264 thoughts on “Game Thread: June 5, Marlins at Braves (Game 1)”

  1. Buddy’s 9.0 ERA is Redman-scary. A day game win would be big with Smoltz throwing tonight. Hopefully, the Braves will quit pretending to be the Cubs today.

  2. From MLB.com,

    The Braves will have three of the top 70 picks in this year’s Draft. With the 14th selection in the Draft, they may have an opportunity to take Josh Smoker, a hard-throwing left-handed high school pitcher out of Georgia. They may also have an interest in North Carolina high school lefty Madison Bumgarner. In order to fill the organization’s outfield depth, they may also have their sights set on Jason Heyward, an Atlanta-area high school star.

  3. How confident is everyone for Buddy and his 9.0 ERA? I feel like it might as well say: “Redman 9.0 ERA.”

  4. I really think they might end up taking Smoker here. Hard-throwing starter from the general vicinity of Atlanta? Yep. Bumgarner would be nice if he drops, but I don’t think it’ll happen.

  5. Lineup:
    Harris LF
    Escobar 3B
    Renteria SS
    Andruw CF
    Francouer RF
    Thorman 1B
    Saltalamacchia C
    Orr 2B
    Carlyle P

    Wow does that look like a loser. No Johnson or McCann and Thorman hitting sixth. Yikes.

  6. A couple of months ago four of the starters were in the minors.

    That’s not including Pete Orr and Scott Thorman.

  7. Well, if Carlyle is pitching you might as well mail it in and go for the Smoltz game.

  8. I saw Smoker pitch in March, along with a vast number of scouts. From what I have heard, 14 is a bit high for him. Late first round or early second is more like it. This doesn’t mean the Braves won’t take him, just telling you what I heard.

  9. Wow…better pray 1-5 and then 7 come through…Can Buddy be as bad as Cormier was on Sunday? Or is that even possible?

  10. I played against Smoker in high school (when he was just a freshman) He’s a great talent, no doubt, but I agree with JC that he might be a stretch at 14. If he drops to 30 I could say the Braves picking him up.

  11. Robert, no DIAZ either but it’s not like we could put him in this lineup unless he knew how to play firstbase.

  12. Smoker…Cool name for a pitcher. Maybe he’ll bring the smoke from the bullpen one day…

  13. Didn’t Orr have a couple of hits in Chicago? If so, he’s used his quota for the month.

  14. Good question, Landogarner. 2 hits, a walk, and 2 runs scored. Wow, that could actually be a career day for Petey.

  15. Frank: nice link, what do the kind of numbers those kids are putting up in highschool usually project to in the big leagues?

  16. It absolutely amazing how the Mets just brutalize the Marlins….and we play them like they are the ’27 Yanks

  17. Probably not a great time to ask since Harris just struck out, but I’ll ask anyway. I’ve been wondering why in games with Johnson and Harris playing that Cox hasn’t batted Harris first since Harris has more speed and Johnson has more pop. One answer is that Harris has been overperforming and isn’t likely to sustain his recent performance. Any other possibilities?

  18. Frank: I’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop on Willie but he has sustained his overperformance for quite a while now…. Almost leads one to being a little hopeful.

  19. I also believe he is a platoon player, playing everyday would probably wipe him out.

  20. If the Braves get Smoker (nice if it happened in the Supplemental Round) they would have a pitcher with a great name: I remember when they had Bob Walk so this would be real progress.

    Seriously, if they have a chance to get Heyward they should jump….What a great addition he would be.

    I doubt it will happen even though the latest mock draft (which seem to be as frequent as hurricane projections) has the Braves getting Heyward….


  21. Timo,

    Ok, thanks…I don’t know why it’s choppy today for me…I just ran my speed and I don’t think that’s the problem.

  22. Baseball drafts are useless, just too unpredictable. Andy Marte, Bruce Chen, etc….

  23. The Braves lineup today has four starters who were in the minors at the beginning of the season. That’s not counting Orr and his AAAA status.

  24. So we’re trying to avoid a slump and our leadoff hitter and one of the catalysts for our lineup all year is sitting for somebody who shouldn’t even really be in the majors, if you think about it. If this is how we treat KJ now, I shudder to think what will happen when he’s over 30. What a joke!

