Prior out, Rookie to start

Prior slated for DL as shoulder soreness continues

Mark Prior was supposed to start the second game of the micro-series in Atlanta, in which he was going to be mercilessless booed and possibly thrown at. His shoulder is still sore from his mind-numbingly stupid baserunning blunder, so he’s going to the DL. The Cubs are calling up rookie Sergio Mitre (his nickname has to be “The Bishop”) to start in his place. First, today’s game, with Estes and Reynolds. I’m setting the over/under on runs at 12 1/2.

5 thoughts on “Prior out, Rookie to start”

  1. Without any facts to back this up, anyone want to join a conjecture that part of the decision was based on the cubs not wanting to risk Prior worse injury by getting hit by a pitch?

    Barring postseason, this is the final braves/cubs matchup of the year, so this would be the last chance for any such “retaliatory” hijinks.

  2. C’mon–Prior would not have thrown at by the Braves. Granted, it was his careless baserunning that caused the collision, but it absolutely was not intentional. (I was at the game: neither Prior nor Giles was looking at the other as they converged.) Do you really think that the Cubs, only 4 1/2 behind the Astros, would disable their best pitcher without cause? The Cubs are just being ultra-careful with a player they believe (with good reason) will win many games for them in the years to come.

  3. I don’t think it would have led to an HBP either, and certainly not one hard enough to injure.

    As for tonight’s game…Chipper has already missed two starts against lefties, but surely they can’t hold Chipper out against the punching bag that is Shawn Estes?

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