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  1. That’s the best thing I’ve seen Wright Thompson do for ESPN. I’ve been reading his E-Tickets, and they’re usually pretty good but I sometimes find his style a little grating. This was a really good piece, though. And I don’t even follow college football.

    Oh well. Beat the hell out of Florida, boys.

  2. Because of the reputable J-School, I’d imagine. Coulda gone to UGA, but a kid from Oxford prolly had to get out of the SEC if he wasn’t going to Ole Miss.

  3. Or he could have gone to Vandy and been the next Skip Bayless.

    I don’t know if there will be a recap tonight. I had to get my cable internet box replaced, and haven’t tried it out yet. If so, there won’t be any recaps until Sunday, because I’ll have to go to the University to do them and there’s no way I can get there tomorrow.

  4. Well Mac,

    I’m hoping you’ll be tearing your hair out because you can’t do recaps of victories. Go Braves!

  5. Diaz starting batting 2nd!
    1. KJohnson, 2. Diaz, 3. Chipper, 4. Teixeira, 5. McCann, 6. Francoeur, 7. Andruw, 8. Escobar, 9. Hudson.
    great lineup

  6. Tom, if you’re not joking (and I’m having doubts), than I honestly say good on Bobby Cox.

    Anyone think Pedro Martinez will be any good or that the Mets are hoping for too much?

  7. Who’s going to be the hero in this series? I’m putting my bucks on Teixeira. Or maybe Francoeur. Chipper is too easy.

  8. i’ve been a braves fan forever, hell, i was a MILWAUKEE braves fan…………………this might be the best lineup i’ve seen them put out there. now, can someone tell me why they’ll either score 14 runs…………or 1?

  9. You gotta give Bobby credit for adjustments. Lots of managers don’t do it, and most of them don’t last.

  10. Just imagine this lineup (though it will never happen):


  11. AAR,

    I put ’em like that because Andruw’s been better lately, whereas Smurph’s dropped off a little.


    I think you’re right.

  12. Sort of surprised not to see Shawn Green in there tonight. He’s tuned us up this season (.391/.451/.609)

  13. Robert,

    No fooling. I’ve picked three “stars” after each game this season, and Green has something like four stars. I need to look it up.

  14. Just read an interview on Metsblog with the guy from Talking Chop. It’s a nice reminder why I post on this page.

  15. The Falcons need Leftwich like a fish needs water. I bet they’d swing a trade for him. Harrington and Redman isn’t going to cut it for the whole year.

  16. I can’t say I read that southern football piece. I try to stay away from them because they’re just so, je ne sais pas. But my favorite piece of sports journalism ever was a sort of video diary Curry Kirkpatrick did on I think Vandy a few years back.

    It wasn’t really a hit piece or anything. I mean, it was Vandy. But it pretty hilariously showed the absurdly self-important religiosity of whoever was the coach at the time. It was focused around the coach’s banning of cussing by his players, and went through the various punishments they received for saying “shit” or “ass” or whatever else. Its (I think) ending was Kirkpatrick muttering “This is fucking bullshit” while doing push ups.

    Someone has to remember this.

  17. I’m having a tough time getting fired up for college football right now. USC opens with Idaho-bye the first two weeks, so it’s almost like the season doesn’t really start for two more weeks.

    Although I plan to watch Cal-Tennessee and I expect to feel differently after that.

  18. The coach at the time was Bobby Johnson, who remains the coach. There’s nothing self-important about the man—a great coach, BTW—and while part of the motivation behind his no-cursing rule has to do with his faith, I would think it’s pretty easy to see the worth in something like that even if one isn’t himself Christian.

    Surely you can understand that most Vanderbilt players will not be playing professional football, and learning how to communicate without profanity is a valuable lesson in the business world or just in regular ol’ polite society.

    I find it admirable that Coach Johnson instituted the rule in the first place, and it certainly hasn’t hurt the quality of the product the team puts on the field. What’s hilarious—or sad, depending on how one chooses to look at it, I suppose—is that someone could find fault with such a rule.

  19. What’s hilarious—or sad, depending on how one chooses to look at it, I suppose—is that someone could find fault with such a rule.

    Pretty much. Wish there were more out there like this coach. Actually trying to make his players better men – imagine that.

    I’m out fellas. I’ll zip through this thing on Tivo later. Obviously every game is a must have this weekend. Go Huddy!

  20. I don’t find fault, just absurdity. I respect universities (especially rather good ones like Vandy) a little too much to hope a football coach is the guy to teach his players the proper use of language.

