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  1. This link
    says that the relationship between Atlanta and Richmond has been a bit testy over the past few years. Has anyone else heard this? If it’s true what are the reasons?

  2. Anthony Lerew has an ERA of 9 over 10 career big league innings. But even though it’s his first career big league start and last year he didn’t even handle the leap from Mississippi to Richmond well he can’t be any worse than Redman and his mutant “toe” right? This could get really depressing.

  3. Although Lerew has pitched well in Richmond this year and is up against someone caomparable to himself, so we’ll see.

  4. Wait, is Lerew starting tonight, everything that I have read says Villareal. Was Lerew called up because the Vulture pitched last night ?

  5. Lerew is starting tonight. I think Lerew was called up because no one wanted to watch Kevin Barry.

  6. My guess for the “testy relationship” comment is that the big club has been forced to pull players out of the minor league system either before or while they were contributing at Richmond. Nothing more.

  7. At least we dont have to watch Redman trying to blow people away with his 78 mph fastball. We called up Barry for extra bullpen relief, in which, I’m glad he was never used.

  8. Given our fifth-starter follies this year, I can’t say that my expectation level for Lerew tonight is terribly high. If he’s generally better than Redman, I can handle it.

    That’s giving him a lotta wiggle room, but (as bad as it sounds) I guess 4 runs in 5+ innings would be just fine.

  9. As somebody who lives in a Triple-A city (Albuquerque) I think the “testy relationship” comment is that the Braves have routinely skipped Richmond the last couple of years for their top prospects (McCann, Frenchy) and that rarely used to happen with Chipper, Klesko, Javy Lopez, etc. If the major league team doesn’t put a competitive product with a few “prospects” on the field, then the people that live there won’t support the team and come to the games, which upsets the owners of the team locally because without big television or advertising dollars, the gate is pretty much their only big source of revenue.

    This is a reason why here in Albuquerque, the Isotopes, despite having one of (if not the best) new ballparks in all of Minor League Baseball, attendance is slipping. The Marlins have pretty much put roster filler types like Chad Hermansen on the roster for the last couple of years and have routinely skipped AAA for top prospects like Willis, Cabrera, etc. People don’t want to come out watching a bunch of 30+ veterans in the minors.

    Just my opinion, thanks for the info on Lerew.

  10. If Lerew has a couple of good starts, will the Braves shove him out the door for Redman when he comes off the DL?

  11. Some random Braves team stats.

    Runs: 5th in 16-team NL
    HR: 3rd
    BB: 2nd
    K: 3rd most
    OBP: 3rd (.352)
    SLG: 3rd (.448)
    AVG: 6th (.263)

    ERA: 10th best (4.12)
    HR: 6th
    BB: 13th best
    K: 8th
    H: 8th

    Don’t have time to break down the Redman Factor on the pitching stats, but it damn-sure doesn’t help.

    Going to see the Rangers at Yankee Stadium tonight. Maybe they’ll get no-hit.

  12. The Braves have been threatening to pull out if Richmond for years because of the poor playing conditions. A season or two back they had to cancel several games because of rain.

    I don’t see the point of bringing up Lerew tonight. He’s not close to being ready. This of course guarantees he’ll pitch 6 scoreless inning tonight. Thank me when this happens.

    Free Joe Winkelsas!

  13. What roster move did we make, out of curiosity? Did we send Barry back down to Richmond?

  14. jj3bagger, That makes a lot of sense. I know that not getting to see McCann and Frenchy develop was probably not real exciting for the AAA ownership.
    If Lerew gave us 5+ innings with 4 runs, then he would be better than our 4 and 5 starters this year. In fact anything better than batting practice is a notch above Redman.

  15. JC, I’m curious as to why you think Lerew isn’t ready. His new approach is working and his endurance has been there the last couple of outings.

  16. Lerew’s stuff has been major league caliber for awhile. It’s always reportedly been his control that is the problem. Another Kyle Davies?

    I hope he does good tonight, or at least well enough for the Braves to win and for him to stick around.

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  18. Lerew isn’t King people at the AAA level; his K/BB is somewhere close to 2, which is pretty poor for an ML guy. For a minor leaguer, it’s worrisome. My only optimism stems from the fact that SD is also relying on an unproven commodity, and that our lineup is significantly better.

  19. Something scary about Bobby Cox calling yesterday “the best Chuck James has pitched all year.”

    I’m not a stat geek, but I look at Lerew’s ERA and think that’s enough, at least for me, to give him a chance. His K-rate doesn’t worry me much, especially for a pitcher who throws a lot of sinkers.

