343 thoughts on “Game Thread: June 27, Nationals at Braves”

  1. Memo to Bobby: bat Mr. Mendoza 8th. (No, hitting a homerun yesterday doesn’t clinch him and his .198 BA the cleanup spot.)

  2. Baby Head will be in the 4-spot, no doubt. We just need to switch Salty with Francournakova.

  3. The Natspos have won the last 7 games that tonight’s starter, Micah Bowie, has appeared in. Let’s hope this stat is irrelevant tonight.

  4. Why Frenchy hasnt been dropped to 7th or 8th is beyond me, also why he has never sat a game is beyond me also

  5. I’ve officially had it with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

  6. Why Van Halen was allowed to make records after their first one is beyond me… but then, no one ever accused me of understanding these sort of things.

  7. Okay mlb rumors sucks and they have no clue and no credibility…

    Buehrle Extension: Not Happening
    UPDATE: Now Gonzales says the White Sox sent their assistant GM to St. Petersburg, where Mark Buehrle’s agent is. So there could be some talks after all.

    I don’t know who to believe anymore. It’s starting to sound like Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times has been fed some bad information. The Sun-Times had the Red Sox as frontrunners for Mark Buehrle, and then today broke the story of an impending contract extension instead.

    The Chicago Tribune has been singing a different tune the whole time, and now Mark Gonzales reports that there are no extension talks. Gonzales spoke to Buehrle’s agent.

  8. CSG: SportsCenter. One of those segments was enough. All week is getting brutal. I appreciate the thought and all, but I don’t turn on SportsCenter to watch Oprah.

  9. I hope Bobby had a chat with Andruw and told him he’s going to leave him he had nothing to worry about and he’s staying in the four hole. Maybe that’ll let him relax and he’ll get it together.

  10. Chuck,

    I like those stories. I think it’s awesome how they let these kids meet their heroes. I’m known to be one to complain when Sportscenter isn’t showing highlights or discussing something sports related, but I really like that wish feature.
    Put yourself in one of those kids shoes and I think you’ll feel otherwise.
    Also, I thought the David Ortiz one today was pretty neat, cause they showed some of the autographs in the Green Monster. Some of the behind the scenes footage has been kinda cool to see.

  11. yeah, I hereby nominate Chris Connely for the next Road to Bristol, assuming there’s going to be another one. The guy is sappy and useless to the network.

  12. Chuck, blame ESPN for putting them on, especially during SportsCenter, don’t blame Make-A-Wish. It brings awareness to their organization, you can’t blame them for that.

  13. I just traded Delgado for Andruw in one of the bravesjournal fantasy leagues. So, that’s even more motivation for him to get his shit together…

  14. In what would appear to be a mismatch at Shea tonight, we have Glavine vs. Anthony Reyes (0-9, 6.64 ERA).

    But it’s about to rain, so…

  15. Stoudamire to the Hawks?? A juicy trade rumor this is! Finally, a franchise player (if it goes through and IF he stays healthy).

  16. Great trade if it happens. You just know the Hawks were going to waste their picks on Yi and some other project. Getting a proven center instead might actually be enough to get to the playoffs in the Eastern Conference.

  17. Yeah, supposedly the Hawks are the team to make the KG-to-Phoenix trade work. They’d ship their two first rounders to Minnesota, the Wolves would send Garnett to Phoenix, and in turn the Suns send Amare to Atlanta. There may be some other players involved somewhere. Again, the only problem is that they still wouldn’t have a point guard, though a team with Johnson, Smith, and Stoudamire would be a force in the East.

  18. 1) It’s Stoud-e-mire…no relation to Damon and Salim.

    2) The players would be Pachulia and Anthony Johnson, according to the rumors.

  19. Well I guess Reyes is do for a victory then. Glavine has been getting shelled lately, hopefully it’ll continue tonight if they play

  20. Two first round picks for Amare? Seems kinda steep. Would they get some players with expiring contracts as well?

  21. Also, Amare’s knee still terrifies me.

    That said, I’m convinced the Hawks have try something big like this if they’re ever going to get out of their seemingly perpetual funk.

  22. By the way, does this make you appreciate Liberty Media now?

    Yahoo! Sports has learned that the trade would also save the Hawks from an emerging showdown between the front office and coaching staff over whom to draft with the third pick. The front office and coaching staff had settled on Florida power forward Al Horford, but a faction of the Atlanta Spirit ownership group, with business interests in China, is pushing them to take Yi Jianlian.

