (.147 – 5 for 34 with only 2 extra base hits in has last 10 games)

    This may have to do with his heel injury, but whatever the case, he doesn’t need a call up this year.

  11. A) we have to win our series against the fish.
    B) While I think we can expect the Phils to take at least one game from the Giants, I’m not sure we can count on the Mets helping us with even one win against the Rockies.

  12. @20

    That’s the sign of a weak will. The 2009 Braves no more deserve to call themselves “World Champions” than did the 1997 Marlins.

  13. Who gets called up? Jojo Reyes, Gregor Blanco, Clint Sammons, and Diory Hernandez of course! Because you just can’t ever have enough AAAA players on your roster.

  14. I’d rather they called up Alvin Colina, but he’s not on the 40-man. Give him Sammons’ spot — you think teams will be rushing to add him to their rosters?

  15. Sammons is an emergency third catcher. Anyone shocked to see him called up shouldn’t be allowed to call themself a Braves fan.

  16. Yeah the callups will be the usual pro(sus)pects. That’s all Bobby knows.

    Blanco who can’t play, Jojo Reyes who can’t pitch, Sammons who can’t hit, and Hernandez that probably couldn’t have hit that LLWS pitching this weekend. Who is only surpassed in his ineptitude by Reid Gorecki, who I’m not convinced could hit good high school pitching.

  17. It’s not like the upper reaches of the system are being manned by hordes of super-prospects. Dave Brundage should be the International League Manager of the Year for keeping that team in contention. Gorecki was his second-best player. Diory is his best.

  18. The reason the expansion call-ups are so mediocre is because the first tier of call-ups are already in Atlanta playing for injured MLBers.

  19. i dont mind blanco, but calling up clint sammons when our backup cather gets 1 game every 2 weeks is dumb. barbaro should have been given an opportunity.

  20. Our minor league system has a lot of talent, and I don’t care if they’re not bringing up legitimate players in September. If they had a player who would be of use being brought up now, I’d be wondering why he wasn’t brought up sooner. Sure, it’d be nice if we were calling up Hanson or Prado or some other good, young player, but we didn’t have that kind of depth at the major league level.

  21. Again, having Sammons around as the emergency catcher will make it possible for Ross to pinch-hit, which is a good thing.

  22. Ross in against a right hander. Surely we play enough left handers to be able to pick and choose when he plays to face them.

  23. But, having Sammons around will force Bobby to use him in a much greater role than he should be given, which is a bad thing.

  24. Diaz

    so, garret anderson, cleanup. bobby smokes crack.

  25. @34
    which is why barbaro should have been called up. surely barbaro is a better hitter than ross. why not just use barbaro as a ph and leave ross for backup duties, instead of suffering through extra inning games with a catcher not worthy to wear a cup. whether its “customary” or not, in this playoff race, it doesnt make sense to have another player on the bench that has one skill: sucking.

    scenario 1: 8th inning: tied 2-2, ross hits for gonzo, leaving clint sammons for extra inning duties.

    scenario 2: 8th inning: tied 2-2, barbaro hits for gonzo, leaving david ross for extra inning duties.

    i’ll take scenario 2 all day long. it provides a good bat to ph and a good bat as emergency catcher.

  26. I didn’t say Barbaro shouldn’t be called up. I just said it’s far from dumb to call up a third credible (defensive) catcher.

  27. He doesn’t use Ross because making certain that he always has a catcher to put in the game. Now that he has three catchers he won’t be dissauded from putting one of his backup catchers in the game. Cox maintains the Little League philosophy of “everybody plays” regardless of ability so Sammons will play.

  28. Scenario 3. Both Barbaro Canizares and David Ross are available for pinch-hitting duties with Sammons or Ross (provided you select Barbaro for pinch-hitting duties) left for extra-inning catching duties.

  29. #41, Ross is OPSing .848, for an OPS+ of 122.

    Looks to me like he’s been underused so far.

    Edit: My apologies, before you edited it it looked like you were saying Ross was not a good option.

  30. Did Barbaro show anything in his brief time with the big club to lead you to believe he’s anything more than a AAAAA player?

  31. #38 – that’s not bad. Move GA to sixth and slide everybody up one would be my personal preference but that’s minor. The real problems is the talent level of the players on that lineup card – in whatever order – is not very high.

    #43 – you are always good for a laugh. I doubt Sammons appears in even five games next month unless there is an extended amount of time between being officially eliminated and the end of the season.

  32. Yeah I thought of that and went back and edited my posted to say “next month”. Not quickly enough I guess.

  33. Isn’t even one game or AB too important to give away to a player who’s only value to the team is September callup emergency backup catcher? It always bugs me when people act like one AB does not make a difference. A lot can happen in one AB. Maybe it decides a game and 1 game can most certainly be the difference between a playoff berth or lack thereof.

