Kotsay traded game thread: Aug. 27, Marlins at Braves

Red Sox land Kotsay from Braves | MLB.com: News

The Braves got Luis Sumoza, a 19-year-old outfielder, not to be confused with Luis Sumoza, an Astros prospect, or Luis Somoza, the late Nicaraguan dictator. He’s basically a lottery ticket; his numbers greatly improved this year (with a jump from rookie ball to low-A) but I’m not sure how much of that is improvement and how much is luck. It’s not a bad return, though.

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  1. looks like a reasonable return for one month of Kotsay

    might have been nice to get someone with a chance to make atl in 2009-10 instead of 2011 or 2012 but looks ok otherwise

  2. might have been nice to get someone with a chance to make atl in 2009-10 instead of 2011 or 2012 but looks ok otherwise

    Sure, it would have been nice, but it wasn’t going to happen. This is one month of Mark Kotsay we’re talking about. I think the return is excellent.

  3. I think us people who didn’t like the Kotsay/Devine trade when it was made have now been officially proven correct.

  4. So, now that Blanco will play CF, who will play LF? Norfante? Or will we be a little smarter and play B. Jones? I bet Cox plays Norfante.

  5. Yeah, I have to believe it’ll be Jones. Hopefully, he takes the opportunity and runs with it.

  6. Yeah, it’s embarrassing. My only hope is that Pedro fires him immediately and cleans up this mess. It’s already gone too far.

  7. I sure hope B Jones gets the shot. We know this season is toast, but we also need to know how well the kids are going to do when facing real ML pitching. Hell Schaefer should make an appearance too next week IMHO, just to get a feel.

    Isn’t that what Wren needs to have some feeling for which holes are the biggest and which can he try and let ride with the pieces we have already?

  8. Deal looks fine to me.

    The kid just turned 20 & has improved dramatically in the past 3 seasons.

    He’s now sporting a 915 OPS. Nice average (301), walks enough (366 OBP), got some pop for a guy who’s listed at 170 pounds.

    Lord knows we need OF talent, even if it’s a few years away.

  9. I think stats are close to meaningless until you hit high-A ball. The good news is that he’ll be better than what the Braves would have if they had held on to Kotsay for the rest of the season. Something is better than nothing.

  10. braves14,

    The problem with the Kotsay/Devine “proven correct” thing is that we actually got MORE out of that deal than most expected (Kotsay missed time, but not as much as expected, and he did better when he played than the people around here expected of him), and there’s a chance Devine wouldn’t have been able to put his past behind him here (though the bigger problem was probably that Bobby wouldn’t put Devine’s past behind him).

    Kotsay gave us exactly what we needed/expected him to, a good (not great) Veteran CF, who didn’t cost us a fortune, and who was going to end up missing a month or so with ailments. Taken in the context of “we traded away a great future pitcher for a rental on a crap season” it seems bad, but, as has been pointed out ad nauseum here, going into the season the team that we put on the field had a reasonable expectation of non-suckiness. If everybody else on the team had played to expectation, Kotsay would’ve been a good piece for us and probably helped us make the post season… as everybody not nick-named Chipper or Heap had an either heavy duty regress or horrible streakiness (or had their typical slow start, Tex), we got a year of Kotsay instead of multiple years of Devine.

    Hindsight makes it look incredibly foolish, but based on the evidence at the time it was a marginally “win now” centered deal where we gave up a bit more than we got with the expectation that we were filling the hole we had from a place where we had abundance.

  11. so would there be any downside of moving Schafer to the 25 man roster now? he’s already on the 40 man isnt he? do we need to wait until rosters expand?

  12. Hindsight makes it look incredibly foolish, but based on the evidence at the time it was a marginally “win now” centered deal where we gave up a bit more than we got with the expectation that we were filling the hole we had from a place where we had abundance.

    Well, we didn’t actually have an abundance of relievers. Recall that Chris Resop opened the season on the 25-Man. And the point is that we didn’t really have a hole to fill, or if we did, that Kotsay didn’t really fill it—he gave us roughly the same production that Blanco proved he could have. (A bit more pop, and clearly better defense, but lots of injury time and lesser on-base ability—and more expense.)

    As many said at the time of the trade, whether Joey would ever have succeeded under Cox, we seemed to be giving him away for no apparent reason.