    “Atlanta Spirit”: First up against the wall when the revolution comes.

  23. I tend to agree, Tom. Seems like if they’re including Pachulia (one of the best bargains in the league, IMO), they should be able to keep the 11th pick.

    It’s rumored that another player would be coming back to Atlanta in the deal, too, though I don’t know if it’s from Minnesota or Phoenix.

  24. JJ: Yeah, I know. It’s actually ESPN that’s annoying here. Good on the kids, it’s just not what I want to watch when I wake up. All the prior treacly-piano-music Chris Connelly pieces have just left me a jaded, cynical bastard who would rather see extended highlights, I guess.

    Stu: In September, I’ll be calling you “Mr. June.” Count it!

  25. You’ve seen my roster, right? Barring some injuries, I just don’t see any team in our league capable of beating me, Chuck.

  26. Yeah, Patchoulioil is useful, so I’d think the Hawks would want something else — though Amare is one of the best young players in the league. But I don’t know what that would be. Obviously the Hawks still need a point guard. Neither the Suns nor the Wolves are that deep. If Minnesota still had Mike James, maybe, but he’s gone to Houston. I don’t think that the Suns will trade Barbosa.

  27. As a Mavs fan, no one scares me like Amare Stoudemire scares me. Except maybe Baron Davis, but that’s another story. Anyway, Amare to the East would make my day.

    As for the Hawks, I see their strategy: slowly, but surely, reconstructing the ’05 Suns two first-round picks at a time.

  28. If you were actually in the stands at a Mavs game, I’d think nobody would scare you like Ron Artest.

  29. Who wore tight pants and did jumping kicks more: David Lee Roth or Kip Winger? That is a toss up.

    Van Halen instituted a front man platoon. Maybe they were managed by Bobby Cox.

  30. Bobby usually doesnt make his players unhappy, but if KJ sits again tonight Im sure he wont be pleased

  31. Hey have any of you guys played Guitar Hero? I played it at my local Bestbuy & I was acting like Angus Young right in the middle of the store, while playing “War Pigs”. That game is pretty kick ass.

  32. CSG, you are seriously asking why Frenchy hasn’t been benched?

    1. He leads the team in RBI’s (yes I know how little everyone here values this stat)

    2. He has a team leading (correct me if I’m wrong) .330 batting average with RISP

    3. He has the second most hits on the team 83

    4. He’s tied for second (with McCann) for the most doubles on the team.

    5. He’s hitting .273 which, compared to some players on our team, is very healthy.

    But yet here you are asking why he hasn’t been benched? Mind boggling.

  33. Phil where have you been man? That game has been all the rage for quite a while. The 80’s edition comes out next month and guitar hero 3 comes out sometime before christmas.

    Rock Band is the game I am waiting for though. Being developed by the same people who made guitar hero.

  34. Note that almost everything listed by Lando there—with the exception of Smurph’s mediocre batting average—are counting stats. He has big numbers in those categories because he’s in the lineup every game. It’s backwards to argue that he should be in the lineup every game because he has those numbers.

  35. Alex, he’s still doing a lot better than some people, who aren’t being benched. So until they are, asking for him to be benched is just silly.

  36. Yeah, I just hadn’t been able to play it until recently. I wasn’t sure if anyone on here was into video games. When I look at some of the songs that you can play on there it blows my mind. How in the hell would you ever make it through “Hangar 18”?

  37. Lando, not benched just given a day off. A consecutive game streak is a stupid reason to have someone playing everyday. He needs a day off every once in a while. Everyone else on the team gets one, why doesnt he?

  38. Wow, what are you frenchy haters smoking?

    So you want the best hitter on our team, with runners in scoring position, to sit out? PLEASE, stop drinking the kool-aid!

  39. benched = no

    given a day off = yes

    Name one other player on the team who hasnt received a day off, just one

  40. Phil, by playing nothing but hangar 18 for hours on end. I only know one person who has beating GH2 on expert.

  41. Lando, you are being ridiculous. You really think he should play in every game. Their is a thing called rest, its pretty important. Im not a Frenchy hater either

  42. CSG, you asked why he hasn’t been dropped to the bottom of the batting order also. My reply was mostly towards that, should have specified more clearly.