  34. Used to get the SS games in HD. No more. Instead, FSS has gone full-time in HD, even though their programs are all regular definition. So it’s regular TV for me. The horror!

  35. Isn’t even one game or AB too important to give away to a player who’s only value to the team is September callup emergency backup catcher?

    Um, no. Even you must understand the concept of leverage. If you see Sammons at the plate in a situation with any kind of leverage please let us know and we’ll all rip Bobby appropriately.

    Letting him leadoff the top of the ninth with a 9-1 lead is probably ok.

  36. Dye? Tempting, but no.

    We simply must get younger (from the manager on down, if you ask me).

  37. We can reason from our previous observation of Cox that he will use poor players in high leverage situations. How many games has Norton ended at the plate this year? I do tend to discount the convential wisdom with respect to leverage in that I think that any situation where the score is close or a large number of runs could be scored or prevented to be just as important as the next regardless of the inning.

  38. hankonly, I tend to agree, but a 35 year old Jermaine Dye is better than any other OF we have. Which is sad.

  39. Kawakami loves to get in trouble and then wriggle out. We really need that here.

  40. I do tend to discount the convential wisdom with respect to leverage in that I think that any situation where the score is close or a large number of runs could be scored or prevented to be just as important as the next regardless of the inning.

    I’m not sure what you were trying to say but this sentence, as written, is incoherent.

    We can reason from our previous observation of Cox that he will use poor players in high leverage situations.

    Again, please let us know if you spot Sammons pinch hitting down a run in the ninth.

  41. The sooner KK goes to the pen the better. Unfortunately with his knack for getting in trouble in early innings, he may not be much help there either.

  42. convential = conventional

    The rest of it is perfectly clear.


  43. Just got home and turned on the game. Is Johnson dealing or are the Braves just hapless at the plate this evening? Also, is Bmac just getting a night off?

  44. Johnson always has good stuff, the offense is just pathetic. But hey at least they made him throw 60 pitches through five. By the tenth inning he’ll be gassed.

  45. I dont see why it would be a bad thing to just assign Ross to a pitcher and let him go every 5th day, looks good with KK also.

    KK said, I might as well throw lights out since being kicked from the rotation

  46. I’d go ahead and get Moylan in the game now and save Norton’s bateye for later in the game.

  47. On the other hand, Norton’s spot has now been cleared which will be a great boon to the people.

  48. and Infante has shown that he can play a decent CF, his triple off of Johnson also shows why Gorecki shouldnt ever start ahead of him again

  49. Just imagine how good the Marlins will be when their new, publically financed, stadium fixes everything and simultaneously revitalizes whatever god forsaken area of Miami where it will be located.

  50. I was searching for Greg Norton’s loss probability added when I found this guy.

    “He was expelled by the team on August 14 when he told the team he was going to a funeral, but instead went drinking.”

    LOL, awesome.

  51. Langerhans 2007 performance is still worse than Norton’s

    .068/.192/.091/.283 in 44 AB’s

    compared to Norton’s

    .135/.325/.169/.495 in 65 AB’s

  52. Hey, the Marlins fans are trash-talking ACHE! Yay, Marlins fans!

    I’d hit Gorecki for ACHE when they bring in the lefty, but that’s probably too much to ask for.

  53. I cannot believe that we traded away this Meyer guy, terrible terrible trade. Plus we included Charles Thomas

  54. Norton is slightly better than Joe Blanton, Ryan Dempster, John Lannan, Jorge de la Rosa, and Javy Vazquez against the fastball. Still, he’s no Chris Volstad, Chris Carpenter, Chad Billingsley, Doug Davis, or Cole Hamels.

    But if you think about it, some of those guys are all-stars. Unrealistic to expect Norton to match up with those guys. Plus, several of them have pretty big contracts.

    And of course Norton always pinch-hits against power guys, like Lidge. Wish that someone in the org would check that stat (way down from 08’s average performance vs. fastballs) and recommend that he be used against soft-tossing lefties (or righties, whichever side of the plate he used to be able to hit from).

  55. Maybe he means worst in terms of inability to play the game rather than overall negative effect on the team.

  56. anyone here Joe complaining about Uggla’s single earlier? He said he hated how Uggla put his head down while running to 1st. It was a decent single hit right at ACHE and there was also a runner in front of him. Joe is just a complainer

  57. Gonzo working quicker and throwing more fastballs, not rocking much either. Looks pretty good

  58. This is a crucial four-game series. Save the closer for the close games for crying out loud.

  59. Just got a text from smitty’s hairdresser–Braves sniffing around on Mike Cameron b/c of McLouth’s hammy and the team’s general lack of RH hitting.

  60. #137 – better do it today or apparently he wont be eligible for post season roster, wouldnt make sense to do it after today

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