    I do agree with starting Salty at catcher in this game. You can’t start McCann in both and Smoltz likes to work with him…plus Carlyle and Salty probably have some work together in the minors. But other than that, this is an idiotic lineup. Memo to Bobby Cox: as long as Chipper is out, you cannot, repeat, cannot give anybody regular days off (other than McCann, who hasn’t a decent player backing him up). You simply can’t have this many gaping holes in the lineup.

  25. Excuse me, I meant McCann does have a decent player backing him up. Nobody else does.

  26. Fresh from the DOB blog…

    “Just up from the clubhouse and have a Chipper Jones update for you. The CT scan he got yesterday revealed no fractures, but the Braves hand specialist — Dr. Gary Lourie — told him the bruising he was suffering in the base of his hands was a problem that typically required six weeks to heal.

    The injury happened more than three weeks ago — on a collision May 11 in Pittsburgh — so that’s not to say Jones is looking at missing that much time from this point forward. But it’s safe to say Jones won’t be coming off the disabled list when he’s eligible on Friday.”

  27. Boone’s up: Plunk him.

    I know it’s a lousy baseball move, but sometimes it feels good.

  28. bobby: i want to give kj a rest today. rog, should i play pete orr?

    roger: pete or who? because i would go with the who.

    bobby: rog, you’re such jokester, now shutup, sit down, and start rockin’. i miss leo.

  29. That was amazing. Salty looked like he was just kind of throwing a warm-up toss there.

  30. Well, hello Mrs.Saltalamacchia…and Mrs.Escobar, our young guys are doing quite well for themselves…and uh, they’re playing well too.

  31. Our offense is so frustrating. I don’t understand how our entire lineup can be shutdown by mediocre pitchers.

  32. And evidently, he’s given the hit back. Way to go Buddy! I’m happy now :).

  33. In other news the bottom of our rotation continues to baffle us with their consistant inconsistancy.

  34. Buddy has pitched one of our best games this season. It will be a crime if the Braves cannot score some runs….

  35. I think we might have caught a break there. But yeah, Carlyle has been pretty great. I would be awfully tempted to send him out there for one more inning, especially with the uncertainty involving Smoltz.

    And by the way, if that had been McCann in the plate on that ball in the dirt, he would have leapt up in the air for some reason and the ball would have gone through his legs.

  36. So, does Buddy come out for the 7th, or is he done now? He’s done a great job to this point and saved our bullpen.

  37. I don’t get it…this is the same Marlins club that the Mets drag up and down Shea or Pro Player everytime they play? Has Freddy G done that great of a job of scounting his former club?

  38. Hey Braves you still have to play the Tigers, Indians, and Twins…so well nevermind. This is really sad…

  39. Buddy is my hero! Love double plays when we’re not grounding into them.

    Tiem to score some runs.

  40. Will we need a pincher hitter this inning? Or does the Marlins pitcher get us 3 up and 3 down on less than 10 pitches?

  41. I’m not watching the game, but Buddy’s stat line looks good. Was he getting help from the Marlins’ batters or just pitching well?

  42. SALTY!!!!!
    That one will circle around earth twice before coming down

  43. Salty Learn how to play 1B FAST, the braves need that there! Perhaps we have started to see the end of the Scotty too hottie era experiment??

  44. damn how about that…Since Frency is now a singles hitter…we have to keep Salty in the lineup

  45. I just don’t see how you can continue to port thorman out there if Salty can play any kind of defense. Perhaps what we saw in Chicago is why Cox is afraid of it? He’s clearly better then Thorman…

  46. Oh, and Saltalamacchia gets the co-game ball. Two caught stealings and the homer to go ahead… Jesus, I love this kid.

    If only we could keep him behind the plate.

  47. can McCann play first?

    seriously though…would it be feasible to keep those 2 in a rotation between catcher and 1st…saving their legs and keeping their bats both in the lineup?

  48. I’ve said this a bunch but McCann won’t move to first and the braves don’t want him to.

  49. No we wouldn’t because he has never played first in his life. He has always been a catcher. Salty has played first and has experience there, even if it’s High School. It’s not that easy to just try and change a position. It doesn’t matter who plays catcher/first as long as you have both those guys in the lineup then the Braves would be a better team.

  50. Plus, B-Mac has already been anointed as the face of the franchise at catcher… we gave the kid the corner office, we gotta just let him go to work. But the thought of having Salty as our regular 1B, and then spelling McCann every fifth day, is intensely appealing even if fairly unrealistic.

