ESPN – Braves vs. Angels – Box Score – June 14, 2008

I’m seriously confused now. The Braves have won two games in a row, on the road, against the team that started the series with the best record in the American League. (I thought the AL was so superior that our tiny little NL minds could not even comprehend it?) What is more, after taking a 4-2 lead in the fifth, the Braves didn’t go into Hibernation Mode, but scored two more in the sixth and three in the eighth, thereby keeping the bullpen from blowing it. It’s like it’s not 2008 all of the sudden.

Charlie Morton had a terrific first start. He struck out the first two men he faced in the big leagues and retired the first seven in a row. He wound up allowing two runs in the third, on a two-out double, but only five hits and one walk while striking out four in six innings. He allowed one more run in the sixth. He looked great with nobody on base, but had a few problems from the stretch, not unusual and hopefully something he’ll straighten out. Anyway, it was a quality start, and the Braves suddenly (with Reyes and Jurrjens) have three pretty good young starting pitchers. It’s not Glavine-Smoltz-Avery, but it’s not bad.

Brandon Jones was the hitting star. He doubled (but was stranded) in the third, singled and scored in the fifth, and hit a solo homer in the sixth. (KJ also hit a solo shot in that inning.) Teixeira had three RBI, one on a bases-loaded HBP and two on an eighth-inning single that pretty much put the game out of reach.

Bobby used four relievers to finish it, Atrosta in the seventh, Ring (to face one batter), Boyer, and Ohman, who gave up one unearned run in the ninth. Chipper Watch: 0-3, but with two walks, one with the bases loaded. And he’s got a pretty nasty shiner. His vision seems fine.