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  1. Dan, I’m just not sure I believe all that. If Bobby goes, a lot of his guys may go. And while he says he isn’t thinking of going anywhere at the moment, I’m sure that there’s a lot in his mind that he just wouldn’t admit to the media.

    It’s got to be awfully hard to swallow for him. It’s been two decades since the team has been this terrible, and he has to realize a lot of that buck stops with him.

  2. Where can a person go for updated individual defensive metrics during the season? I like what David Pinto does, but his site is unnavigable — and I can’t find anything on BP.

  3. Fleshing out my latest crazy fantasy a bit more, here are the gory details of my hypothetical offseason moves:

    1) Trade a package of players (something like Francoer, Gorkys Hernandez, Medlen and filler?) for Aaron Harang;

    2) Trade a package of players (something like Lillibridge, Reyes, and filler?) for Ian Snell;

    3) Non-tender Diaz (unless he’s included in one of the above packages);

    4) Sign Pat Burrell for ~$45 million over 3 years;

    5) Sign Juan Rivera for ~8 million over 2 years;

    6) Trade a package of players (something like Diory Hernandez and Stephen Marek) for Randy Winn + ~$4 million;

    7) Offer Smoltz an incentive-laden deal (whatever gets him to stay);

    8) Have the following roster:

    SS – Yunel (~$500K)
    2B – KJ (~$2.5M)
    3B – Chipper ($11M)
    LF – Burrell (~$15M)
    C – McCann ($3.5M)
    CF – Winn (~4.25M)
    RF – Rivera (~$4M)
    1B – Kotchman (~$3M)

    Sammons (~$450K)
    Prado (~$450)
    Infante ($2M)
    B. Jones (~$450K)
    Blanco (~$500K)

    Harang ($11M)
    Jurrjens (~$500K)
    Snell ($3M)
    Campillo (~$500K)
    Morton (~$450)

    Gonzalez (~$3.5M)
    Soriano ($6.1M)
    Moylan (~$500K)
    Boyer (~$500K)
    Bennett (~$500K)
    Carlyle (~$500K)
    Ring (~$450K)

    …and whatever contribution Smoltz could give you, with a total payroll of ~$90M (including $13M for Hudson) + whatever Smoltz earns.

    Other variations include:

    a) Not going after Winn—instead giving the job to Schafer—and allocating that money to a Japanese starter, or to Lowe (instead of Harang), thereby freeing up enough trade pieces to go after Greinke, who is cheap like Snell

    b) Dunn instead of Burrell

    c) Guys like Edwin Jackson, Brian Bannister, or Justin Duchscherer (all similarly priced) instead of Snell.

    The way I see it, these moves would make us contenders in 2009 and 2010 without crippling our ability to contend in subsequent years if these moves don’t work out.

    Possible discussion questions include:

    I) Are the proposed FA contracts reasonable approximations of what those players will get on the open market?

    II) Are the proposed arbitration raises in line with what those players will get?

    III) Are the proposed trades reasonable on both ends? Am I overvaluing/undervaluing either the players we’d be trading or the players we’d be receiving?

    IV) How much time which could otherwise be devoted to billing clients does Stu spend in Fantasy GM Land?

  4. Chip Caray and Joe Simpson.

    Every time I’ve seen this pair this year, Chip Caray has talked about a “more exciting” form of baseball with a bigger emphasis on speed and less fascination with the long ball now that the steroid era is dead. Every. Single. Time.

  5. I fail to see how speed ball is more exciting than power ball other than attempts by your favorite catcher to throw out a guy on the basepaths. Sure, that’s exciting, but the only other aspects to speed ball are taking extra bases on hits (which is nice to see) and speed on defense, which is less sexy.

  6. he may not pan out and may not be any good, but whats the harm with giving Brandon Jones some Ab’s and playing time? Is he the Stockman/Devine of the club now?

    edit: and why is our fastest base runner/stealer hitting 8th?

  7. Doubles and triples are more interesting than home runs any day. Anyway, yeah, this is going to be a morning recap, unless the Evil Upstairs Neighbor wakes me.

  8. Why, exactly? Because he’s too valuable/productive to have his name associated with this franchise right now?

  9. Bobby needs to go. I’m sorry. We just got swept by the Phillies and his reaction is:

    “What difference does it make?” Cox asked.

    Ummmmmmm, we need a new Manager. Someone with Fire and has the ability to get the fire started under our players (particularly Frenchy).

    I know that Fergosi is an advanced scout for us now (and I know he’s not the best manager, but at least he cares). Yost is available. Pendelton is probably the heir apparent, but he’s just a mediocre Hitting Coach. What makes us think he’ll be anything more that a mediocre manager?

  10. ps–

    stu…giving up that much in terms of players (Hernandez comes to mind), PLUS signing the FAs that we sign (both of whom will be AT LEAST B Level) means that our Farm System is DESTROYED for the next 3-5 years. That team, fwiw, probably won’t even win the division.

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