155 thoughts on “Prodigal fat guy returns game thread: Dodgers at Braves, April 18”

  1. with what has andruw been prodigal? money, talent, trips to the scale for LA beat writers? Most on here would say he hasn’t been prodigal with his effort on the diamond. come to think of it, i don’t know if the definition of prodigal allows you to be recklessly spendy in anything but money…

  2. I somehow won my league last year despite picking Andruw “early” (round 4, I think) in hopes of a productive contract year.

    I just picked him up off the free agent list a couple of days ago. It won’t sniff my active roster… maybe he’ll heat up enough to trade him.

    It’s been a long, difficult stretch for our man Andruw. Thanks for the great years.

    It’s weird to see him in a different uniform. But, I agreed with the decision to let him go … and he hasn’t shown us much to believe the Braves should have done otherwise since.

  3. I meant “he” won’t sniff my active roster. Not sure what happened there. Didn’t mean to refer to AJ as “it”.

    sweet. triple post.

    Go Braves!

  4. On the Longoria deal – I think the reason I would not have doen is that it seems like the same deal could have been struck at the end of this year. Now, you can’t really give him more time in the minors when you aren’t saving his eligibility (and a more refined game) for when your team is ready to really compete.

    It could work out, but the benefit of doing this now rather than six months from now seems negative.

  5. But it was bizarre that the Rays sent him to the minors to start the year, and everyone thought it was to preserve his arb clock — then they brought him up a week later, and now this.

    Weird timing.

  6. Wonder how it will affect the market. Is every kid going to expect such a contract now? Will the amount of petulance increase as teams play the game and wait to offer contracts to their young guys?

  7. c. shorter – It may create more of an issue within the Rays organization. They have a lot of young guys that may wonder why they don’t have a long term deal during their league minimum years.

  8. Man Rays – genius. Their uni could have the bass fiddle cut outs on the back.

  9. I’ve been exchanging emails with a few buddies over this deal and we all love it. Basically, that kid, who should be a star and may be one soon–at the very least, he’ll be really good within the next two seasons, if not this season–will be extremely cheap by league standards. He’s to make on average less than $3 million a year, which is, incidentally, almost exactly what the league average salary is right now (and it will increase with inflation).

    As for the industry, it depends on the organizational philosophy. The Indians, and to a lesser extent other clubs like the Brewers and A’s, have been locking up their budding stars for longterm deals. Grady Sizemore and Danny Haren, for instance, have great contracts–which makes them either bargains or valuable trade commodities. The Rays upped the ante a bit by signing a guy with practically no major league experience, but it’s still not a huge risk. Most guys shouldn’t expect to be signed longterm, but guys like Jay Bruce and Justin Upton should be locked up sooner rather than later.

  10. In other, completely unrelated sports news, with the Sonics impending move to Oklahoma City, I have a new team to hate. That’s one of the most annoying things to happen in pro sports in awhile.

  11. Hoo Rays is my favorite so far.

    How about Tanger Rays?

    You would have a ready made endorsement and could sign Scott Spiezio at a discount.

  12. I could see a game between Peavy and Francis going scoreless for the normal 9 innings, but having the bullpens do so well for that long is unexpected. Did you notice Wilfredo came in for 5 scoreless for the Pads? Boy I miss him (not).

    I’m predicting Bennett goes 3 IP followed by Campillo for another 3IP (and Campillo will do better). That will be followed by 0.1IP-0.2IP from everyone else in the pen.

  13. That is hilarious. The Braves would have run out of pitchers in the 13th though.

  14. I hope Bennett does so well. I noticed at #2 in the NL for BA is none other than Furcal, just over .400. Hopefully we can keep him off base.

  15. A 22-inning game would have witnessed at least two innings on the mound from Kotsay, who actually had a save in a College World Series game 13 years ago.

    Come to think of it, that makes him a viable candidate for closer right now.

  16. I actually thought the same thing when I saw that boxscore. Thank goodness that didn’t happen to the Braves. Those four pitchers we used in the 7th inning would have killed me as Kotsay started the 15th inning.

  17. With the way Cox had to use pitchers this week, Kotsay might have been needed by the 12th and the game wouldn’t have made it past 13.

    If the Braves played a 22-inning game, the bullpen and staff wouldn’t recover for at least a week. There’d be a lot of options and frequent-flyer miles on the Richmond-Atlanta shuttle.

  18. Make that “fat guys”. Or don’t and ignore the larger (lololololol) point and mock the typo.

  19. blanco starting in left and batting 8th. is this the start of the matt diaz we have come to love: the platoon matt?

  20. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…Skip and Pete on the radio and all is right with the world.

  21. It’s good to have Furcal back in the park tonight. Just wish he was in the right colors.

  22. I’m late to the party: what’s the story on Diaz? Has Bobby reached his limit on games without a platoon?

  23. Yes, batting 7th, with Garciaparra 8th … five years ago, who thought those two would be so low in an order?

  24. Indeed, ONIO. The times they are a’changing.

    Now on MLB.TV the crowd noise is on, but Chip is still silenced.

  25. After years of listening, I can pretty much piece together my own Caray-Simpson banter. I appreciate your willingness to get Chip’s words to the world though, Mac.

