Teixeira trade finalized with Rangers | ajc.com

I don’t report these things until DOB or Peanut do, but it appears to be all done but the paperwork. (Peanut weighs in here.)

It’s a whole lot. The deal would include Saltalamacchia, Andrus, Matt Harrison, and an unknown prospect, apparently not Dan Smith or Thomas Hanson since it’s said to be a “lesser” prospect. Some reports have it as Neftali Perez, who might be something but is a long way away; he hasn’t even pitched A-ball yet. The Braves also get Ron Mahay in the deal. Mahay replaces Fredo Ledezma, whom we acquired for a perfectly good LOOGY.

Teixeira’s a terrific hitter, and not just a creation of Arlington. It’s a good trade; a year and a third of Teixeira and a chance to sign him long-term is worth prospects whom the Braves don’t really need. The Rangers do nicely too. It’s not really necessary for anyone to win a trade.

I’ll get player analyses up eventually, once it’s official.