ESPN – Reds vs. Braves Box Score, July 16 2007 – MLB

This has to be it, right? Kyle Davies can’t allow the first five men on base and then get pulled without recording an out and continue to start, can he?

Who am I kidding? We’re stuck with him.

After Davies allowed two hits and three walks to start the game, Bobby summoned the Vulture. Villarreal got out of that mess with no more than Davies’ two runs, but didn’t do very well with his own runners in subsequent innings, allowing three runs in the second and a single run in the third. It was 9-2 after a rare Joey Devine sighting in the fourth led to one more run and Paronto allowed two in the fifth. The only pitcher to do well tonight was Ascanio, who pitched two scoreless innings.

Andruw drove in all the Braves’ runs, two on a third-inning single and one on a seventh-inning groundout. Escobar, auditioning for the inevitable trade to the Reds (just kidding) had three hits.

Four of the Reds’ ten runs were “unearned” as the Braves committed three errors. Just a horrible, dispiriting performance on all levels.