  43. If I remember Sabermetrics 101 right, “batting average w/RISP” is as random as “wins on Thursdays.” That is, it’s a totally random subset of the overall statistical profile. Otherwise, what’s the explanation? Frenchy gets up to bat, sees a man on second, and says “Hell yeah, I’m gonna hit now!”?

    Batting average itself is of limited utility, but that’s another can of worms entirely…

  44. Umm no Chuck. I would think the idea is that when there are RISP some batters are able to concentrate better, provides more motivation, etc…..

  45. Lando, the problem is that when you look at it there’s no evidence for anyone actually being better with runners in scoring position, etc. I mean, sometimes guys do have high or low averages in those situations, but the next season they’re as likely as not to have the reverse. Statistically, variance in BA/RISP appears to be essentially random.

  46. The next season? They could also have a bad year, see AJ, and not hit anything. I don’t see how that proves anything, one way or the other.

    I’m willing to bet there are players who have consistantly good years w/RISP.

  47. If I remember Sabermetrics 101 right, “batting average w/RISP” is as random as “wins on Thursdays.” That is, it’s a totally random subset of the overall statistical profile. Otherwise, what’s the explanation? Frenchy gets up to bat, sees a man on second, and says “Hell yeah, I’m gonna hit now!”?

    Pretty much. The RISP thing always comes out with Frenchy, because it’s one of the few stats that you can site that makes him look good. Lord knows his basic statistical line won’t do it. So you get problematic stats like hitting with RISP, two out RBI, or even just regular RBI.

    The whole day off thing is overrated to me. He’s 23, a corner outfielder – not a taxing defensive position -, and rarely has to run the bases due to his well documented on base problems. I doubt fatigue is really and issue unless he’s living it up off the field. Now a benching after an 0-4 on five pitches I could get behind…

  48. Yeah — Tony Gwynn, Wade Boggs, George Brett — that type of guys. There is nobody who consistently hits better with runners in scoring position, beyond the various boosts you get just because there are runners in scoring position (different defensive positioning, sac flies not counting against your BA).

  49. Since May 1 Francoeur is hitting .257/.294/.350.

    For a little perspective, over the same period of time Tony Pena Jr is hitting .304/.314/.381.

  50. Here’s one (PDF). Heck, just Google “Runners in scoring position” and you’ll get lots.

    Abstract from above study:

    Sportscasters typically tell us about the batting average of a particular baseball hitter when runners are in scoring position. This quoted statistic is supposed to make us believe that the hitter performs unusually well in clutch situations during a baseball game. We first question whether a batting average is a good measure of hitting effectiveness and define an alternative measure of hitting success based on run values. A random effects model is fit to hitting data from National League batters in 1987 to learn about the batters’ abilities and the true situational effects. Although players may have large observed situational effects for a particular season, there appears to be little evidence that players have different abilities to perform well in clutch situations.

  51. I think it’s the moneyball argument lando. RBIs are overrated, but OBP is the holy grail, tell-all stat. Sounds kind od dumb if I’m reading it right.

  52. The funny thing about the way things “sound” vs. the way they’re empirically shown to be…

  53. I see, hence why you favor OPS values since it only includes OBP and Slugging.

    So why does most of the baseball world value batting average if this paper questions the effectiveness of using it as a measure of a players hitting?

  54. Maybe in April, but it’s not often that you will see a lineup posted near the All-Star break that has the two highest averages hitting seventh and eighth. It’s been an odd year.

  55. Lando,

    Short answer is that large segments of the baseball world don’t want any pesky “data” that challenges their conventional wisdom. It’s not dissimilar to the reaction centuries ago to the idea that the earth actually revolves around the sun.

    Batting average was developed in the 19th century as one of the first attempts to quantify what happens during a baseball game. It got a foothold in the popular imagination just as baseball was getting big and never let go. But it’s inferior to OBP for the following reasons:
    – It was assumed, in the 19th century, that walks were totally the pitcher’s fault. You and I know that some batters have better pitch selection and get on base via walk more often, but they didn’t know that back then.
    – It was also assumed that players could summon up the will to hit a fly ball into the outfield with less than two outs for the purpose of scoring a runner on third via tag-up, so “sacrifice flies” are not counted against BA. That’s also been shown to happen at no more than a normal rate.

