8 thoughts on “Let’s hope”

  1. Russ Ortiz for Nick Johnson? I doubt the Yankees would do it, but if they did, it would be sweet. In effect, Moss for Johnson, which I think all of us would have accepted three days ago.

  2. As for why the NY Post has this: Millwood and Maddux are both Scott Boras clients. Boras tips the Post in exchange for them playing up “Millwood to the Yankees” rumors, which, he would hope, would drive up Kevin’s future price and leverage and stuff.

  3. There are three things that we can do in this situation. We could do a sign and trade with Maddux. We could still keep him and send Marquis and/ or Marcus Giles, either to the Stankees or to Texas for Raphael Palmeiro, or to Toronto for Carlos Delgado!!!!!!

  4. I would love it if we could keep Maddux and Millwood, but I wonder if it will work payroll-wise. Does anyone else want to apply numbers to this? I mean, can the Braves go to arbitration with two pitchers of their caliber at the same time?

    If Maddux is going to earn the biggest arbitration contract ever, and Millwood arguably had a better season last year, the payroll-conscious JS and co might not want to go there.

  5. Yahoo just posted that Maddux accepted arbitration from the Braves. I’m in the “don’t want to see Millwood traded” club. Hopefully Ortiz is the one that goes… sorry Russ you’re not yet a Brave completely, thus no loyalty to you.

    Whoever is getting traded, I expect that it will happen soon. It’s been feeling like the Braves have had something on the burner waiting to see what Maddux was going to do.

  6. Salary arbitration is based on term of service and comparison with similar pitchers. Millwood will make a nice chunk of change but it probably won’t be half what Maddux gets even if the Braves win that arbitration.


    I had a .404 OBP after the break last year. I have been called the love child of Olerud and Bonds. I make next to nothing. I will be a total stud in approximately 4 months. Who am I? I am Nick Johnson!

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