Braves 4, Brewers 3 (11 innings)

ESPN – Brewers vs. Braves Box Score, September 22 2007 – MLB

Mark Teixeira singled home Willie Harris with the winning run in the eleventh. Once again: Rah.

John Smoltz had a no-hitter to two out in the sixth, but gave up a two-run opposite-field homer that tied the score. He finished with eight innings pitched and eight strikeouts, and a no-decision. He must have lost ten wins over the last three years like this.

The Braves got one run in the first as KJ walked, went to third on a Renteria single, and scored on a sac fly by Chipper. Chipper hit a solo homer in the fourth to make it 2-0. But the Braves got only one other hit in regulation, another single by Chipper. In the tenth inning, the Brewers got a run on a solo homer off of Moylan to make it 3-2, but Thorman of all people hit a two-out solo homer to tie it and set up Teixeira’s increasingly pointless heroics.

Chipper is at .341, Renteria at .333. Holliday is at .337 and plays tonight.

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  1. 2006:

    Brandon Webb: 235 IP, 16-8, 3.10 ERA, 1.13 WHIP and 178 Strikeouts

    John Smoltz: 232 IP, 16-9, 3.49 ERA, 1.19 WHIP and 211 Strikeouts

    Yet Webb wins and Smoltz finishes seventh in the NL Cy Young voting?

    Smoltz is right there with anyone except Peavy. If I could vote, I’d give Peavy the Cy Young award. But I ask this: will Smoltz get credit and finish second or third in the voting? No.

  2. i think smoltz losing ten wins like this over 3 years is a very conserative estimate. this one was his own doing but the bullpen has pissed away at least a dozen in the last two years.

  3. Seems like Soriano has fixed up whatever problem he has and is having a great September. Also, I am shocked to realize that he is on pace to pitch less than 80 innings this season. Good job by Bobby on limiting the innings.

    However, Moylan is on pace to reach 90+ innings…I am starting to be concerned about Moylan’s performance next season…

    …my next question is why Oscar is suddenly in Bobby’s doghouse while Kali is still getting opportunities…

  4. About Moylan, I’ll try an example. The most similar person I know to compare him to is Scott Proctor. Proctor had less IP this year after his 102 1/3 IP season last year, but he still has done the same job. I wouldn’t worry about Moylan.

    Concerning the budget situation, why am I thinking that it would be impossible for the Braves to improve the team because of Hampton’s contract and three or four important people getting a raise?

  5. Remember that we’re losing Andurw’s salary, and perhaps Renteria’s if we can trade him away. There should be some room for improvement, especially since we have only one (STARTING) major (PITCHING) area of real weakness.

  6. Redman: 4.1 IP, 4 H, 2 R/ER, 2 BB, 3 K. The sad part is that would have been his second-best start as a Brave.

  7. Bama / Ga was a great game. It looked like Ga had the better team, but Bama played with a lot of heart to stay in it. I’ll have to say that the officiating was terrible, but I saw at least two terrible calls that went against Bama and two terrible calls that went in Bama’s favor. No excuses with the officiating, but I wish they would get it right on both sides a little more often.

    On another note, it’s good to see the Braves playing well, even if it doesn’t mean anything. It looks like most of the WC teams have also stepped up their game and the Mets are turning it around also.

  8. Holliday not in the lineup tonight for some reason. Tomorrow is, I believe, his last home game of the season before three in Dodgers Stadium and three in Arizona.

  9. I’m glad that Bama showed some heart tonight, nice comeback again…However, our offense looked pretty awful tonight. GA should have been way ahead, but dropped way to many passes. Im really disappointed in the play calling in OT

  10. Rox are in San Diego (and just finished winning 6-2), Mac. They play Arizona at Coors to end the regular season.

  11. Our biggest storyline: Chipper’s batting title. I suppose it could be worse: we could be the Pirates…

  12. Brian J,

    I heard someone claim that because we’re paying Hampton’s salary in full next year if he pitches, any salary gains we get in trading Renteria will be negated, because Andruw’s contract goes instead to pay Hampton, and not for Smoltz’s and Hudson’s increases.

  13. Woodward isn’t paid that much–850k I think–though it is a complete waste given his lack of talent and b/c signing Woodward caused a better and cheaper player (Pena Jr) to be traded away.

  14. Regarding Moylan, I read somewhere that throwing sidearm puts a lot less strain on your shoulder than throwing 3/4 or over-the-top. That would probably decrease the risk of Moylan being negatively affected by his workload this year.

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