ESPN – Nationals vs. Braves Box Score, June 26 2007 – MLB

It’s a lot different playing bad NL teams instead of good AL teams, that’s all I’ll say. Buddy Carlyle probably agrees. Instead of the Red Sox, he got the Dead Expos, and had a very strong outing, seven innings of one-run baseball, striking out six with only one walk. The run came in the third, on a ground rule double by Ryan Langerhans of all people. In case you were wondering how bad the Nats are, they had Langerhans leading off.

The Braves got the run right back on a solo homer from Saltalamacchia, who started at first base against a lefty. He gave them the lead in the fifth with another solo homer. Then the most remarkable thing happened: Andruw hit a three-run homer. It was his only hit of the night, and he’s still at .198, but it’s a start.

Yunel Escobar is apparently platooning with KJ now, or at least that’s how it looks; he led off and had two hits. McCann went 3-4 and scored the Braves’ last run in the eighth. Kali pitched well in the top of that inning, but Moylan ran into trouble in the ninth, and Wickman had to get up and get the save.