    I don’t know if the man is self-important, but I think religiosity by definition is, especially when displayed on a field of sport, and the idea of a sort of corner for cussers to go to is hilarious, especially when juxtaposed with the language displayed at basically every other football field in America.

  21. Who spends the most time with those players, david15? The coach.

    And even if teaching them the proper use of language—as an aside, when is profanity ever proper?—isn’t his primary job, why is it absurd that he enforce those ideals?

    And the juxtuposition you reference doesn’t make it hilarious—it makes it great.

  22. Profanity is proper whenever someone wants to use it. I’m not a fan of limiting word choice. I do think it’s preferable for people to have a broad knowledge of the language though, and, in this case, to have some reason for using profanity.

    I find it absurd because the guy is a football coach. He might have been a Rhodes Scholar, I don’t know, but his chosen vocation is, in the end, pretty meaningless. At any rate the structure he’s using one isn’t one that is great for teaching something as subjective as language and its use. In a good classroom that sort of thing would be debated. On the field it’s dictated.

    Football is basically a sports metaphor for war, so isn’t it understandable to see absurdity in the idea of the guy playing general telling his soldiers they can’t say bullshit?

  23. Football is a game, dude, metaphor or not.

    Anyway, this:

    Profanity is proper whenever someone wants to use it

    tells me this won’t be going anywhere, so I’ll drop it.

  24. Hudson seems to be throwing a lot of sliders tonight, and is leaving them up and in the middle of the plate.

  25. I know Jeremy. I’ve been talking about Francoeur and Thorman’s insame amount of infield pop-ups all year and, for Francoeur, last year.

    It amazes me after all the talk the Braves did about getting back in this, they come out and lay a big egg through five innings.

  26. The difference, disgruntledfan, is Chipper Jones hasn’t popped up about twenty times on the first pitch this season like Francoeur.

  27. Also, Chipper has been in the league 10+ years and is an All-Star. Francoeur was in AA 2 years ago. He gets a learning curve.

  28. Pathetic. Bases loaded & we only get 1 run, & that wasn’t because of anything our hitters did…Maine gave us that run for free.

  29. Thank God for the wild pitch or it would have been yet another inning with a runner on third and less than two outs that the Braves failed to score in.

  30. That inning was like the summation of the entire season. Plenty of opportunity, lots of hope — extinguished by two pop ups and a whiff. Tough to watch over and over again.

  31. These guys always do this. During the 14 year streak they needed maybe 20 to 30 key hits and they would have won 2 or 3 World Series and went much further in other playoffs.

    Some people produce in the clutch some people don’t. The Braves don’t and have never done it consistantly. Look at their one run and extra innings games record. It is called choking.

  32. This team just appears to be really tight. Maybe the business like clubhouse effectiveness is wearing off.

  33. “Lately Yates has been getting into trouble and then getting out.”

    So he’s the new Wickman.

  34. does Randolf not have a lefty in the pen? I mean why not take your chances against woodward here? c’mon Willy make ’em pay

  35. A few minutes back, Joe or Boog said the turning points of the game were the Reyes homer and the Braves getting only 1 run out of the bases loaded situation. There’s no way to be sure, but I think it came much earlier when KJ got caught stealing in the first and Diaz struck out. It would have been better to make him slog through a tough first (face Chipper and Tex with a runner on) rather than give him a free out. If the Braves have managed to score it might have gotten in the Mets’ heads since they’ve had trouble with the Braves and are coming off a sweep by Philly. But we’ll never know …

  36. “Phillies lead big tonight. This sucks.”

    Well, if the Braves don’t win the division, I’d rather the Phillies win it than the Mets.

  37. 5.5 behind the Mets for first and 3.5 behind the Phillies going into the start of September tomorrow. It’s over.

  38. Compare the Mets bench with ours, and you’ll see why we can’t win 1-run games or extra-innings games. Who do we have that could come in and hit a bases-clearing double?
    Plus, we have Bobby Cox. That costs at least a run a game.

  39. this is exactly what i was talking about…negative clutch. thank god for college football

  40. Yeah, it’s all good now. After tomorrow, the losses just kind of roll off, instead of daily crushing our hopes.

  41. Not blaming it now, just saying it’s played a role in why we can’t win close games or extra-inning ones, games we seem to be in a lot. Tonight notwithstanding, of course. Tonight PETE ORR did more than Chipper, Tex, and McCann combined. Ballgame.

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