Braves 9, Angels 4

ESPN – Braves vs. Angels – Box Score – June 14, 2008

I’m seriously confused now. The Braves have won two games in a row, on the road, against the team that started the series with the best record in the American League. (I thought the AL was so superior that our tiny little NL minds could not even comprehend it?) What is more, after taking a 4-2 lead in the fifth, the Braves didn’t go into Hibernation Mode, but scored two more in the sixth and three in the eighth, thereby keeping the bullpen from blowing it. It’s like it’s not 2008 all of the sudden.

Charlie Morton had a terrific first start. He struck out the first two men he faced in the big leagues and retired the first seven in a row. He wound up allowing two runs in the third, on a two-out double, but only five hits and one walk while striking out four in six innings. He allowed one more run in the sixth. He looked great with nobody on base, but had a few problems from the stretch, not unusual and hopefully something he’ll straighten out. Anyway, it was a quality start, and the Braves suddenly (with Reyes and Jurrjens) have three pretty good young starting pitchers. It’s not Glavine-Smoltz-Avery, but it’s not bad.

Brandon Jones was the hitting star. He doubled (but was stranded) in the third, singled and scored in the fifth, and hit a solo homer in the sixth. (KJ also hit a solo shot in that inning.) Teixeira had three RBI, one on a bases-loaded HBP and two on an eighth-inning single that pretty much put the game out of reach.

Bobby used four relievers to finish it, Atrosta in the seventh, Ring (to face one batter), Boyer, and Ohman, who gave up one unearned run in the ninth. Chipper Watch: 0-3, but with two walks, one with the bases loaded. And he’s got a pretty nasty shiner. His vision seems fine.

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  1. I gotta say that Jurrjens, Reyes, and Morton is much more interesting (going forward) – and fun – than Glavine, Hampton, and James. The season started with one of the oldest rotations in the majors and suddenly the Braves have one of the youngest. Go figure.

  2. Let’s all take a deep breath here on Morton. He looked good tonight, and he’s got the stuff to be a solid ML pitcher, but we should give him a couple more starts.

    Still, it’s quite encouraging.

  3. Who’s breathing quickly? All I’m saying is I’d rather watch the kids pitch and develop than the older guys. In the end, I’m doubtful either group, or some combination thereof, will make much of a difference over the course of the season. I think Philadelphia is too good right now, and if Myers settles down they’re the best team in the NL (sorry Cubs). I’d just rather the team move forward rather than tread water.

    I’m more skeptical of Brandon Jones, as I said on the game thread. He could be useful, I guess, and the Braves seriously need ‘useful,’ or even just an outfield pulse. But he was abysmal in Richmond and this is merely two games.

  4. He wasn’t exactly “abysmal”. He was a lot better than what we’ve been getting from left field lately. And, again, he has a long track record of production and you shouldn’t overweight what happened in two months any more than you should what happened in two games.

  5. Brandon Jones looks great–but he didn’t at Richmond over the last month. Possibly one might say that his start was ‘absymal’, but he seems to have it turned around. I might add that his cup of coffee in September was not very impressive either; even though it reminded me Andy Marte’s games as a Brave, I think there is still every reason to believe that Brandon Jones can be a productive outfielder…

  6. Heh, remember Davies/Meyer/James/ Capellan.
    Or how Davies was future Cy Young after his start in Boston. He still might be, he is doing awfully well in KC.

    Morton/Reyes/JJ have nowhere near the minor league track record of the above 3. So be careful before anointing them as saviours.

    But to be fair, loved Morton’s game today. His fast ball hit 93-94 and moved a lot. good change. His curve is supposed to be his best pitch, wasn’t working today but didn’t bother him. I like that fact especially.
    Can we have 2 Baby Braves uprisings in one decade? Long shot, but thats what we need.

  7. It’s actually pretty amazing that Morton could get that result without his curve.

    First start. First win.

    Tim Hudson has to be thinking “what do I have to do to get another win?”

  8. Intellectually, I’m happy that the Braves are able to put up 9 runs against a good team despite a Chipper 0-fer; emotionally, I really want him to keep hitting. Oh, well — kill ’em tomorrow, Chip.

    So apparently this is our first road winning streak since April 11-12. Man, I hope we’re not through.

  9. Just one start. Just a couple of games. What the hell, its a lot better than we were getting before. Morton and B Jones. Even if its a beginners luck streak, I’ll take it.