    Hope that helps.

  56. Yeah, just strikes me as odd that people like to throw around certain stats when it makes their opinion look good but ignore the same stat, or others, when it doesn’t.

  57. Getting back to the Hawks for a second, how many championships have Jason Kidd and Steve Nash won combined? Oh yeah. Zero. Having a world class point guard is hugely overrated. I’d rather have a dominant center and a serviceable journeyman point guard like Lue.

  58. So is OPS the best measurment of a players offensive skills?

  59. Also, walks and homers were both fairly rare before 1920, so the correlation between hits (and hence, batting average) and runs was much higher. If you had the best team batting average, you probably scored the most runs. And that just got fixed in the sport’s conventional wisdom and is still there.

  60. And no, OPS is not. It’s better than OBP or SLG individually, but overweighs slugging, though on-base is probably about half again as important. There are more complex measures but they’re a pain to work with and can’t be done in your head, unlike OPS.

  61. “So why does most of the baseball world value batting average if this paper questions the effectiveness of using it as a measure of a players hitting?”

    Because there are 1000’s of people out there that recall “the good ol’ days” like Joe Morgan and John Kruk.

    I’m not a sabermetric robot, and I believe that a LOT of work done by BPro and their ilk is very, very flawed, but the Saber crowd is way right on the RISP thing. Whenever I get time off from school I aim to do some new things in the sabe world.

    Plus, people LOOK clutch because it’s all about perspective. People remember the epic events, and not so much the failures. Especially in the baseball world. Example: Gary Matthews Jr. isn’t THAT great of a defensive CF, but holy shit that one catch was awesome and it fooled a lot of people.

  62. “Yeah, just strikes me as odd that people like to throw around certain stats when it makes their opinion look good but ignore the same stat, or others, when it doesn’t.”

    But that’s exactly what you did.

  63. It was also assumed that players could summon up the will to hit a fly ball into the outfield with less than two outs for the purpose of scoring a runner on third via tag-up, so “sacrifice flies” are not counted against BA. That’s also been shown to happen at no more than a normal rate.

    Are you telling me that players don’t change their approach to hit a fly ball to score a runner from third? Are you also going to tell me that a hitter doesn’t intentionally hit a ground ball to the right side of the infield to move a runner to third?

    Good hitters will wait for pitches up in the zone to lift. Same way for ground balls to the right side of the infield. Do you think it’s coincidence that hitters will change their swing and pitch selection patterns to get a runner to third? No way, dude. You don’t really think that, do you? I definitely think players can change their swing/approach/pitch selection in order to achieve certain types of batted balls. I see it all the time.

  64. @74

    I think that OPS is probably the easiest stat to compute to determine a player’s offensive value. As Mac said, there are some that don’t overweigh SLG, but they make my head hurt and I can’t do them in my head.

    I think the best would be something like (OBP * 1.5) + SLG. I’m flexible on the 1.5 figure, though.

  65. My hypothesis for why fly balls with a runner on third and less than 2 outs don’t come any more frequently than fly balls in other situations (backed up by statistical data), despite Rob’s contention—a correct one, I believe—that hitters do change their approach and attempt to hit sacrifice flies:

    Pitchers understand the value of that runner on third, and they alter their approach to minimize the likelihood of a fly ball.

  66. I dont like it either, its gotta be weighing on his confidence level a little bit. As long as KJ still starts against righties I’m ok with it.

  67. I definitely think players can change their swing/approach/pitch selection in order to achieve certain types of batted balls. I see it all the time.

    Sure they do Rob, but the pitchers know what the batters are trying to do and no doubt select pitches to minimize the chances for success.

    That’s also been shown to happen at no more than a normal rate.

    This is telling you that the hitters and pitchers efforts roughly cancel each other out.

  68. Forgot to put it ” If they are showcasing Escobar, and thats what its all about…….. “

  69. @ #80- Bill James once wrote something about the bunt and how it was originally never intended to be a “sacrifice,” it was designed to get the batter on base with the additional benefit that if it failed, the runner advanced. Over time it became accepted that the batter would forfeit his at-bat to advance the runner. I think the same thing applies to your idea that some guys are better than others at grounding out 4-3 to advance a runner. That’s probably almost never a valuable skill, except maybe- maybe- if that one run will conclusively win the game for you. Otherwise, you’d rather have a base hit or a walk. Seems pretty clear that you wouldn’t really value someone who was able to adjust his swing to “fail better,” as it were. Just my two cents though.

