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  1. Jo-jo and his 7.something ERA against some Marlins pitcher with a 10ERA. That should make for an interesting game.

  2. sec lines

    Florida @ Ole Miss +21.5
    SC @ LSU -16.5
    KY @ Arkansas -6.5
    NM St @ Auburn -17.0
    Ark St @ Tenn -18.5
    GA @ Bama -3.5
    Gard. Webb @ Miss St. 0.0

    I like FLA, LSU, KY, Auburn, Tenn, and Miss St to cover. Wouldnt touch the Bama/GA game to save my life, but I like Bama of course

  3. I still think the Braves will buck the “trend” tonight. Yes, no-names completely shut down the Braves, but come on, people. It’s Chris Seddon, a guy who has been completely average in the minors with little success whatsoever.

  4. I watched ESPN’s “condensed UGA/USC game” last night & it sure looked like USC’s D knew what was coming a few times.

    Of course, that doesn’t mean the Dogs were getting spied on. Spying had little to do with dropped passes, missed blocking assignments & some strange play calls.

    Headed to the Bronx tonight to see my least-favorite Yankee pitcher: Mike Mussina. (OK, I hate Clemens more, but I don’t mind watching him pitch.)

  5. Jeremy,

    I read that article earlier. I thought it was a direct shot at Saban with this so called “Belichick” rule.

  6. dropped passes, missed blocking assignments & some strange play calls

    Sounds like more of the same in Athens to me.


    I’m tempted to agree with you. However, the Gamecocks have lost one of their starting DTs for the season, and they were already struggling to stop the run, so that could be a big problem in Baton Rouge.

  7. trying to buy a home theater system under $400.00, can anyone recommend anything and where to get a good buy?

  8. not a really really good one, I found a sony 1000 watt thats decent for $399.00. This is just for saturday football outings, dont need a Bose Dream System or anything like that

  9. note to ATL, yes, Harrington sucks and crumbles like Brodie did against Auburn that time, but get some play makers. Leftwich is a good sign, but with their offensive line and his inability to get a quicker release he isnt going to help them that much. Oh I bet they wish they still had Schaub

  10. csg,

    If that’s your app, you’ll be fine. A thousand watts (real or close to advertised) is plenty.

    FYI – When it comes to home and/or pro audio, you can do way better than Bose. Even the people who sell it make jokes about it. Here are a couple:

    “Bose—Better Sound Through Marketing”

    “No highs, no lows–must be Bose”

  11. 2 good starts doesn’t make Schaub a great quarterback, but yeah the Falcons wish they had a do-over on that trade.

  12. I disagree with the Schaub angst.

    They got a nice bounty in return. And they’ll get a QB who’s as talented or more in the coming draft, I think.

    There might not have been as great a drop off from last season to the next couple, but let’s be honest—this wasn’t a team built to win anything substantial, anyway.

  13. I’m a Jags fan. Please have Byron Leftwich. He’s always hurt, has absolutely no mobility, but can throw a football harder than any guy in the NFL.

    Expect a lot of dropped passes..

  14. I wish ATL still had Schaub, but it’s not worth fretting about. For starters, (assuming Vick was their QB) they couldn’t afford to keep him anyway.

    And then, the set of Vick-related circumstances that hit the Falcons were unique, to say the least.

    At this point, I just hope the Falcons keep covering the point spread in my NFL pool.

  15. If the Falcons land one of Andre Woodson, Brian Brohm, or Matt Ryan they’ll be in good hands. A Brohm-Petrino reunion wouldn’t be a surprise. There are other QBs I’m likely forgetting right now.

  16. The Falcons should tank the season, go for 0-16 or 1-15 and get that first round draft pick. They’ll probably screw that up too though.

  17. Almost a meltdown, but the Braves escaped that inning with the lead, 2-1. Could have been worse. Makes me wish Boyer was pitching instead; he’s doing much better control-wise.

