Mets 7, Braves 1

ESPN – Mets vs. Braves Box Score, August 31 2007 – MLB

Personally, I’m disgusted.

Tim Hudson pitched well for three and two-thirds innings, but gave up a two-out, three-run homer to Delgado in the fourth. In the fifth, he allowed a solo homer to Reyes. He only allowed six hits and didn’t walk anyone; it’s basically the opposite of the Braves’ normal outing on offense.

Ah, the offense. Such as it was. They didn’t do diddly for the first five, getting two hits (one erased on a caught stealing) and one walk. Pete Orr, of all people, led off the sixth with a pinch-hit, and after KJ and Diaz walked to load the bases, the Braves had the 3-4-5 spots up and a great opportunity to get back into it. They only got one run out of the situation, and that on a wild pitch.

Ascanio allowed three runs in the ninth, but it hardly mattered. As a rule, you rarely win when you’re four-hit.

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  1. I don’t know if the season is over or not, but I hope it is, because if we ever get in the playoffs, that’s the type of games we could expect, and I don’t wanna endure that after 162 games, no thanks.

  2. Wow. Handed a golden opportunity with the Mets reeling and fresh off being swept, their bullpen in disaray, one of your top two guys going, and what do the Braves do? Lay a giant egg. No RBIs in the whole damn game? Common. Maine has been extremely mediocre lately. The Braves hit him hard in his only previous start against them. The closer was fresh off a two-inning blown save in which he surrendered runs in BOTH innings! Not to mention the fact that Atlanta is 8-4 against the Mets on the season.

    What was tonight? A chivalrous act to give a clearly-beat down foe a chance to get up off the mat?

    *sigh* There goes one of the three favorable pitching matchups in the series. I can’t wait for the Braves to not only put the finishing touches on their own season but also allow the Mets to get right back on track towards their division title.

    I bet we lose at least one more this weekend and then, just to make sure the Mets get to the playoffs, really stick it to the Phils.

  3. Braves of ’07 have been awful with driving in runners in scoring position with less than 2 out. Bit ’em again tonight.

    As usual, a spot where you think they can put something together to make a push falls short and we’re again reminded that this is an average ball club.

  4. Ever since Steve Phillips predicted us to win the East we’ve fallen off the map.

    If he wasn’t such an idiot I would think he picked us, knowing that whatever he says the opposite happens.

  5. And so, as the Braves chances slowly sink…err…set in the west, we bid adieu to the 2007 season.

  6. I have been disgusted for a long time…still have one month to turnaround this whole thing…hopefully…

  7. Well, I’ve been busy with other things this last week, and I’m glad I missed this bullshit.

    Ya know, I’d normally go into this rant/sermon about how baseball isa great game, and you can’t win them all the time and various other loser tonic (Mets fans know it well) for avoiding the sting of defeat and the fact that your team is shit.

    But this time, I’m not going to sell any of us, nor myself short. So I’ll just say it, we suck. We suck bad. We lost to the Mets, and I (we) hate the Mets, with some kind of unholy passion.

    Any hope I had for the post season just got thrown out the window, thanks to the godless, shit-eating, reprobate Mets.

    I hate that, I really do.

    At least, there’s always next year (more loser tonic).

  8. Please, for the love of all that is holy……..FREE DARYL HALL!!!! It’s the only way to get us back on track.

  9. i was at the game tonight, so i didnt read the previous thread to see if this was discussed: Why is our manager so dumb right now? we get kj on in the first and we have 3 guys well over .300 coming to the plate, so why roll the di and hit and run? it doesnt make sense. then, what was cox thinking walking loduca? was that not the most insane thing you have ever seen? “hey, we have a righty, righty matchup, so lets walk him so we can get a righty-lefty matchup. that way, if they do get a big hit, then they will score more runs to completely squash any hopes for a comeback. sound good?” the logic made absolutely no since. there were already 2 outs. walking ladoucha? good coaching cox. maybe it’s time for you to go.

  10. Why so many people suddenly start questioning Bobby’s in-game decisions?! He has been making the same questionable moves for the last 20 years.

  11. Sad. Pathetic. Bobby needs to be fired. He’s clearly lost it on every level both in motivation and strategy.

  12. The in-game decisions are worse now because we no longer have Pat Corales to keep the more idiotic decisions in check.

  13. Football anyone? The Braves aren’t losing because of Bobby Cox’s game decisions. They are losing b/c they are not a good team. Face it, they have been a lousy team all year. Hudson is simply another second tier starter who does not pitch well in big games–never has, even with Oakland. The vaunted offense gets a big four hits. Teams that are good don’t need to talk about how good they are–this team does a lot of talking but no playing. This is a passionless, overrated bunch of players. When they get behind, instead of rallying like a team like the Mets do, they roll over. I’ve never seen a Braves team so utterly unable to rise to any challenge. Even Bobby’s constant bullshit about how good every player on the team is can’t hide the lack of heart this team displays night after night.

  14. No, when we get behind, we rally, maybe even tie it, and *then* lose.

    See the game with the D-Backs a month ago in Phoenix as Exhibit A.

    I’m tailgating, the glory of college football has arrived

  15. Marc Schneider–unfortunately, I think that you are right–with the exception of the first 8 games this team has been lousy and frustrating….

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