  70. I understand the argument, that there’s no such thing as a good “RISP” hitter. However, this year Frenchy’s at .330 with RISP. In ’06, .320; and in ’05, .338.

    I’m really not arguing the bigger issue – maybe it’s just the exception that proves the rule, or maybe just a 310-game lucky streak with RISP.

    Or maybe, there are some guys (I don’t know who else would qualify) who take a better approach, or are more motivated, or something, when the chips are down.

  71. Wow. JC just posted an article with probabilities of certain Braves being traded, and he gives a 60% chance that Chipper gets moved. I don’t mean to criticize someone who obviously knows way more about this than me, but that seems REALLY high…

  72. Ironball, exactly my point. To think non exist ,other than the best hitters, is just strange to me.

  73. good hitters are good hitters with the bases empty & with RISP. The stat for RISP really means nothing. As well as “clutch” as defined by the likes of ESPN. Define “clutch” in baseball terms. There is no such thing the same way the there is no significant correlation between hitting with RISP vs. men-on/bases empty.

  74. I think it’s funny Washington as Langerhans leading off.

    And as an aside to someones’s post about Anthony Reyes and his 0-9 6.64 ERA performance, I could stand it if he would bend the bill of his cap…just a little…

  75. Escobar starting at 2nd.

    Not surprised, I guess. The idea of a platoon in an unstoppable force.

  76. what do you guys think is going through salty’s mind right now when he gets a ball hit to him?

  77. I wonder how many of us on this board can match Langerhans’ BA if we played in the majors.

    Garth Brooks even got a single playing for San diego in Spring Training.

  78. dustin, I can say without a doubt that I could not. The first 90mph fast ball would make me turn tail and run. But, maybe, that’s just me.

  79. Andruw ground into a 6-4-3. In other news, I hear the sun’s setting in the west tonight.

  80. if andruw keeps getting inning ending outs, at least salty bats cleanup the next inning.

  81. I hit against a left handed kid who got clocked at like 85mph in a fall league game one year.

    I struck out of course.

  82. Where’s Alex R?

    I agree, it’s just not the same without some asinine comment about the potbelly or the smirk.

  83. In my prime, I could hit, oh, the high 60s.

    Actually, my baseball prime ended before Little League.

  84. Smoltz looks like he’s hurting, keeps taking a lot of time between pitches and shaking his arm.

  85. DO you guys remember those baseballs they used to have that had the little thingy that measured speed in it?

    Once, I threw it 82 mph.

    But you couldn’t throw on in the dirt and get an accurate measurment, because I’m sure I never threw a ball 98 mph.

  86. Diaz would walk, too, if he realized that home plate isn’t in the left-handed batter’s box.

  87. Hey, I’m not complaining, ububba. I’m one of Diaz’s biggest supporters on here (though I trail doubledawg in that category).

  88. Howard just punished a Herang pitch onto the Philly concourse in center for a 3-run shot for a 3-0 lead against the Reds heading to the 6th.

  89. I’ve seen Brandon Jones and Dan Smith mentioned in a few trade rumors. It looks like we might want to keep Yunel and Salty after all.

  90. Guys, that’s 2 doubles. That’s great, and it’s helping the team, but it doesn’t change who Escobar is. His career stats matter a lot more than today’s isolated performance. TRADE HIM IF SOMEONE WILL GIVE YOU AN INNINGS EATER.

  91. Andruw was bunting? Why not pinch-hit Harris for him if we’ve lost that much confidence in him?

  92. Well, that, I don’t know. But the big debate has been whether we should trade him for a Morris- or Vazquez-type, and that should be a no-brainer.

  93. Wow – the guy can’t even bunt. Can we count him as an automatic out now and save him the embarassment of going up to the plate.

  94. That’s great, and it’s helping the team, but it doesn’t change who Escobar is.

    I guess the problem with that is that he’s 24. When Renteria was 24 he put up a .277/.327/.340 line. We don’t know who he is yet.

