92 thoughts on “There really aren’t many bands starting with X game thread: Marlins at Braves, April 24”

  1. …and for XTC you could have chosen “No Drugs In Our House” for Alex’ sake. :-)

  2. XTC is such a great band.

    John Doe’s latest album is actually quite good, but it peaks fairly quickly — the best, fastest, hardest rocking song, “Hotel Ghost,” is basically the first two and a half minutes of the album, and the rest is much more singer-songwritery.

    Don’t forget X-Ray Spex, guys!

  3. I actually owe Andy Partridge quite a bit.

    I drove from DC to New York for a Passover seder last weekend, so I loaded up a wallet with about 20 CDs for the trip. There are few words in my vocabulary to describe how much I hate the New Jersey Turnpike. If it hadn’t been for Skylarking and Oranges & Lemons, my head might have exploded somewhere on Sunday afternoon.

  4. AAR,
    I gotta do the NJ Tpk from NYC to Philly next Wednesday. The day ride’s gonna suck–that area around Exit 10 is brutal— but the return’s gonna be a breeze.

    Here’s the key: drive afterhours, if you can. Nothing weirder that being on a relatively empty turnpike. (Yes, the lyrics from Springsteen’s “Open All Night” are very true.)

    And yes, XTC is really great. They didn’t like to tour much, but here’s an early gig they did in America: XTC at Tyrone’s O.C. in Athens. Opening act, a very young REM.

  5. hey look here’s some good news, finally

    Gonzalez, who was originally targeted to return in early June, threw 23 pitches during a two-inning simulated game at Disney’s Wide World of Sports complex in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., on Tuesday. He plans to throw one-inning simulated games on Thursday and Saturday.

    “He’s getting real close,” Cox said of Gonzalez, who has encountered few problems while making his bid to return from Tommy John elbow ligament replacement surgery.

    If all goes well, Cox said Gonzalez, who converted each of his 24 save opportunities for the Pirates in 2006, could immediately begin a Minor League rehab assignment and potentially join the Atlanta bullpen in mid-May.

  6. From Carroll Rogers at the ajc, the Braves’ NL rank:

    Hitting (overall BA) – 2nd
    w/ RISP – 7th
    Close and late – 15th

  7. There is no greater road in America than the New Jersey Turnpike. Exit 18W in the house.

  8. Jeez…if Francoeur repeats that at-bat for the rest of the year, he’s gonna be as good as anybody said he could be.

  9. Doing the ‘blowout win’ thing tonight. If you like close Braves wins this is not the season for you.

  10. Now this is more like it.

    Gotta concur with AAR, X-Ray Spex were a killer band. “Oh Bondage, Up Yours” is pure joy.

  11. If you’re the Marlins, you can’t get thrown out on that play. You’re down by 4 runs, the middle of your order is up and that’s the second out.

    If there’s any doubt at all, you hold up. Just idiotic.

  12. It was close, but you can’t get thrown out there. Chuck is willing to let you back in the game if you let him.

  13. close enought that I wouldn’t call it a Snitker–the Braves had to excecute perfertly to get the runner

    probably still a dumb move, though, b/c down 4 runs

  14. So they get what they deserve – no more runs. I hope Chuck can at least make it through the fifth.

  15. #45 – for the record I’ve said some negative things about Diaz but that’s not one of them. He’s decent enough out there.

  16. Diaz was inside the line there but that was a terrible throw. It would have hit him if he was on the line too. Gift out for the Marlins.

  17. My next door neighbor’s kid Daniel Murphy is hitting .392 for the Muts AA team in Binghamton. Pretty cool that I used to play catch with him when he was in 7th grade.

    I’ll pull for him when he gets to the majors, Muts or no.

  18. It’s Barry Bonds and Eric Davis if you are trying to figure out the trivia. The ‘battled injuries’ clue gave it away for me.

  19. Wow. It’s “Talk About How Dumb Chuck James Is” night at the ballpark.

  20. Speaking of James, doesn’t it look like he’s throwing more fastballs? Well…medium balls for his speed

  21. well here’s for the close game, Chipper didnt even turn around for the Willingham HR. Chuck has walked five and three have scored. How can you walk 5 guys when you’ve got a 5 run lead? Bobby and Roger have to be pissed about this outing

  22. The whole “look how country-stupid Chucky is” thing is only funny when he’s not serving up batting practice. Which isn’t often.

  23. Well, Chuck went his 5. What a mediocre pitcher.
    Being positive…Francoeur had a good at-bat and Chipper is 3-3.

  24. Did they just send James back down? As in having his stuff packed as he walked off the mound the last half inning?

  25. Has there ever been a pitcher that lives up to his stereotype quite as often as Chuck James? It’s almost like watching a movie on rewind. Every start is almost identical to the last one.

  26. Wow, just got home and tuned in. Chipper 3-3! Is he in a zone or what? Also, is Campillo for real?



    :violent projectile vomit:

  28. So I wonder if the JJ guy makes the trip to Shea for the road Peachtree TV broadcast..

    My guess: no, and JJ (I forget his real name) is eliminated from Peachtree TV’s broadcasts.

  29. If Whiskey Falls were in my home, I’d kill them and plead self defense.

    They are HORRIBLE. Big and Rich spawned this crap.

  30. Flipping through the channels earlier and saw that a picture of Andruw was on ESPN. Jim Rome (tool) was giving his “Final Burn” on Andruw, stating, among other things that he should lose weight, he deserved to be booed at home, and…well he’s trying to pull everything.

  31. Okay, Jorge Sosa just gave up an actual unearned run — Jose Reyes just muffed a completely routine ground ball, then a couple batters later Carlos Delgado just reached down to backhand a grounder and, well, missed.

    It’s not the million-dollar-infield any more, guys.

  32. The only thing missing from that Whiskey Falls promo is Jeff Francouer on stage with a guitar, rocking out with the band.

  33. AAR-
    Completed by a slide that was more of a flop because BMac was out of breath.

  34. I wonder what Smoltz thinks when the Braves score seven runs on every night he doesn’t pitch.

  35. AAR,

    The CF (?) misjudged a ball he probably should have had, and the ball hit off the wall, bouncing back toward the infield, I guess. (I listen to satellite radio.)

    Do I have that right?

  36. Nice win. Most impressive part was that it only required three pitchers! :-O

    Nice to see Acosta go two innings, but lets make sure he gets to rest for a game after that; we don’t need another Moylan. >_<

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