  18. Yes, Falcons going 0-16 would be nice for Houston, Atlanta and Houston swapped 1st round picks in draft this year. Atlanta now gets a late round pick while Houston may get first pick. Schaub knows how to run an offense BTW

  19. I saw Boyer pitch earlier in the season and he looked pretty good. I didn’t catch the first two innings of this Richmond game, but he looked much better when I saw him in person than he did in his last inning here. I wonder if he’ll ever make it back to Atlanta again.

    Why exactly did they turn him into a starter? He seems to lose his stuff the longer into games he goes.

  20. Ron Gant thinks that Andruw gets ahead of the ball a lot, he doesn’t get behind his swing and that made him lose his power.

    What do you guys think about that?

  21. Ron Gant, welcome to the season.

    Also, I just saw Diaz’s catch in the “in game highlights” feature on Gameday and I was really impressed.

  22. Ron Gant, welcome to the season.

    Also, I just saw Diaz’s catch in the “in game highlights” feature on Gameday and I was really impressed.

  23. I know it’s probably too early, but I’ve already got a bad feeling about 2008. That’s mostly because it appears more and more that Schuerholz is going to make the same mistake he did this season and go into 2008 leaning on Mike Hampton to be the third starter. Also it looks like there is about a 40% chance that Andruw Jones will be sucking up 14-16 million dollars of the Braves’ payroll mostly for nostalgic reasons.

    If Andruw Jones stays, the Braves aren’t going to be able to really do anything to improve their starting rotation.

  24. Dan,

    I mean, you do realize what you’re saying, right? That Schuerholz is going to use the money that they need to sign Teixeira to an arbitration contract to sign Jones just because he LIKES him.

  25. Dan,

    I don’t view Schuerholz in as low an opinion as you do. I know being inside the beltway makes you stupid, but come on. It’s obvious to everyone and their grandmother that Andruw Jones has to be let go and the money used there to pay for Hudson’s and Smoltz’s salary increases, and the payroll increase is to help for Teixeira to get an arbitration contract. A marginal pitcher can be signed for insurance if Hampton goes down again.

  26. If Liberty Media raises the payroll enough, Schuerholz may be thinking of having both Teixeira and Andruw Jones in 2008.

    I’d rather have Teixeira and the extra payroll room for a trade for a starting pitcher. Or a free agent starter, but none really look any good.

  27. I know being inside the beltway makes you stupid, but come on. It’s obvious to everyone and their grandmother that Andruw Jones has to be let go….

    I hope you’re right.

  28. Dan,

    I don’t think they’ll raise it that high. The best option is to sign someone who can be a decent starter. The best option, though, IS a trade, and I keep hearing that Renteria is going to be traded.

    I don’t think that things will be the same next year.

  29. Wait wait wait.

    The BEST option is a trade, but a GOOD option, if it’s possible, would be a free agent signing, because I’m sure any free agent pitcher, as bad as they are, can be a good #3.

  30. Dan—I share some of your apprehensions about 2008. We all knew at the end of 2006 that we needed to improve starting pitching. My fear is that they think “we were almost in the race throughout 2007; now with Hampton #3 an improved James #4 (nothing like the offseason for optimism)and the belief that Cormier will pitch as he did in Spring Training and we are competitive.” The main reason we stayed within striking distance into September has more to do with the Mets’ problems than the Braves strengths.

    My feeling is tht we need at least one more quality starter and probably two….

  31. And the Phillies are now tied with St. Louis, 3-3 and still batting in the top of the seventh inning.

    I love it. I so want to see the Mets collapse, even if the Phillies are the ones who benefit from it.

  32. I just noticed this, but the Braves have 5 starters tonight hitting over .330 this year (well, at least while playing for the Braves). That’s just nuts. Especially considering the other three position guys are Frenchy, BMac, and Druw.

    ‘Course, all that’s been good for is 4 runs so far….

  33. Say what you want about Andruw, but even when the season’s all but over and he’s having the worst year ever, he still busted his ass and got to that ball to preserve the lead.