  26. @60

    I would pay extra to have an only crowd noise and game sounds option.

  27. Chip: Why is it that closers struggle in non save situations?
    Joe: He really needs to go right to right center here!

  28. That almost brings a tear to my eye. Thanks for making me proud tonight Braves fans and cheering for Andruw.

  29. Damn, is there anything worse seeing than the Braves trying to hit any kind of sinkerballing pitcher.

  30. Question: If Joe Simpson is telling Andruw Jones to go the other way on everything and try to hit singles and generally be Joe Simpson instead of Andruw Jones, and nobody can hear it, is it still stupid?

    Sound’s back.

  31. It’s as though they perpetually have a camera on Hampton, waiting for someone on the field to get hurt so they can cut away to get his reaction.

  32. Maybe Hampton should pull a Rick Ankiel and spend a few years in the minors (ON ROIDS) trying to learn to be a hitter.

  33. Ouch. They might have to unretire Javy Lopez’ old 643 for Kotsay to wear.

  34. For some reason I haven’t been able to post in awhile. Just trying to see if this works!

  35. Glad to see a righty, albeit a tough one, on the muound for the Dodgers tonight. The team ops is 100 pts higher (839 vs 737) versus righties than lefties.

  36. This just ain’t my night.

    LA/Atl is the only game they’re not showing on MLB Extra Innings tonight.

    And my NJ Devils are down 3-1 in score & games, facing elimination by the hated Rangers.

    At least the Braves are winning & Bennett is hanging in there.

  37. Nice performance so far by Bennett. I figure they’ll try to throw him out there for one more (assuming his spot doesn’t come up in the batting order this inning). He’s only thrown 52 thus far.

    In contrast, Lowe has thrown 47 through two innings.

  38. Francoeur – 3 pitches from Lowe, 3 swings. Were the last two as far outside as Gameday made them look?

  39. Marcus Giles: .316/.390/.526, 136 OPS+, 21 HR, 69 RBI

    Jose Vidro: .310/.397/.470, 121 OPS+, 15 HR, 65 RBI

    Vidro won the Silver Slugger at 2B in ’03.

  40. This drives me nuts. We gave up an opportunity in the 4th so Bennett could get two more outs?

  41. TRAINER: Rafael, you seem a little groggy.
    FURCAL: Well, you have to remember that I’m a little drunk.
    ANDRUW: You really gotta stay out of my way, little buddy.

  42. Jones and Furcal crossed paths in center field chasing a McCann pop fly … neither came up with it; Furcal got the worse of it but stayed in the game.

  43. ‘Rissa, given our last week or so, that notation must have made you throw up in your mouth a little.

  44. BMac had just hit a single, and I was hoping it hadn’t been a bang-bang play at first and he turned an ankle, or something.

  45. Has Chuck James made a start in Richmond since his start in Colorado? Hopefully he’ll have better results at home tomorrow than he did last time out. What number pitcher in the DL this season is Glavine?

  46. Yeah, Joe, you’re down five runs and Martin Prado is the hitter, you better make a pitching change to extend the game by another five minutes.

  47. Wow glavine on the DL.

    That’s the 3rd of our starting 5 to land there 2 weeks into the season.

    Two of our starters that continue to pitch appear injured.

    Our top three relievers are DLed.

    We are 0-7 in one run games and we are performing 5 games under our Pythag 15 games into the season.

    I would rather be lucky than good.

  48. Chuck James is coming back tomorrow to sub for Glavine. They must figure he’s ready to put up 5-6 innings.

  49. 117: Yes, he started one game, went 5.1 innings and allowed 3 runs. (1 earned, 0 HR, 3 BB, 3 Ks)

  50. BTW Remy, loved your post about the Col. earlier. I’ll bet that was an amazing gig. ARU was the best live band in the country at their peak, IMHO. Just sick.

  51. absolutely, take an extra inning from the same guy over a (should be) meaningless run.

  52. Great googily moogily. I’ve just discovered how to adjust the PVR so that I can sync up the video with Skip and Pete on the radio. This discovery goes down with fire, the wheel and buffalo wings in importance.

  53. Neat to see the spiderman catch in the Andruw Jones highlights–I was sitting in RF stands for that game and had a great view of the catch. It’s the only game I’ve gone to at the Ted–watching from home beats the traffic hassle.

  54. 142,146. get the radio on (I’ve got it up on MLB.tv) and pause your pvr till you’ve sync’d the action up. You can hear the pop of the ball into the catcher’s mitt which makes a nice source of reference. then alternatley pause or ffwd to fine tune.

  55. Well I owe Mr. Bennett an apology. He went more than 3 and exceeded all my expectations.

    And now I have to go worship my Chipper shrine.

  56. Hmmm…Ohman gets the win?

    I know you’re supposed to go 5 as the starter, but isn’t it up to the scorer otherwise? Is there a rule that says he can’t give it to the starter, because Bennett deserved it.

  57. Yeah, it’s up to the scorer and cannot go to the starter. Ohman and Boyer pitched the longest, and Ohman did get out of the 2 on, 2 out situation Bennett left him.

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