  51. So what, McCann is going to go all Alfonso Soriano if the Braves decide it’s best to move him? When it comes down to it, it isn’t his decision. If he doesn’t want to move, perhaps he should block strike three in the dirt every now and then.

  52. Another Alex, exactly. And it’s not like chopped liver, he’s been injured and is having an “off” year compaired to last and he’s on pace for .280 , 10-15 hr, and 90+ Rbi’s. Thats really good production from your catcher.

    You dont’ want to take away Salty’s ability to hit 30-40 hr either catching everyday. 1B just seems logical.

  53. According to Pete & Skip on radio, righthanded hitters are 2 for 39 vs. Soriano this year. That’s amazing.

  54. Agreed, anyone who is a true selfless team player would realize what’s best for the team and just do it. A’la Chippers move to the outfield.

  55. david15, he’s not getting all Alfonso Soriano, chill dude. He just wants to continue playing the position the Braves signed him to play. Salty is a great talent and looks good but why are you so set on giving him the position?

    “If he doesn’t want to move, perhaps he should block strike three in the dirt every now and then.”

    Your above quote is just comical. Bet you missed him if he was playing on another team…

  56. rain delay? I’m glad I’m not watching, I get tired fo those bloopers show they play during rain delays.

  57. This would have been considered heresy as little as last week. But what about dealing Mac for some starting pitching? Not this year mind you, but see if Salty can play and then would you consider it?

  58. Has Salty played any outfield? I could see him in right if we don’t resign andruw and move frenchy to center. Don’t know about his speed in right though. That arm might make up for it.

  59. The fact is Salty do blocks strikes, and throws runners out. I dunno yet about his game calling abilities but whoever was doing that today was good. From what I (we)’ve seen so far, Salty is a better defensive catcher and he would be “wasted” at 1st base…

  60. I dont’ think they have plans to move Frenchy to center. LF would look nice…

  61. That might be that same thunderstorm system that moved over Louisiana yesterday. We got 75mph winds and golf ball size hail.

    Add on the fact I live in a trailer, needless to say, I was scared.

  62. I’d miss him immensely, as he’s either my second or third favorite player on the Braves roster. But the point is it isn’t his decision. The only thing that is up to him is his performance level. If he wants to stay at catcher, his best bet isn’t to protest against the idea of moving; it’s to be a better catcher than everyone else in the organization.

    Since Salty was called up he’s been a lot better than McCann defensively. It hasn’t even been close. So if that holds up, why move the better defensive player at the more important defensive position?

  63. ok, enough about dealing bmac. he’s a “made” man and bobby and most of the pitching staff are in love with him. he’s banged up and slumping but it’s not like he’s gone all Pratt on us. he’ll pull through. we just need to find a way to keep salty.

  64. as long as Mac, Salty and Diaz all stay in the lineup, it’s all good. with all our other regulars on the field we would be pretty formidable 1 all the way through 8.

  65. B-Mac is signed to a below-market, intensely reasonable contract. He’s the best offensive catcher in the league, and his only real peer is Russell Martin. He’s not been a diva at all; he’s done nothing but produce for the Braves since they brought him up. He takes pride in playing his position, as any player should.

    The only reason I could see to move him is if he keeps getting dinged up, the injuries start to mount, and the best way to keep him healthy is to move him to first.

  66. BTW,

    It was mentioned how great it would be to get Homer Bailey a few threads ago, well he’s make his major league debut this Friday. It’d be nice to get him, but no way in hell, we’d have to give up a lot.

  67. david15, you have alot to learn about baseball at the mlb level and who makes decisions. If a all-star player wants to continue playing a position he does. McCann, Soriano, Jones, Rodriguez, etc. Thats how it works. Also, you do not change a position halfway thru the year unless you have to. In the case of Salty it was obvious he was too good of a bat to leave off of the team so they are working on finding a place in the roster for him.

    On top of this NO ONE has ever came up to McCann with the braves and talked about moving positions so it’s something that is obviously not on their mind, so why are we arguing about it? :)

  68. If we trade McCann, then expect a riot. That is not going to happen. Have you been to a Braves game lately. The only 2 jerseys people have are McCann and Francouer. They are the future of the franchise and are not going anywhere.