    Let’s see how Lerew does before dumping on him.

  20. “If anyone cares, Colyer sent down to Richmond.”

    Oh thank God. I’m not big on Kevin Barry to say the least, but Colyer has to go.

  21. Tonights lineups

    Giles 2b
    Giles rf
    Gonzalez 1b
    Bard C
    Greene ss
    Brayan 3b
    Cameron cf
    Sledge lf
    Germano p

    Johnson 2b
    Renteria ss
    Jones 3b
    Jones cf
    Francoeur rf
    Thorman 1b
    Saltalamacchia c
    Harris lf
    Lerew P

  22. I figure they are just using Salty as much as they can while he’s still here and before Pena comes back, but I don’t know.

  23. I like Lerew, he struggled last year with injuries and his mechanics were off because of the transition to the bullpen in Spring Training. However, when he returned from injury he did well in AA and AAA. This year he has been excellent in AAA and I think he will make a good big league pitcher, probably a good number 3. On an unrelated note, I don’t get the Maddux video. I must be slow.

  24. How long has it been since the Braves hit a home run? It feels like weeks.

    The Colorado series?

  25. well, fellas…he may or may not be ready, but I gotta say, I prefer this over Redman

  26. He got out of it.

    I think he’s doing fine. The KJ error didn’t help, and the Cameron shot was a mistake pitch.

    He’s replacing Redman remember. He only gave up one run through three.

    Wherever Redman is, he should unpack his bags. I think he’ll be staying for awhile.

  27. Mac – How come when Langerhans left, the Braves started hitting like him.

  28. Ok, Gameday is stating that Germano is throwing 69 mph pitches with an 18-19 inch break. For someone who visually can’t see the game, what exactly is he throwing?

    Is it a circle change, or the slowest curveball ever thrown?

    That’s a Redman-like speed, but it seems to be working.

  29. It’s only 2-0. Lerew is pitching well. We’ll have a chance. The problem is getting into their bullpen again.

  30. I’m not sure if this Germano guy is any good or if we’re just that bad. Can anyone cite any time when we were facing a guy making his ML debut and we just bludgeoned him to death? I really don’t get it.

  31. Well, regardless of what happens, Lerew has at least earned another start, and were it me making the decision, he would probably be the fifth starter until Cormier comes back, at which point I would evaluate.

  32. I predict Lerew will start the 7th inning. I also predict that it won’t go well.

  33. We have are behind one run and Yates gets the call. Oh well. We’ll get ’em next time.

  34. Mac – Don’t even bring up the six win month.

    Going, Going
    Back, Back
    To Kali, Kali

  35. He pitched pretty well yesterday, too, keeping Gonzalez at second after the leadoff double.

  36. That was a little bit more than luck, Courtney.

    Crap…now we’re gonna have to score against either Linebrink or Hoffman.

  37. Oh, excuse me…instead of Linebrink we get the guy with the 0.44 ERA who went through us yesterday like shit through a goose.

  38. By the way, on the replay, Orr was CLEARLY safe…we should have no outs right now.

  39. Yes, folks. Andruw should never try to hit the ball to right center. Totally ruinous results come from that.

  40. Well, if it hasn’t been said in a while. I think Lerew has definitely earned himself some more starts. He was very good tonight.

  41. I agree, Alex. I was very impressed with him tonight, just those two mistakes but other than that he was great.

  42. Gotta love a finisher who can throw real heat. That’s what a closer looks like.

  43. I would personally like to thank Matt Diaz for providing some much needed instant offense to spark the comeback.

    As usually, he’ll get overlooked.

  44. Kyle,

    I think all of us in BravesJournal have hopefully acknowledged what a valuable cog Matt Diaz hass been to this team. Love the guy.

  45. He’s a workhorse. And I didn’t mean overlooked by this community.

    Time to root against the meets in San Fran…

    Take care all.

  46. That was a hell of a win. That’s two of those we’ve had in three days. Good to see that even when we don’t play well, we somehow find a way to win it at the end.

    Incidentally, I’m not sure, but I think I heard from somewhere that Maddux and Smoltz are facing each other tomorrow night. Again, not sure I heard it properly, though.

    Seriously though, the pumping of that match-up might have gone a little bit over the top when Joe mentioned in the middle of Soriano mowing people down that Jim Wolf (first-base umpire, for those who weren’t watching the game) would be excited to be behind the plate for tomorrow’s game.

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