175 thoughts on “Still pretty depressed game thread: Braves at LAACUSNANHE”

  1. los angeles of anaheim of california of the united states of north america of the northern hemisphere of the earth of the milky way galaxy of everything. that about sums it up.

    with chipper expecting to be back in the lineup, i wonder if jones and blanco will play outfield with chipper dh and infante playing 3rd? norton needs to sit a night or 2.

  2. chipper in at 3rd. norton the dh.

    out king

  3. From DOB:

    CHIPPER’s got a nice little reddish shiner under his right eye. Makes him look like he was in a bar fight. Yes, right eye. They had told us wrong yesterday (said left). He’s playing. Got some swelling in his jaw, but really not noticeable…

    Soriano’s on DL, as expected. Braves think (or hope) that just a bit more rest will do it.

    Soriano told us he’s frustrated, doesn’t know what else to do. Doc Yocum will look at his MRI this week after Braves send it to him, see if if he can see anything wrong in there.

    HAMPTON throwing a bullpen tomorrow, then headed to Orlando to pitch in a “camp” game. Soon after that, he’ll do a rehab assignment.

  4. Striking out the first two major leaguers you see is a good way to start your career, isn’t it?

  5. Good job getting out of the inning by Morton. It sounds like his fastball is his best pitch tonight; not a lot of people offering at the curve.

  6. The offense sucks tonight. Santana is averaging 11.5 pitches per inning thus far. Even Mac and Chipper are hacking away up there.

  7. Morton has some very nice stuff, it’s a shame we couldn’t get that pickoff. The offense isn’t helping when they go up there hacking at everything.

  8. Well Blanco firing up a 100 foot curveball from CF trying to gun down the runner didn’t help either. Escobar had to get out of the infield to catch the relay and almost got the runner out at home. A CF with an average arm makes the play easily and saves Morton.

  9. I agree, Nasa, I’ve commented on Blanco’s lack of an arm before.

    Well yay! I leave for a moment and here we are, scoring runs!

  10. It certainly is strange to see us scoring runs in situations where you should, you know, score runs

  11. a Frenchy GIDP is something Bill Simmons would like to buy stock in.

  12. Can someone explain what is a “hanging changeup” that Joe Simpson keeps talking about?

    The vast majority of MLB changeups are straight changeups, which are supposed to be straight, like fastballs.

  13. I seriously can’t remember the last time this team had a “big” inning on the road.

  14. Seperate note…UGA is making a nice comeback in the ninth inning against No. 1 seeded Miami. A 4-3 defecit has turned into a 6-4 lead due to a big error

  15. I suppose I really shouldn’t have that much of a problem with Fields, he took a gamble and ended up getting drafted higher and pitching in the CWS. He could be pitching in the Braves bullpen right now though.

  16. It looks like a pretty good debut for Morton==I would be surprised if Bobby gives him more than one more inning….

  17. “Norfante is finished when the Braves escape the AL.”

    Every night I go to bed and make that wish. Brandon Jones might make it come true. Oh please make it come true.

  18. We need to start planning for 2009 and beyond.

    Is BJones the real deal?

    An OF of Frenchy, Shaefer, and BJones would look pretty good — if Frenchy didn’t STINK.

  19. Heyward will push 1 of them aside if we dont use him at 1st to replace a departed Tex in a few years. Heyward will be this teams star for years

  20. Listening to mlb radio, so I get the Angels’ guys (who are basically making it up as they go along as far as Braves’ stuff goes), and they’re talking about how Pendleton told them his basic job is to pump up the young guys, tell ’em how good they are. This is the moment when I would like to question his job performance.

  21. I really don’t think we’re showcasing BJones. He seems to be our best option as the LF of the future, so if anything I’d think we’d consider trading Anderson.

  22. They said there were no pitch count restriction on Morton, I’ve got to believe he has at least one more in him.

  23. B. Jones
    Chipper(until he finally realizes he’s past his prime and stops being ridiculous hiting .400)


  24. How about watching Frenchy’s development fpr qiestioning TP’s job preformance. I doubt blame TP, but I do wonder if he has had any impact on Frenchy….

  25. Good to see Kelly get a hit; I was about to say he was going into one of his slumps.

  26. well, I will honestly say that I’m MORE than surprised when I just got home. I’ll admit, I was wrong about Brandon and I questioned the call up, the kid looks very strong and I hope he stays around for a while. However, he may become a trade piece if this team stays around 5 out by the break. How about Charlie Morton also???

    these guys give us reason to watch again

  27. Morton’s thrown 82 pitches. He’s probably got another inning in him. Remember, he threw 122 pitches in one of his last minor league starts. I don’t advocate that, though.

  28. I’m not sure who this team is…

    Also, before anyone pencils Brandon Jones in for the 2009–2015 starting lineup, keep in mind that he posted a 714 OPS in Richmond this season with two home runs in 212 PAs.

  29. I’m certainly not penciling in Brandon into out future lineup, and my gut tells me he is going to be the odd man out with Schafer Franceour and Heyward in the picture. But it is certainly nice to see some production out of left field.

  30. I’m not sure why jj thinks Brandon Jones is up here just so we can trade him; I tend to believe he’s up here because we were starting both Gregor Blanco and Josh Anderson with startling regularity. When Diaz gets healthy (and if he doesn’t suck), you’ll probably see Jones splitting time with Diaz in LF.

