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  1. nice. I had to explain it to my office mate. Not sure if she gets it. Unfortunately, we all get it too well.

  2. under Ben maller’s rumors there is an article stating that MLB might suspend Pedro for cockfighting. I cant read the article, but its there

  3. “Oh, I hit my head on the table!”

    Very Python! Thanks, Mac.

    And I meant to congratulate you sooner on your move into the acting/video realm, but I’ve been living my own drama called, “Death of a Motherboard.”

  4. So was the snapping sound a breaking radius, ulna, wrist, etc. or an ulnar collateral ligament? If it’s just a bone, then he’ll need to injure something else within just a few weeks.

  5. Dang it…I hurt my elbow while watching this video. I should be ready in time for Opening Day, though. Maybe.

  6. My barber said Hampton’s right arm is jelious of his left so he will have TJ on the right arm on Thursday and will be ready to come back around August 34th.

  7. You guys will all be sorry when Hampton pitches 200+ innings with an ERA below 3!

    Steve Avery
    Brian Jordan
    Craig Wilson
    Raul Mondesi
    Shane Reynolds
    Bob Horner

  8. If Hampton does that, we win 95+ games.

    Hate to say it, but Pedro has a better chance of doing that for the Mets—y’know, like 11-percent to 0.1-percent.

  9. Actually, I would give Rickey Henderson a better chance of signing with a team at mid-year and winning the stolen base title than I would for Hampton to pitch over 200 innings.

  10. Bob Rathbun is having a conversation just outside my office door. Man, that voice is unmistakable. I popped out and said hello, but what else could I say?

  11. I may in the minority, but I liked Rathbun. Torborg was a terrible partner for him, and played into his faults, but he was pretty good with Downing and Paciorek, who weren’t exactly ideal commentators.

  12. I thought Rathbun was underappreciated largely because his partners were not that good. To be good with Torborg and Paciorek, that takes talent.

  13. Boog is a huge upgrade over Rathburn. Rathburn should stick with calling the Lincoln, Jefferson, Washington, Adams, Piolot Financial Raycom SEC fourth best basketball GAME OF THE WEEK!

  14. just scrolling through the post and I have a recap.

    Pedro is playing with cocks again

    I have a great chance of throwing 200+ innings

    and Hampton got injured while receiving an oil check

    good day so far…

  15. UPDATE: guys, I injured my left hand while scrolling through these posts. I should be ready by early May if all goes well.

  16. The Jim Abbott comments might have gone a bit far – then again, I snickered when I read the stump comment. So like I say to my best friend whenever we make inappropriate comments to one another, “Well, I guess I’ll see ya in Hell (where, by the way, it will be snowing before Mike Hampton throws 200 innings).”

  17. CJ,

    You say “Well, I guess I’ll see ya in Hell (where, by the way, it will be snowing before Mike Hampton throws 200 innings).” to your best friend whenever we make inappropriate comments?

  18. To add to the shocking news of the Hampton Email Injury Roundup, John Rocker made controversial statements about steroid use today.

  19. In more stunning news from the world of sports — Latrell Spreewell is having financial trouble.

  20. i just turned down two free tickets to go see van halen in jacksonville. i figured with all the new security, they wont let me bring in a bag of wine bottles to throw at d.l. roth, so why bother going. my hearing has suffered enough.

  21. under Ben maller’s rumors there is an article stating that MLB might suspend Pedro for cockfighting.

    How can you suspend a guy for doing something legal in his home country? Something that is not explicitly banned by MLB?

    Cockfighting is also legal in this country in some places I believe. Louisiana and….New Mexico?

  22. #50 – I dont see how MLB could do it. The Mets I guess could because they are his employer, but it wont happen

  23. IIRC, cockfighting was legal in Alabama until recently, but you weren’t allowed to bet on it. Riiiiiiight.

    Players get suspended for things that aren’t illegal, under the “interests of the game” clause. The union, of course, will fight that, and the union, of course, will win.

  24. let me get this straight…………its legal for people to fight and try to maim each other but illegal for a couple of mean roosters to duke it out? ah,what the hell…………..suspend pedro anyway.

  25. Mac–that video is pretty funny…

    Does anybody know or remember or care for that matter: Was it Lonnie Smith that once got injured from biting into a super hot pop tart?

  26. @60, 62,

    Well, then, why do we care about dogs? Why not start a TV show devoted to blowing up cats or something? Probably would get good ratings. It’s one thing to kill animals for food–the entire animal kingdom does that–and another to kill them for sport, especially torturing them. I don’t get the “sport” in hunting deer just for the hell of it and I don’t get the “sport” in watching roosters fight. I realize, however, that this position makes me a bleeding heart liberal on this blog.

  27. who says we care about dogs? mike vick has a better chance of throwing 200 innings this year than mike hampton.

  28. Hey, Rob Neyer links to your “film” on his ESPN blog. Warns us not to drink milk while watching.

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