Braves 6, Dodgers 1

ESPN – Dodgers vs. Braves – Box Score – April 18, 2008

In case you missed it, Chipper is really hot right now. The Braves took a 2-0 lead without him, in a weird sort of second inning where Teixeira and McCann both scored on infield singles. But in the fifth, Chipper broke the game open with a gigantic three-run homer to center (coming after walks by KJ and Escobar — that’s how you do it, boys) and in the seventh, after the Dodgers cut it to 5-1, he hit an even longer blast for a solo shot to put the lead back to five. Chipper is now hitting .455 and leading the league in all three triple crown categories.

Jeff Bennett did all you could reasonably hope for, though he came up a third of an inning short of getting the five innings needed for a win. He got in some trouble in the first — his control and KJ’s defense — but pitched out of it, and cruised through the next three before tiring. He struck out four, allowed three walks, and gave up just two hits. Ohman finished the fifth and pitched the sixth to get the win.

Carlyle gave up the Dodgers’ only run, which was Andruw (walk, balk, came home on a single). Andruw also delivered the Dodgers’ only really hard hit of the night, a ninth-inning double off of Acosta. Furcal also had a hit and a walk, but the non-ex-Braves were pretty useless, and Rafael and Andruw should really dump them.

Gregor Blanco started in left, his first career start, and made the most of it, going 2-3 with a walk and an RBI… Tom Glavine has gone on the DL for the first time in his career. I blame Hampton. Chuck James will start in his place.

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  1. Anyone think Chipper is taking things personally with how much attention they gave David Wright after the year he had? Either way, he is a man beast right now.

  2. Andruw Jones receives mixed reception |
    Los Angeles Times columnist T. J. Simers, who has begun calling Jones “tubbo” in second reference, challenged him to get on a scale last week. When the total came up 248, Jones explained he had his shoes on and that the scale bad been around since Jackie Robinson’s time with the team.

    And weight is different now than it was in 1960?

  3. And if he was hitting no one would care if it was 348. Well maybe the pitchers would but not an idiot slimeball like Simers.

  4. Did Anyone see Baseball Tonight? On the injury update they said that Moylan might have to get a season ending elbow surgery. any articles on this?

  5. Well its usually the worse when it comes to injuries so hopefully someone steps up and has a Moylan like season this year.As for Andruw he does look like a “tubbo” haha wish the best for him but he is awful this year cant hit a slider for nothing.

  6. I was watching the 9th with a friend, and after the first pitch fastball away I said, “Feed him away, away, away, and you’ll get him every time.” Next pitch, McCann is setup outside, and I say, “See” but the pitch goes over the middle of the plate and Andruw smashed it. If pitchers would just consistently feed him away he wouldn’t even hit what he’s hitting now, and that’s sad.

  7. Moylan’s currently got something that will lead to Tommy John surgery like 9 of 10 times, but the Braves are going to wait a couple weeks to see if it’ll be the one out of 10 that gets to not have surgery.

    Either way, I don’t think this is the kind of thing that’ll just “go away”; the analogy that stuck with me is that the tendon is like a rubber band that’s been stretched out too much so that it doesn’t snap back quite as well. Only solution there is to get a new rubber band, perhaps borrowing one from your other elbow or somewhere in a leg.

    Or maybe a rubber band from a cadaver, I don’t know. Point is, there doesn’t look like there’s a lot to be optimistic about regarding this injury. Just hope he comes back strong next June or whenever.

  8. Frankly, I think Blanco should get a start 2/3 of the days we face righties, with the lost ABs split between Diaz and Kotsay. In fairness, we’ve played a TON of lefties thus far (just like last year; what’s up with that??), so it’s justifiable to not give Blanco many starts. But lets at least get him in there once or twice a week, eh?

