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  1. maybe we should do away with the video’s. Whats our overall record with them? Time for something new. Maybe we could get Terrance Moore to come here and tell us we need more black players everday, then again maybe not

  2. Now, is it just me, or is he talking about black American players? The Braves have several black hispanic players on the team.

  3. I have an idea! How about we talk about a Braves game in history that happened on the day’s date. Good, bad, weird, whatever. I think that would be fun.

  4. Stu,

    Yesterday, James was just as good as Wainwright. James allowed a homer, but Wainwright Ankiel’d Harris all the way home. Push.

    Which one’s better in the long run? Probably Wainwright, though I like what James has been showing lately.

    In any case, I don’t see much point in kvetching about Wainwright; JS’ strategy has long been to sell high on pitching prospects, and if we happen to regret it 1 in 10 times, I don’t mind.

    Salty, on the other hand…

  5. I’ve balked at the idea, but in order to improve ourselves, I think I would accept a trade of Salty, no matter what happens. Clearly, Cox doesn’t want to use him full time. If that’s the case, he may as well go somewhere else. Who knows? Maybe he isn’t all he’s cracked up to be?

  6. Wainright didn’t Ankiel him around. A good effort by Molina would have prevented all three balls from getting past him. Personally, I don’t think a pitcher should ever be blamed for a guy reaching on a dropped third strike. Anyway, I’d rather have Chuck James. He has performed better at virtually ever stage.

  7. Chuck G,

    I didn’t mean that Wainwright’s performance yesterday was better than James’—what I meant to imply was that more strikeouts and fewer homeruns allowed are better harbingers of future success.

    I don’t disagree with you about not losing sleep over trading Wainwright. I thought the trade was a good one at the time, and I still do.


    I know it’s lazy for me not to look it up (I’m in and out today, not staying at the computer for very long at a time), but hasn’t James been older for his levels than Wainwright, generally?

  8. David,

    Good point. It looked like at least once Molina was expecting something else entirely, but a guy who makes his living as a defense-first catcher ought to be able to handle it. Still, Wainwright was wild in the first, James grooved one to Pujols… I stand by my assessment of “push”.


    I guess I should say I could accept trading Salty, but only if we get someone young, cheap, and already very good at the ML level (think Snell or equivalent) in return. I don’t realistically think that’ll happen, so I’m against trading Salty for quarters on the dollar to try to win this year.

  9. 2007:

    Wainwright: 9-7, 4.18 ERA, 71K, 44BB, 1.49WHIP, 116.1IP

    James: 8-7, 3.58 ERA, 80K, 47BB, 1.43WHIP, 110.2IP

  10. Okay, a July 21 Braves game from history.


    The Braves defeat the Mets at Shea Stadium, and they actually pound on Dwight Gooden a little bit. Dion James led off the game with a home run and the Mets answered with a Keith Hernandez walk and a Darryl Strawberry two-run shot. The Braves got that back in the third with Gerald Perry’s two-run single.

    In the bottom fo the fourth, Strawberry singled, stole second and scored on a typical Andres Thomas error. Thomas redemmed himself with a two-run double in the 6th to break the tie he caused.

    The Braves finished the scoring with a two-run shot by Murphy and Dion James drove in another run with a single.

    Where was the pitching in all this? Oh, still on the mound. Doyle Alexander pitched a complete game, allowing just four hits and three runs. He walked one and struck out three. I guess this is why the Tigers wanted him.

  11. Mets down 8-4 to the Dodgers…Jorge Sosa staked to an early lead, that he can’t hold. It’d be nice for him to start imploding.

  12. harris
    *hopefully harris and thorman will turn things around tonight because that could be an back to back to back combo.

  13. Cubs 19-6 over their last 25. Dang, sure would be nice for the Braves to pick up another starter and get on a streak like that.

    At the very least, I wonder if we can avoid losing consecutive series to crappy teams.

  14. Yeah, Tiger, the Cubs finally lost one today. They’re still a half-game up on us in the WC standings. Now, that is depressing.

  15. Dan,

    That’s a pretty interesting comparison—especially the K totals.

    Still, Wainwright spent last season in the bullpen and it seemed like he needed a little adjustment period. His recent numbers are a good bit better than his season-long averages.

    Of course, Chuck’s also been on a roll lately. I’ll take it.

  16. And by “watching”, I mean “following online”, while trying to cram for the bar exam.

  17. You know—apparently talking to myself here—I like Kelly, but he puts up more backwards Ks than it seems like he should.

  18. I, too, am preoccupied. Got the WGST cast on mlb.com, got the Yanks-Tampa on the TV, editing stories for my upcoming deadline. Not the way I always like to spend a Saturday night, but at least I have a nice 2-0 lead. Let’s break this one open.

    Willie Harris appears to be in atonement mode for last night.

    Stu, what kind of law are you going to pursue?

  19. Doing some labor/employment/securities work, among other subjects, with a smallish firm here in Nashville.

  20. If Scott Thorman hadn’t played in so long, I’d say a Saltalamacchia trade gets announced after the game.

  21. And to think I wanted him to sit today. Oh, well. Does this make up for the rest of his blowful July? Might not, but it sure makes up for yesterday.

  22. Willie’s having a pretty good game after the abortion he performed last night. This is fun to watch.

  23. Wow, Willy is out with a vengence tonight. I could get used to this scoring every inning stuff.

  24. How many times do you see the pitcher score three runs in the first four innings? Or the leadoff man with 6 RBI?

    Let’s not use up all our hits tonight.

  25. And this inning was started with a Frenchy walk. See, Jeff, good things come to those who take walks…

  26. I was about to say something about Carlyle. He’s been really good for his last few starts. Good to see that’s continuing tonight.

  27. Chipper is up to .346–I wonder if he is now leading the league in batting average. I love thinking about those predictions about his inevitable decline….

  28. Sweeeeeeeeeeet

    You know, maybe some trade has gone down with Saltalamacchia. He hasn’t replaced Thorman out there, unless he needs PAs.

  29. Looks like Willie Harris is starting to look like Willie Harris again…wait a minute, let me remove the foot from my mouth

  30. #47 — “Let’s not use up all our hits tonight.”

    wow, i remember as a kid watching some TERRIBLE braves teams and one night they were putting up double digit runs (for some reason i remember gerald perry going off) and my mom said almost a near quote of your thoughts there. good times.

  31. Biggest crowd ever to see the Braves on NASCAR night. For some reason, I’m not inspired.

  32. Been watching the Beckham soccer game on ESPN and thought I’d check in since I saw Willie had 6 RBI. Nice!

    Incidentally, Beckham did not play in the first half. I expect they’ll bring him out early in the second half, even if his ankle’s jacked up.

  33. Julio already has as many at-bats with the Braves as he had with the Mets for the past month.

  34. And I don’t know what anyone sees in Ledezma either. I mean, McBride could be really bad at times, but at least he was our bad lefty relief pitcher. Now we just have Detriot’s. I don’t know what that accomplished.

  35. I’m not quite sure why Yates is in here. I guess they are getting him work and trying to rebuild confidence. But personally, both he and Soriano need to rest for about a week and then regroup. A game like this begs for Yates, Soriano, and Wickman to sit and enjoy.

  36. The Beckham hype is unbelievable–Sky News claimed that his arrival in LA was bigger than the Beatles coming to the U.S….

  37. Glad to see that Woodward assumed the Delenda est place–he’s merited it for some time now. Maybe the Mets could take him back sometime…

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