  13. Schafer isn’t on the 40-man, but DOB speculated that he could be called up in September. Apparently the team will have to put him on the 40-man this offseason to protect him from the Rule 5 draft anyway, so there would be no reason not to do so now (paraphrasing DOB).

    Link: http://tinyurl.com/6f3acw

  14. they are saying that Boras is doing all of this over $200K and he’s wanting this bonus to match Buster Posey’s.

    greedy little prick

  15. Alex, I share your sorrow, but really, this team didn’t deserve Jamie. Like Brian McCann and Chipper Jones, she was a superstar amid a woeful collection of scrubs. She deserved better, and Frank Wren was able to trade her to a fanbase that will better appreciate her.

    Of course, Boston would love her even more if she changed her name to Jamie O’Kotsay. As it is, though, I think she’ll get plenty of love.

    Damn, I hate watching the good ones get away…

  16. Gonna be an interesting evening tonight. Got Yanks-Sawx in The Bronx & it’s got the feeling of Yankees Last Stand featuring…Gen. Ponson.

    If too many drunken dolts from New England don’t ruin the evening—always a possibility—I’ll be curious to hear from the legion of rational Yankee fans just how they’ll characterize this season (and their fading post-season chances).

    It’s an odd feeling for them, so I’m kind of looking forward to sharing the misery. Of course, if the conversation quickly becomes “next season’s ticket-price increases,” I’ll know where they stand.

  17. Ububba, given that I live in Minnesota that is a given. I’ll be out at the high school games but basketball is where it’s at for me, other than baseball and MMA.

  18. If the Yankees don’t make the playoffs, this will be the first time since 1990 (not counting 1994 of course) that neither the Braves or Yankees are in. Tims are changing.

  19. I didn’t second guess the Kotsay/Devine deal. I first guessed it. After all, it did us so much good this year

    Also, like Stu eluded to above, Blanco did just as well. I was one of the few who thought Blanco would do as well if not better than Kotsay or Anderson

  20. Why in the hell did the team even get Kotsay to not even keep him for a full season? And to get a 19-year-old in return? I don’t get it. It’s going to be a while before we even see this kid take a swing in the majors unless he’s like Andruw Jones or A-Rod and everything just falls into place. This could end up being another Andy Marte for all we know.

  21. Once again, Kotsay is a free agent after the season. When they traded for him, they knew this. You can question the original trade, but getting anything for him is good.

    Unlike this ballclub.

  22. Better to get a 19 year old with a chance of a future than nothing when we would lose Kotsay after the season

  23. Does Mike Hampton have Rocco Baldelli Disease, or does Rocco Baldelli have Mike Hampton Syndrome?

  24. I’m not sure that we would have just lost Kotsay that easily, unless the team just gives up on guys going into free agency. Do the Braves not pursue these guys anymore and just assume that they will be gone? I figure someone like Kotsay would have been really easy to get a long-term deal with us.

  25. We would have had to sign Kotsay before December or offer him arbitration. We were not going to be ableor willing to do either successfully if either Kotsay or his agent has a brain.

    I guess this was well covered on the previous thread.

  26. Ben, the discussion on Kotsay was basically that he was going to get more than he was worth to us (because of the market, and because the union wouldn’t let him take a paycut large enough for him to be getting what he’s worth to us).

    Parish, that’s what I said too.

  27. Boyer by month:

    April – 14 G, 14.2 IP, 4.30 ERA
    May – 15 G, 15.0 IP, 1.80 ERA
    June – 13 G, 13.0 IP, 3.46 ERA
    July – 15 G, 12.2 IP, 7.82 ERA
    Aug (so far) – 11 G, 9.0 IP, 9.00 ERA

    Still on pace for about 88 appearances.

  28. This ties Boyer with Ohman for the most games pitched in MLB this year, with 70.

    (Edited: with results that shouldn’t have surprised anyone.)

  29. And there is still something about his ability (er, inability) to get that 3rd out.

    I hate Dan Uggla.

  30. This team should really “work” toward getting the first pick overall for next year…waiting, the Natspos are still 11 games “ahead” of us in that department…damn…

  31. Well forgive me for missing the previous thread that had a plethora of Kotsay information. Maybe the front office has a strategy on what they do with getting these guys right before free agency, but I haven’t seen it pan out much in the past few years and it seems we are going to have to wait a while to even see if the recent tactics work. Unfortunately, it looks like we are going to have to suffer through pre-1991 style Braves teams until someone has some balls and runs the team the right way again.

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