  9. We’re 2.5 games behind the first place Mets. The Marlins and Phillies are also jumbled in there in at 2nd and 3rd.

  10. FYI – Jo-Jo held his opposition scoreless for Richmond again tonight.

    Reyes has now started three games for Richmond and has yet to give up a run. He is also yet to earn a decision. 6 Hs, 18 Ks and 5 BBs in 14.0 IP

  11. I like those stats, and I’m glad to see he’s getting more seasoning. Jo-Jo’s not ready yet, however, because right now he is making Chuck James look like an inning-eater. A 5 inning outing is his longest.

  12. It is quite true as I have heard that Chipper.
    We have switch hitters in the cleanup. How many teams does it have like us in the MLB? Definitely, this is good point.
    I had watched T-Rex when he was a Rangers. For anything I know… according to my observation, his swing is really unstable compared Chipper’s.

    By the way, Colorado VS San Diego April 17.
    The game went 22 IP. WOW….crazy!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I just hate the hogwash on the Braves official site about the health of their players. The “Glavine indicates trip to DL not necessary” article led to – Glavines trip to the DL, of course. And now they run an article called “Moylan’s treatment going well” (!) which features the immortal line “Further examination by Dr. James Andrews confirmed that the ulna collateral ligament in Moylan’s elbow was compromised by a bone spur, which could threaten his season.” Great work, idiots.

  14. To be fair, they didn’t find the extent of the injury until today, and Glavine is really stubburn and I’m sure didn’t let on. But then again, that would be par for the course for Bowman.

  15. Moylan’s currently got something that will lead to Tommy John surgery like 9 of 10 times

    Yeah, he went to see Dr. Andrews, who doesn’t make his money prescribing aspirin. Personally, I think the guy has been shopping for a new boat….

  16. I was wondering whether they are limiting Jo-Jo’s innings in Richmond, so that he can start up here on 2-3 days notice in case someone else goes down, or because they feel they will need him soon enough, and do not want to wear out his arm. 3 starts-no runs and lots of K’s; let’s hope he isn’t just a AAAA pitcher.

  17. isnt it the norm in AAA with our organization that starters hardly ever go more than 5+ IP on any given start? Is that due to pitch count requirements? If not, that cuold be one reason why we are seeing guys arms fall off at this level. Pitch 5 in AAA then come here and let Bobby try to pull 7 out of you. I’m probably wrong though

  18. Reason Reyes is going in short stints is that he really hasn’t improved. Even his 4 ip yesterday took 90 pitches

  19. It was 5 innings, 89 pitches, which is too many, but works to about a 6 inning game to a pitch limit.

  20. sansho1,

    It may have been intended as a joke, but I have had family members treated by Dr. Andrews before he became a celebrity and he is not at all the type to operate on someone for the money.

    He has endowed a foundation that is working on “pre-hab” regimens to reduce the incidence of these injuries in pitchers. His first course is always to let healing run its course. However, as with Paul Byrd (remember the lengthwise split of ligament that only showed when they did an “under stress” MRI?), he has frequently diagnosed problems that others were unalbe to and those problems required surgery.

    Also, Dr. Andrews worked under the first true sports medicine Dr., Jack Hughston, who pioneered knee surgery. Hughston deserves to be in the NFL Hall of Fame and Andrews in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

  21. Cliff,

    It was indeed intended as a joke, out of frustration that Moylan immediately went from pitching well to being out for the season (probably). I hope it’s stipulated that I don’t really consider people to be that evil….

  22. sansho1,

    My father was a doctor who would give physicals to patients before Dr. Andrews operated on them (no sports stars as far as I knew). When I hurt my knee running track he examined it. After a lot of twisting and flexing of the knee, he suggested some exercises and said “if it hurts, don’t run.” Not the answer I wanted to hear, but also not someone who would operate to make a few extra dollars.

  23. Not to belabor the point, but I had a referral to Dr. Andrews back in the 80’s when I played rugby for Auburn. Great guy, got me healthy w/ no surgery.

  24. Well, Andruw’s due for 3 more strikeouts today, which will be UpChuck James’ only strikeouts.

    Like I said, even Resop or Pendleton could strike Andruw out.

    And he’s not pulling the ball as much because he making less contact than ever. He’s on track for his career high in KOs’ for April.

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