  95. I am watching on gameday, would someone tell me why it said that Andruw “bunt popped out” ? Was that for real?

  96. this guy is leaving pitches right over the middle of the plate. I think Bobby wouldve wanted Andruw to be swinging there

  97. i can’t believe any brave would but without bobby’s blessing after KJ got an ear full the other day.

  98. No, Robert, those were Renteria’s age-21 statistics. Yeah, he was already in the bigs by then.

    Care to try again?

  99. No, Robert, those were Renteria’s age-21 statistics.

    Yeah, you’re right. My bad. Still, 24 is early to say you know a player.

  100. so he’s still talking about using two hands while making a catch? unbelievable

    nice little play there by Salty

  101. I think it’s plenty old enough, when he’s been a little old at every level in which he’s played up until now. And he only has a handful of ABs up here. As Mac has said repeatedly, his value is very unlikely to get any higher.

  102. I think it’s plenty old enough,

    Well ok, but you’re going to be wrong a lot.

    I have no problem with trading Esco as long as the plan isn’t to have the gaping void at third when Chip dissappears again.

  103. I’ve got to agree with Robert- unless we get a blockbuster offer for Escobar, the price of 40 games of Pradorrward when Chipper has his next owie is just too high.

  104. Salty is an quality hitter. So nice to watch a guy who knows what he’s doing. I hope we don’t trade him.

  105. Really? Looking at minor league track records to predict major league success will make me wrong a lot? Certainly no more than one who ignores said track recordds…

    The Chipper-contingency is a separate argument, and it’s a much stronger one. Still, if Chipper’s hurt, we aren’t doing anything anyway, so if you can upgrade the rotation (and if this doesn’t happen, we won’t be doing anything this season, either) by giving up Escobar, I’d do it. Plus, I’m confident Prado or Lillibridge could do everything Escobar does over the rest of the season.

  106. I would take a team full of Renteria’s any day of the week. If anyone is still upset about trading Marte for him, well, I feel for you. One of the BEST trades by JS

  107. 5 runs on non homers. It’s like christmas.

    And the more Yunel gets on and chipper drives the more I want to keep him.

  108. You know, it really is good for the team that Smoltz called Chipper out. (I still wish he’d done it privately.) Chipper would still be sitting on the bench if that hadn’t happened.

  109. Even Andruw stopped sucking briefly.

    And the Reds have taken a 4-3 lead on the Phillies.

  110. Smoltz will probably pitch only one more inning, no reason to push it.

    Reds leading the Phils 4-3

    Wow, Frenchy!!

  111. Whoa, we need to stop scoring. We usually have scoring droughts after we have scoring explosions.

  112. Looking back (I was in transit when it came up) Renteria was actually probably 20 in 1997. Apparently he signed at 15 like Betemit but it’s never been corrected.

  113. I like it when we score lots of runs with no homeruns, even agaisnt the Nationals.

  114. Save some of this for the road boys. We don’t have to make up for all of our lack of offense in one night.

  115. need to give Renty the rest of this game off, bring in KJ and move Escobar to SS. Also sit Andruw or Frenchy and let Harris play

  116. Hahahah. Now everyone believes in Escobar. Funny how things change in 12 hours.

  117. mike,
    i don’t think anyone is saying he can’t play, i tink we’re saying that he isn’t so good that we wouldn’t trade him for help somewhere else.

  118. wow 16 hits through 5 –

    lets see what Ledezma can do, let him go 2 innings tonight

    also the Phils are tied in the 7th and the Marlins are tied in the 8th

  119. does Villareal ever throw over 91-92, I thought he had a stronger arm for some reason

  120. Classic Stu “I’ll try to say something smart/witty and end up sounding like the complete ass I am!”

  121. He’s never thrown harder than that for us, but it seems like he did have more velocity when he first came up with Arizona.

  122. Yes he sucks. He’s only good for trade bait like Stu says. Stu is always right.

  123. I dont care who we trade as long as we get the better end of the deal. He’s better than Betemit in my eyes

  124. is it me or does everyone just look like they are trying to make good swings tonight? No one looks like they are overswinging, except for Diaz and he always looks that way

  125. I liked the image of that reliever getting a rosin bag thrown at his head too.

  126. I know beedee. I’m scared of these offensive explosions. They are always followed by games we get shutout.

  127. Haha. I’m so amused by the fluctuations in opinion of Yunel from this morning to now.
    It’s as bad as the stock market has been the last week or so.

