Braves 5, Angels 2

ESPN – Braves vs. Angels – Box Score – June 13, 2008

Huh? First off, Chipper gets scratched from the lineup because he somehow hit a ball in batting practice directly into a pole which somehow bounced right back and hit him in the side of the face. Apparently it didn’t hurt the bone (CT was negative) but he has a heck of a bruise.

Yet somehow, they prevailed. Go figure. Joseph Reyes was terrific. He gave up a solo homer in the second and a two-out RBI double in the third, but only five hits in all while striking out five and walking two in eight innings.

And the bottom of the lineup, which has been atrocious of late, came through, led by Gregor Blanco, who was 3-4 with three RBI. I wonder if he’s ever had a three RBI game before. Brandon Jones, who finally got a start, went 2-3 with a walk, drove in the game’s first run, and scored twice on Blanco hits. Infante, playing third, had a hit, a run, and an RBI. Teixeira had three hits as well, and McCann, hitting in Chipper’s spot, had two, but the amazing work of designated “hitter” Greg Norton (0-5, two GIDP) kept them from scoring. The Braves had fifteen hits but only five runs, and so they’re not really doing a whole lot better at scoring as many as they should, they just had so many that someone eventually had to score.

Jeff Bennett pitched the ninth for the save. I caught Joe saying that Ohman should have been the closer, and he’s probably right. Bennett was very lucky. He gave up a leadoff hit, then probably should have walked the next man, but an iffy 3-2 pitch was called a strike and the runner, for some reason, stopped running and was easily thrown out. I don’t know why he was going down three runs in the ninth anyway. Since the next batter singled, things could have gotten ugly.

But it’s a win. I’ll take it.

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  1. Hey, maybe the Braves could pick up a game on the Phillies after winning against a good team like the LA Angels…hang on while I check the score…oh, well maybe not. It’s going to be really hard to climb back into the race when the division leading team is doing what the Phils did tonight…holy crap, 20-2. You’d think it was the Eagles vs. Rams, and somehow the Rams were able to sack McNabb in the end zone. I’ll take the win tonight. You know what they say about a blind squirrel.

  2. Brian Jordan says the Phils are his pick to win the East. Way to go out on a limb there Bri.

  3. Anyone watching the Francoeur interview now?

    Here’s his quote on facing Garland for the first time:
    “I was gonna take some pitches, but then I decided to swing right away.”

  4. We won!!!! That’s all I care!!!

    Who is Brian Jordan and why should we care about what he says?

  5. Parish, sounds like Frenchy is in Chucky mode of “I don’t like to think.” More than ever, I think the kid is just not all too intelligent.

  6. Hanson went tonight for the M-Braves. He pitched four hitless innings with one walk and 6 Ks, but was then yanked. Not sure why.

  7. Also, another win for Heath, a quality start for Locke, and Heyward went 1-for-5 with 2 Ks.

  8. Hanson was yanked because of a rain delay.

    I think Hanson, over the long-term, will be better than Morton. But I’m still look forward to seeing Morton pitch tomorrow.

  9. Anybody know why the Braves demoted Anderson and brought up Brandon Jones? Jones’ line at Richmond was .263/.335/.371. That’s not impressive.

  10. The Phillies may win a lot, but their manager is apparently didn’t make it past 2nd grade:

    “I think that definitely got us going, yeah,” manager Charlie Manuel said. “If that don’t get you going, I don’t guess nothing will.”

  11. Thanks Braves, I could have seen you win the last 3 days because you were on WGN, ESPN and WGN, but you decided to lose all 3 then win tonight when you aren’t on any networks that I can see….

  12. ChuckO, Brandon Jones was promoted to “showcase” himself as trade bait but nobody seems to know for whom he is being “showcased.” He certainly has more trade value than Anderson, so if that’s the reason, I understand, and he probably is a better player, I just don’t know who exactly he is being “showcased” for.

  13. Hanson and Morton are quality prospects. Jo Jo and Jair Jurrjens have already shown that they have excellent potential to be big league starters. It will not all happen this year, but the Braves have (finally) a nice core of youg pitchers around which to build.

    It would be great if Morton could get us started on a streak….

  14. Hey Ben, why pick on my Rams? We beat the sorry Eagles in the ’01 NFC championship game and have pretty much owned them whenever we play. Use the Cardinals as an example next time.

  15. I’m sorry Marc, maybe he should have used the 49ers because they have only pwned the Rams for the last 30 years.

  16. Thanks for the word on Hanson, Dan. It’s a shame as he was finally having a start like nearly every one he had for MB.

  17. Parish–Your observation got me to remember that we only lost to the Phillies 4-3–after KJ’s error and a bad 10th….Because the next defeats were so profoundly demoralizing, it is easy to forget that things with the Phillies should have been different…Already seems like a lont time ago–in fact, I hope that it will prove to be the low point of 2008….