    I mean, that was the plan going into the year, but then Infante got hurt and we needed a CF.

  31. Hey, DOB is the one who said he got called up to showcase him. I hadn’t seen anybody who was interested in him considering he hadn’t done much in AAA, that’s why I found it amusing, and dubbed him “The Showcase.”

    Oh no, it’s Acosta warming

  32. I still am not confident in this game. Acosta and Boyer are out there in the bullpen, just thinking about how they can blow this game.

  33. Anyone else noticing that we haven’t been getting any calls on the corners all night? I guess it comes with the territory of the first major league start.

  34. tying run up and Bobby wants to bring in Acosta, he’s uncomfortable with the lead

  35. Mac, your right Ring is dead and you need to get your “Have You Seen” picture of Stockman out again

  36. Morton showed me alot right there. Down 2-0, throws two changeups to Kendrick and then K’s him. The kid doesn’t get rattled out there, I’ll say that.

  37. Morton looks great…at least it would appear that Acosta has been demoted from the closer role….

  38. If Acosta pitches next inning, that’s not really a high-leverage situation, is it? Is it…?

  39. Holy cow, it’s a Royce Ring sighting! He won’t make it into the game, natch … but at least he’s alive!

  40. FWIW, the immortal Jorge Julio appeared in his first game for Richmond, and of course gave up one run in his one inning of work.

  41. Another note from game 2 of the Richmond doubleheader, Mike Gonzalez one scoreless IP, with 2K’s, his ERA is now 1.80. He’s ready, let’s go.

  42. Bleh, another missed tag. Thankfully, they got out of it, but you know that’s gotta frustrate BMac.

  43. he was out when he tag him on the head, but no way he gets that call. Mac, had him out by two feet, but Yunel didnt come close with the tag

  44. And look, guys… Brandon Jones obviously isn’t going to hit .625 (seriously, that’s what he’s hitting right now) but you’re dealing with a sample size issue as well. Jones has had a rough year in Richmond, but he’s got a long track record as a solid hitter in the minors, and he should be a solid hitter in the majors, too.

  45. Ironically, Chipper doesn’t have the highest batting average in our lineup currently.

  46. It’s good to see McCann making that throw, for what it’s worth.

    I’m happy playing B Jones in LF for the foreseeable future. The Braves just need more power in their outfield, in their lineup, in general. And if he can hit left-handers, well, let him hit.

  47. Seriously, I wonder what Bobby has against Stockman. He’s let everyone else pitch in a high leverage situation in the past, even Ridgway.

  48. Finally, Tex!!!!

    On the downside, this probably means another inning or 3 from Acosta.

  49. Should’ve called up Brandon earlier… maybe that’s what we were missing. The second Jones?

  50. Ring already out? Does Cox know the score?

    Well, the game is enough of a blowout that Stockman will probably pitch tonight.

  51. I feel bad for Boyer. He will probably fad badly down the stretch, be released over the offseason, bounce around the league next year, then be out of baseball for good by 2010. Thanks, Bobby.

  52. (Whoops, sorry about that csg. I knew it was a little too obvious a joke not to have been made.)

  53. a 6 run lead and we’ll find away to get every reliever in the game. Its like they are trying to win the final spot in the pen

  54. So, what was the point of pulling Ring and bringing in Boyer ??? Oh wait, we all knew that, nevermind.

  55. I had two guys from my college golf team playing in the Open this week. Of course, I’ve got an 8-5 here in Birmingham now. However, neither one made the cut

  56. Relax, it’s not like the Braves are going to need a bullpen tomorrow, Campillo is pitching. He pitches complete games all the time.

  57. At least we’ve got some big two-out hits tonight. Those have been missing for the last week.

    Does Ohman stay in for the ninth? It’s not like we have anybody else in the ‘pen. Oh, wait…

  58. I think the plan is to get ahead tomorrow and then sacrifice a chicken for a downpour after the fifth.

  59. I’m confused. Why are so many people already casting doubt on BJones? It reminds me of the way Yunel was treated last year…

  60. Can anyone think of a less inspiring DH any team would run out there than Norton. Even for an NL club that seems extraordinarily weak.

  61. I’m going to bed. I trust when I wake up tomorrow I won’t be greeted with the news we blew a 6-run lead while Stockman sat and rotted in the bullpen. I’ll be mad.

  62. wow…

    Chone Figgins
    Tori Hunter
    Garrett Anderson
    Howie Kendrick
    Gary Matthews Jr.

    Very rare to see that…..

  63. Can anyone think of a less inspiring DH any team would run out there than Norton. Even for an NL club that seems extraordinarily weak.

    Yeah, Willie Harris. He DHed a game in Boston last season for the Braves.

  64. Tomas…

    I agree. Norton as the DH. Why not give Chipper or Tex rest from the field..

    Now a lefty is going tomorrow night….anyone want to take a guess at the line-up?

  65. I like how Jones play a shallow LF, but seems to be able to run down balls hit hard over his head

  66. Not exactly flawless, but we’ll take it!

    That’s a road win, a solid start by Charlie Morton, and a nice night for Brandon Jones. Pretty good night overall.

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