    Speaking of stocks, I hate the summer…financially…

  128. its the Nats, but this is a good sign

    Hudson 7IP 7H 1ER 0BB 9K

    Carlyle 7IP 5H 1ER 1BB 6K

    Smoltz 5IP 5H 0ER 1BB 7K

  129. Then again, csg, this is the same team that lost 2 of 3 to the Pirates. A sweep is a sweep.

  130. Explosions like this should be expected from a team like ours. Hopefully we’ll keep doing it, but its more likely we’ll be up and down all year. Unless some players make adjustments at the plate, of course. You just can’t expect consistency from a lineup full of free swingers.

  131. time to put Salty behind the dish, move Woodward to 1st, Orr to 3rd, and get KJ in the game. Put Thor in RF, lets get all of them in the game

  132. Just joining the game…wow–a nice way to get up….

    Smoltz left early to protect his sore shoulder?

  133. Stephen, he looked fine after the 2nd and he came in to hit in the bottom of the 5th, they just blew it open and there was no reason for him to keep going. He was already at 90 pitches or so

  134. Who’s left on the bench? Is it just KJ and Thorman? They’ll both get an AB I would think.

  135. I suspect they’re leaving KJ to pinch-hit for the pitcher’s spot, wherever that is now.

    I think Bobby’s really pissed at KJ for that bunt situation the other night.

  136. We might laugh about how bad these nats are – but don’t forget, they’ve scored 1 more run this series than the braves did in their previous 5 games.

  137. When Langy and KJ were competing for time in LF at the end of the ’05 season, I’m sure few people would have guessed that in less than two years, they would be playing against each other (sortof, KJ hasn’t exactly played much) with neither one in LF. Funny how quickly things can change.

  138. Stu, I think your right about the bunt thing. Should be the same with Andruw tonight though.

    What Woodward two hits in 1 series, that makes 20 hits

  139. Does it make me a bad fan to not want either Smoltz or McCann in the All-Star game? I’d rather they both got a few days off to rest and be ready for the second half. It wouldn’t hurt my feelings too much is Renteria was the only All-Star the Braves had this year.

  140. No bad bunt attempt deserves a pitcher getting to pitch hit before a position player. What, is KJ the emergency back-up catcher? Something else has to be up here.

  141. …and that Francoeur would be the 21st…

    If earlier today you told me that Francoeur would single to bring the Braves to 21 hits on the night, I would’ve bet you a lot of money and be really pissed right now.

  142. Does anyone know if we’re getting any insurance money for Hampton? If not, you might as well let him pinch hit. He’d have a better chance than James.

  143. Rissa, JS said we should know what we are getting for Hampton by the end of next week

  144. #315

    Yes. Against the Mets. In Shea Stadium. With a 9 game lead. And me drinking Sierra Nevada.

  145. He’d say:

    “Well, any team can do this against the Nationals, but the Braves really struggled against the better ball clubs from the American League. They’re going to have to figure out what the problem was against those better teams and address that before the trade deadline.”

  146. Guess I’ll have to go to the same bar for the next game. I missed 2 touchdowns.

    You wouldn’t believe the electrical storm we’re getting here. There’s no way they’re gonna finish that game at Shea.

  147. I’m still sticking to my comments about Pablo Escobar from the last post, but he’s not doing anything to hurt his trade value during this showcase, which is good.

    I did like the Yunel Escobar = Spanish for Nick Green, that’s great.

  148. The Mets are rain-delayed in the middle of the 6th inning, up 2-0.

    And there’s the shutout. Let’s do this again a few dozen times.

  149. Stu,

    I’m assuming that was a response to the Amare thing?

    Also, Blazers apparently announced they will draft Oden

  150. Hey, maybe they’ll still make a move. There’s going to be a lot of shuffling tomorrow I think. I’m really suprised Billy King doesn’t have the 76ers involved in these trade talks being that they have 3 first rounders.

  151. One rumor I liked: Childress to the Raptors for Calderon. Then the Hawks could go Horford/Nick Young…and that would be nice.

  152. With all these 3 and 4 team trades, some dumbass GM is going to end up trading their top 3 players for Robert Traylor and a box of tacks without even realizing it.

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