  34. Left a lot of people on base, but they still won. Nice job, Raffy and congrats to shaky Jo-Jo for his first major league win.

  35. Lose, Mets, lose!

    Win, Braves, win!

    3-8 on the .500-O-METER and then maybe the Braves can concentrate on some kind of playoff thing if it’s still within reach!

  36. Do you guys realize that if we had won two of those five games we recently lost to the Mets, that the Phillies would be tied for first with them? As much as I don’t like the Phillies, I would prefer them to with the East instead of the Mets.

    As to Lillibridge, I asked a friend of mine how old she thought he was when he was batting at one point tonight, and her response was, “young, like…18.”

  37. Speaking of Paronto, why isn’t he with Atlanta now? He was actually pitching pretty decently when they sent him down to make room for the newcomers after the trades. Has he been really awful in Richmond?

  38. I watched the middle innings of the BTS, then I remembered I’m supposed to be rooting for the Nats tonight and found out they’d already beat the Mets. Hung with Atlanta till they beat Florida, now I’m rooting for the Phillies.

    First time I ever got to see B. Jones and Lillibridge, but it wasn’t that great cos that Japanese guy for Sacramento was making Richmond look silly for four damn innings.

  39. Rissa, His stats are actually ok, gave up a about 18 hits in 16.1 innings with a 3.78 ERA, but he looked sharp tonight with 2 k’s in the inning and was hitting 89-91 on the gun with the 2 seamer.

  40. What’s going on in the Phillies-Cardinals game? Gameday says it’s the top of the 10th inning and Jason Isringhausen pitching. Pat Burrell on first, one out, still a 3-3 score and a 0-2 count on Ryan Howard. Isringhausen throws a ball and it’s 1-2. Then it says the Cardinals intentionally walked Howard. What the hell?

  41. Phillies load the bases it St. Louis.

    3-3 in the top of the tenth, Isringhausen pitching against Greg “Met Killer” Dobbs.

  42. Responding to PaulV @ 28…

    Um, the Falcons did not swap first rounders with the Texans in the next draft. They swapped first rounders last draft, which was good for the Falcons.

    Like I said, they got a nice bounty for Schaub.

  43. From the Metsblog:

    Comment by Roach
    2007-09-18 23:27:33
    Greg motherfu**ing DOBBS!!!!!

    Cant take this anymore…

    Greg Dobbs, my new hero.

  44. The Phillies keep phightin’.

    Went to the Yanks-O’s game tonight in The Bronx. The game was over after 3 innings & most of the time was spent discussing the Mets & whether or not it matters if the Yanks finish first. (If anyone has noticed or cares, the BoSox are doing their Mets impression these days.)

    I still don’t think it’ll happen, but I would love to watch the Mets gag it all up. I was listening to WFAN today and there was all this talk about how the Randolph was calling a clubhouse meeting & how he reamed out the team.

    Of course, they come out and score 4 in the top of the first, only to blow it completely. I know it’s total schadenfreude, but this is fun.

  45. Well, I’ve just gotten in from the Richmond Braves vs the Sacramento Rivercats game here in Oklahoma City. I was only one of 3 people there with any kind of Braves gear on. I wore my red McCann shirt to show superiority. I’m really quite surprised how many people turned out for this game. Almost everyone around me didn’t even know who was playing! Blain Boyer took the mound tonight and looked good through 2 innings, then gave up 2 multi run home runs and was eventually replaced. Brandon Jones seemed to make his way down to Oklahoma for the game. Lillebridge had real good defense, but not so much doing at the plate. I’ll post some pictures later in the day. I think there was a grand total of 10 of us in that stadium cheering for the Braves. SAD!! We lost btw.

  46. Thanks Mikey@OU–it is always nice to hear a first hand account from a true believer….good to see that Liillibridge continues to sparkle in the field; Brandon Jones looks headed back to the Show–with a touch of jetlag….

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