  10. Of the top ten plays of the day on Sportscenter, Tiger had #3, #2, and #1, and I think he deserved it. All this with his knee buckling in pain.

  11. 2:21, I just got in from work, check the Braves Journal site and you hooligans say the Braves won again, against the AL, on the road, I am too tired for jokes like that you wiseguys,
    When I wake up tomorrow i will see what really happened.

  12. Great start by Charlie.

    Of course we need to give the kid some time and expect rough spots but, above and beyond everything, I just really enjoyed watching him pitch tonight.

    Don’t really know how to explain it. His line wasn’t outstanding but he seemed to have that extra something (attitude) that can define a pitcher. Just look at the way he handled himself in those late inning situations, pitching inside, brushing people off the plate. He remained agressive no matter the situation. Nerves of steel. I like this kid.

    Had no knowledge of him other than the stuff posted here but after seeing him live I have high hopes.

  13. :-) funny stuff, oldtimer.
    It’s been a while since I was able to watch the Braves but finally did last night (staying up all night watching it). Morton looked great (yes only one start) although he doesn’t necessarily have the track record of other prospects that have fizzled. But he had improved so much in the Minors in the course of the past season and I remember DOB raving about him since July last year.
    Also thought B Jones looks ligit, at least in this one game. We’ll see. I’ll take him over Norton, Infante any time.
    The Braves were FUN to watch last night!

  14. It is too early to draw firm conclusions about Jurrjens/Reyes/Morton–but they are showing promise–which is enough for me at this point.

    However, the fact that they don’t have the minor league track records of Davies/Meyer/James/ Capellan doesn’t worry me either. Track records in the minor leagues matter more for hitters (even then they can be unreliable) than for pitchers. John Smoltz’s minor league numbers are worth recalling as well.

    Morton’s actual track record would not even predict success at AAA; however, what often matters the trend. In the case of Morton: he is a very different pitcher in 2008 than at the beginning of 2007.

    For what it is worth, I was completely wrong about Kyle Davies (though he still may develop), but I think that if Meyer had stayed healthy he might have become a decent starter.

    The good news is that we have finally have a good core of young pitchers to reach the majors. This is no small thing! The fact that we have about 6-12 pitchers below AAA who have significant potential is reason for hope….

  15. Bobby using three pitchers to get through the eighth with a six run lead was the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen at the ballpark. It was generally the opinion of myself and those around me that the old man is losing his mind. Using a LOOGY to get the first batter in the eighth with a 9-3 lead? Even LaRussa isn’t that crazy.

  16. Robert,

    Coming off a 7-game losing streak, I wouldn’t mind him bringing in a new pitcher for each pitch of each at-bat in the 8th.

    It wasn’t necessarily a matter of the size of the lead, it was the RARITY of the lead.

  17. fwiw, 12 of our 25 spots are taken up by homegrown talent. also, 11 of the 12 seem to be a lock for the year. and, if prado, diaz, and glavine return, the number will probably go up to 13.

  18. Ryan, don’t know that I’d consider Diaz homegrown, and I doubt that Glavine will return, but that’s a remarkable thing. I like how homegrown our team has been.

  19. I really think we need to acquire a solid ace from outside the organization to go with Huddy while the rest of the young pitching develops. We probably have 4/5ths of a starting rotation in the young guys, but I would rather not depend on any of them at the top of the rotation at least for a while. I do think that Hanson and Rohrbough could ultimately become number 2 or 3 starters. Teheran is the only potential ace we have.

    A number one starter from outside the org would probably make the difference between a good rotation and a great one.

  20. Being overseas right now, hearing the Braves injury woes have been a tad disconcerting…I’m glad to here we finally won something. Go Braves.

  21. I think Morton can use his curveball more effectively on nights where the strike zone is a little more liberal. He wasn’t getting many calls, which makes his outing all the more impressive.

    I think Chipper’s time off might be hurting his rhythm, I would love to see him back to his old self tonight.

  22. Delgado and Reyes just let two routine balls go under their gloves to give the lead to the Rangers. Watching this team helps me forgetting about the Braves.

  23. “Ryan, don’t know that I’d consider Diaz homegrown, and I doubt that Glavine will return, but that’s a remarkable thing. I like how homegrown our team has been.”

    wasnt considering him homegrown, but with glavine, prado, and diaz back on the team, probably gotay, carlyle, and stockman will not. thus adding 2 homegrown players minus 1 homegrown brings the grand total up one.

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