  69. Lay off McCann. He’s one of the building blocks of the new Braves.

    Its like you married your high school sweetheart, had a few great kids, and now immediately want a divorce and to start banging your summer intern. We all agree the intern looks pretty hot, but she’s young, lets wait and see if she puts on the freshmen 15 before buying the Miata.

  70. “he’s banged up and slumping ”

    Actually his finger his healty and he has been picking it up lately so i’d say both of those are a thing of the past. 9 hits in last 7 games for .321 average

  71. Are you people kidding me with dealing McCann ?? I agree with Mac, let Salty pitch every fifth day and play third when Chipper’s hurt, play short when Renteria needs a day off and instead of pitching bullpens inbetween starts let him pitch the seventh instead of Kali.

  72. @ #180

    Hahaha, thanks Bob. I think they show the sam eepisode over and over, because I know I’ve see one in particular 5 or 6 times.

  73. Because the game is in a rain delay. What else would we do?

    It’s kind of strange that three of the four players you listed eventually switched positions. Why would you pick those guys? Soriano lost his battle. Chipper was moved to left, and Arod has played three years now next to an inferior defensive shortstop.

    Also, to my knowledge, nobody has advocated moving McCann in the middle of the season. This is completely an argument about the future. Hence the people asking about Salty’s ability to play right field, etc.

  74. anyway no need to worry about dealing for a starter now that we have Buddy “Cy Young” Carlyle on the squad

  75. Where exactly in Atlanta is Turner Field, I’m trying to guess how much time we have left for the delay.

  76. 4 weeks ago, half of this forum was seriously in love with BMac. Jeez… He is one of the best offensive catchers in the Majors. Salty had 2 HRs and 7 RBIs so far. Sure, he looks good offensively and defensively but McCann is an All-Star at age 23, signed for another 6 years below market rate. End of discussion.

  77. nm, as of 10 minutes ago, the worst was already getting past, it should be clearing up quickly now.

  78. This from the Braves MLB website:
    “When Jones comes off the disabled list, the Braves will likely look at ways to keep Escobar at the Major League level. With both Edgar Renteria and Kelly Johnson both enjoying strong seasons, there isn’t currently an obvious position for the Cuban shortstop. But if nothing else, he may replace Pete Orr as one of the club’s utility infielders.”

    Is this really possible? Could we really be considering to let Orr go? :)

  79. No storms to the westward either, it should be clear for the rest of the night.

    There a small line going east-southeast up in Arkansas now, but as far as I know it won’t stop tonights game.

  80. Soriano hasn’t lost it in the rain
    Let’s gets some insurance and win this one

  81. You might be right, beedee. Or he might have a more serious anger management problem than Wellman, making Cox fear him.

  82. To be fair, Thorman was on deck. Might as well run until you touch the plate, eh?

  83. Was the 3b coach waving him on?
    If not, Frenchy has the ability to make that call on his own. It was stupid decision, but it’s not like the 3b coach can stop him from running.

  84. Where’s the “he’s stupid, has no depth perception and works for the muts” option?

  85. When Snitker was the manager of the M-Braves in 2005 they gave out a Snitker bobble head doll before one game. For some reason they printed his mustache on all the dolls in a very lopsided manner so that he had a handlebar on one side and cut off mid lip on the other side.

    Needless to say this little gem has become a prized possession of mine.

  86. Personally, I went with depth perception.

    I read somewhere once that Diaz had his depth perception fixed and it changed his batting dramatically after leaving Kansas City.

  87. If he was stupid and had no depth perception and also worked for the Mets, then sometimes he’d get it right. I can’t recall him being right once this year.

  88. Buddy gets a win, how bout that, I hope he gets a ticket to stay with the club a little more

  89. I really dislike Lemmer as an announcer. He always says the generic comment that is so unopinionated. So boring and safe I just want to punch him.

  90. Any bets on seeing Salty at first in the second game? He was a bit shaky on defense at 1B on Sunday, so I bet not. Hope I’m wrong.

  91. Why the heck not? Of course the smart money is that Bobby will think he needs to get Woodward’s bat in the line-up.

  92. I’m guessing we’ll see our everything will be back to normal for the nightcap lineup, except I’m hoping we’ll give Diaz a start in left. I wouldn’t be utterly stunned of Bobby started Woodward at third, though. Especially since he hit a home run, which I’m not starting to wish he hadn’t done, given that the run was useless in the end.

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