– MLB – Box Score – Braves at Pirates

Ugh. Tim Hudson, after typically allowing two runs in the first (blowing a 1-0 lead) actually managed to avoid having an Episode, but the offense let him down and the Braves blew a great chance at a sweep.Braves Journal Doghouse!

Jeff Francoeur was, simply put, awful. I don’t normally pick out one player but sometimes you have to, especially when the Game Thread in unison asks you to put him in the Doghouse. Francoeur came to bat four times, twice with runners in scoring position and once leading off an inning.  He saw all of five pitches, popped up three times, and failed to hit a ball out of the infield.  It was atrocious, especially with someone as shaky as Shawn Chacon on the mound.

Andruw was the hitting star, driving in both runs with doubles, Renteria in the first and Marcus in the eighth.  The rest of the team was limited to three hits.

Hudson went six, struck out six, but had some control issues, needing 101 pitches.  He allowed two in the first and one in the sixth, but worked around problems in the latter inning.  For once.  Of course, it was the Pirates.  Paronto and Ray provided scoreless relief.

On to Cincinnati.  Didn’t we already go to Cincinnati this year?  Anyway, the Reds are (predictably) struggling but the Braves are behind so many teams that doesn’t matter a lot.