– MLB – Box Score – Phillies at Braves

Eight runs in the seventh inning. I was going to savage Bobby for leaving Tyler Yates in after he’d gone walk-single-sac bunt-walk to load the bases. Kali walked in a run; I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a reliever allowed to do that in a close game before. (Skip, on radio, at one point said that “The bases are loaded, and I wish I was.” Funny, but Skip’s been on the wagon a long time and this season is actually threatening to drive him to drink. I know the feeling.) Bobby finally got him, but it wasn’t like anyone behind him was much better; McBride allowed a bases-clearing double to the demonic Chase Utley, and then allowed another hit. Paronto came in and loaded the bases again and walked in a run again; when was the last time you saw a team load the bases, walk in a run, clear the bases, then load them again, and then walk in another run? At least it wasn’t the Mets, or they would have hit two grand slams. Four relievers used (Franklin finally finished the inning), three of them atrocious, and a 3-1 lead turned into a 9-3 blowout. Only one person can be in the doghouse for this one, and it’s the man who brought this fine relief corps together:

Suspenders cutting off oxygen to brain... And if you think this is unfair, be glad I didn’t break out the KC Devil.

Season over. It was already dying, but this removed the life support. We’re playing for draft position now.

Spoiled was a magnificent performance by Chuck James, who made one mistake (a solo homer to Burrell) but struck out six in six innings and didn’t walk a man. Andruw gave the team the lead with a solo homer in the fifth, followed by Burrell’s homer, but they came back with two in the bottom of the sixth, Francoeur singling home Aybar and Diaz beating out an infield hit to score Renteria. Then the roof caved in.

Ray actually loaded the bases in the eighth, but avoided any more damage, like it mattered. The Vulture was great in the ninth, but he never pitches after the fifth unless it’s a blowout, because that’s Kali’s job. Now we have over 48 hours to brood on this.