Braves trade for Javier Vazquez |

I’m sure Frank Wren is happy that he finally did something Schuerholz couldn’t. Of course, Vazquez is no more than an “innings eater”, in DOB’s words, at this point. Coming over with him apparently is something called a “Boone Logan”, which is a LOOGY who in three major league seasons has never had an ERA better than the league and who combines being hittable with giving up lots of homers, so he’ll fit right in.

I am not particularly upset by the trade of Tyler Flowers, because I did not see where he fit in with the Braves and I have real concerns that he will struggle to make contact in the majors. However, I thought he had a little more value than this. Li’lbridge is a utility infielder in making and presumably will fight Wilson Betemit for playing time, which should provide hours of entertainment. The Braves might also be sending Joseph Reyes to Chicago, where if he stays in the rotation, which he won’t, he will give up 50 homers next season. Peanut says that Reyes is not in the deal. He also defends Logan on the grounds that he was “fatigued”, what with the whole 55 appearances and 42 innings he pitched.