  18. Stephen, that brings up one more point about last night’s game. That save was only the 2nd one we converted in like our last 8 opportunities. If we had just converted half of those blown saves, with one against the Phillies, we would be 3.5 back right now. 7 of 8 (probably a typical save conversion rate), rather than 2 of 8, and we are 1.5 back.

    What’s equally crazy is that exactly one week ago we were talking about overtaking the Phillies. Within days, everyone was ready to dismantle the team. Maybe, it’s a bit too early for that.

  19. Mac;
    Your summaries have never been better, I can usually get what happened in the game from the first papagraph.

    Or, like yesterday, the first word…”Huh?”

  20. Between the losses and the injuries it has really been a pretty horrible 10 days or so for the Braves. No repeats of June 2006 please!

  21. Mike Gonzalez in AAA so far

    6.1IP 6H 1ER 1BB 6K

    he cant be that far away, just call him up

  22. Yeah, I was wondering why Gonzalez was throwing so many AAA innings. We really might be able to find him a spot in the big leagues.

  23. Marc, I am hoping you are asking sarcastically, but my point was that it compared better to a football score and I just plugged in today’s NFL teams from those same cities. I’m certainly not picking on anyone. Hell, I don’t even watch the NFL anymore except for a little of the Superbowl.

  24. Gonzalez has thrown nine innings and given up only one run last I read in his minor league rehab innings in AA and AAA.

    Call him up already. No more Bennett, Acosta or Boyer in the ninth.

  25. did Soriano get DL’d for Morton’s callup? seriously send Ridgeway back down (he’s got no shot with Bobby after hitting that last batter) and get Gonzo up here

  26. As bad as things have been recently, I’ve really been heartened by the JJ boys. Jojo and Jurrjens have the makings of rotation mainstays, and hopefully Morton can join them. It’s been awhile since we’ve had a young pitching staff.

  27. Why are the Braves trying to trade BJones and for what? A future outfield of Francouer, Schaffer and BJones would suit me just find. Coupled that with a 1st baseman, KJ, Yunel and Chipper, McCann behind the plate….Jojo, JJ, Morton, Huddy and another starter…..hmmm I like it.

    Oh and i think the BP will be oK.

  28. “Why are the Braves trying to trade BJones and for what? A future outfield of Francouer, Schaffer and BJones would suit me just find. Coupled that with a 1st baseman, KJ, Yunel and Chipper, McCann behind the plate….Jojo, JJ, Morton, Huddy and another starter…..hmmm I like it.”

    it’s pure speculation on DOB’s part that was made public by mlbtraderumors. although a useful website, dont believe everything you read.

  29. I have to say, even though JoJo had some forgettable starts he’s also had some very good ones. When I remember that he’s still young got some growing up to do I can’t help but be impressed especially after last night.

    I know the 3-4 isn’t exciting but he’s most likely gonna be in the rotation for a while since we’ve got pretty slim pickin’s.

    I don’t think Morton is the Second Coming or anything but it’ll be refreshing to see the kid on the hill and hopefully get us back in this thing.

  30. I really think wins are over rated when judging how good pitchers have been for their team. Take Jo Jo’s start from 5/28, here’s his line

    7IP 2H 1ER 3BB 9K and he gets the loss, thats unbelievable

    or from 6/8 here’s his line

    7.1IP 4ER 2BB 8K = another loss

    Jo Jo’s record should probably be around 5-2 or 5-3. Huddy should have more wins also. This team has been pretty bad when their SP is very good.

  31. Yeah, it definitely seems like Reyes has gotten a lot better over the last year. He’s not walking nearly as many people as he used to. He still has areas to improve on, but going down to Triple-A helped him a lot.

  32. As I recall, McDowell might actually deserve some credit for Jo-Jo’s improved control. I believe he found some inconsistencies in Jo-Jo’s mechanics.

  33. I don’t think Joseph really has improved control; what has happened this year on the major league level is essentially psychological. Like Bruce Chen (his statistics in the minors aren’t as good as Chen’s were, but his stuff is probably better) he was afraid to throw strikes to major league hitters and thus kept nibbling. Last season he struck out 110 and walked 47 in 109.3 IP in AA and AAA; he walked 30 and struck out 27 in 50. major league innings. He could throw strikes, he just wouldn’t.

    Not that Roger doesn’t deserve credit. I thought Leo was great, but he was a little too willing, in my opinion, to let pitchers nibble, especially lefthanders — see not only Chen, but also Horacio. It worked for Glavine, but you’d be hard pressed to find anyone else it worked for.

  34. Morton has the stuff to succeed at the ML level, and from everything I’ve seen/read, he seems like he’s got enough confidence. Have to see how it goes tonight, though. First time I’ve really kinda wished I had MLB Extra Innings.

    That said, let’s all not get our collective hopes up too much. :-)

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