20 thoughts on “Un other film de Mac Thomason”

  1. Mac, keep them to just a few seconds like this one and I bet you could come up with 162 of them for sure.

  2. Mac,

    You owe the State of North Carolina a new laptop, as I appearently have ruined mine by spewing Diet Coke over the screen.



    PS – Hillary has a better chance of throwing 200 innings this year than M.H. (And she’s campaigning as well!)

  3. i think it’s fair to say mr. hampton wont have braves journal on his interview radar for the foreseeable future.
    keep’em coming mac

  4. That was interesting just to see how long Mac could’ve kept up the jig.

    Also, clearly, baseball season needs to start already.

  5. off topic:
    for those of you who purchased the mlb tv package and live near atlanta, were there a ton of blackouts or are there ways around it?
    i live in TN but not’t sure of ATL’s media footprint .

  6. I know it’s en vogue to rip Hampton on this board, but I think we should all hope that he can provide at least 150+ innings of league average pitching.

    Now before I get ripped, I think this is the best case scenario, and has the least probability of happening.

  7. I think everyone is just scared to be optimistic about Hampton because history has shown every time we get our hopes up we get results like Mac has been portraying. I think secretly everyone thinks Hampton will be ok but we don’t want to jinx him by publicly admitting it.

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