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Cormier started the season in middle relief, putting up a good ERA and getting ridden hard. Eventually, he had some bad outings, got hurt, came back and still didn’t pitch well, went to the minors, and then made some starts, in which he wasn’t atrocious but didn’t exactly light the world on fire.

Cormier’s early season success was an illusion, really; he wasn’t pitching well, he was just lucky. At that point, the team would take luck, but eventually that ran out. In 25 relief innings, Cormier walked 19 and struck out only 10. Kevin Gryboski wouldn’t sign for that. His control was much better as a starter (20 walks in 48 IP) and his strikeouts slightly up, but he had home runs difficulties. Still, he was a lot more promising than when he was in the bullpen… Had a huge reverse-platoon split, righthanders hitting 80 points higher and slugging 154 points higher than lefties, but accomplished this by walking all the tough lefties.

The Braves were 11-18 in games in which Cormier made an appearance.

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  1. Mac, if righties were hitting 80 points lower in hitting and slugging 154 points lower than lefties, how is that a reverse-platoon split?

  2. I think people are obsessing too much over the fifth starter. How many teams have a good fifth starter. If he was any good, he wouldn’t be a fifth starter. The Braves did at times in the nineties, but that was a truly rare situation. Generally, the best you can hope for is that the fifth starter isn’t atrocious and that there are a lot of off days and rainouts. If the worst thing the Braves have to worry about is the fifth starter, they will be fine. (Unfortunately, it probably isn’t.) I would be satisfied with four good starts and try to outslug the other team on the fifth day.

  3. Marc, the problem is that a team can only write off its 5th starter if 1-4 all perform at or above average. One injury and Cormier is the 4 or 5 starter. One injury and one subpar performer, and he’s the 3 or 4 starter. The worrisome part about the Braves’ starting 5 is that an injury and/or subpar performer among the 1-4 pitchers is not far fetched, some might say even likely.

  4. Jeff K,

    I agree with you which is why they do have other things to worry about. The starting pitching in general is a question mark. But, let’s face it, the only potential fifth starter with the potential to be real solid is probably Davies if he develops. (Conceivably Harrison, I guess, if he develops but he is very young.) The others are stop gap measures at best so it seems to me that worrying about Davies versus Cormier versus Villareal is sort of a pointless exercise. If the top four don’t deliver, it’s probably not going to matter much who is the fifth.

  5. What is Cormier’s status on options? I thought I read somewhere that he was out of options. If this is the case, I would guess if he doesn’t make the team that he’ll be picked up on waivers by someone else. With the sad state of pitching around MLB ,I’m reasonably sure that he would be scarfed up and wouldn’t return to Richmond. I hope that’s not the case, he’s definitely a better option than a Travis Smith clone, but I don’t really want him to start the season in Atlanta.

  6. I am just glad I haven’t read a story about Brian Jordan shoewing up early and trying to impress Bobby Cox with his leadership.

  7. My guess is Mike Hampton wont be ready … looks like
    Cormier will be 5th starter with Davies 4th ..if so we
    are in trouble .I would be looking for another starter
    via trade .using some of our SS depth as bait. We will
    need a dependable 4th starter for sure ..the 5th guy
    gets skipped alot so its not as important ..I just
    think Hampton may sruggle to get confidence back and
    may have setback with arm somehow .. thoughts ??

  8. Tom, what apart of Tn are you from?

    I think Hampton is ready, he has been throwing with no pain all winter.

  9. Cormier did ok as a spot starter at least compared to some of the people the Braves tried last year. It’d be nice to keep him around in case Davies fails.

  10. Cormier is not that bad and the Braves won with Shane Reynolds as a fifth starter; nonetheless, it would not take much for the Braves to develop some serious problems with the starting rotation. The Braves may well come to regret the loss of Matt Wright, who was probably about ready for the majors and would at worst have provided some depth at Richmond.

    I hope that Davies is our 5th starter and develops, but at this point he is far from proving that he can do the job….

  11. Matt Wright??? Who’s that Stephen?

    That seems to be our achillies heel now is that we are having a hard time developing our own pitching, and with this market its becoming more and more important to do so….I know Chuckie is from our system, but when was the last time we had a top-shelf prospect come through our doors that we kept?

  12. I think a better question is: Who is a prospect that could have helped us in 2006? Wainwright, most likely. Maybe Miner, but he imploded quite a bit after a good start. Otherwise, I see no one else.

  13. i don’t know guys, i don’t like the idea of Cormier in the rotation. A scab maybe but not a fixture.
    Also from what i’ve read Hampton didn’t really start throwing til recently, so it could be a rocky start this season. I’d like to see how things shake out during camp and if Hampton is not ready maybe give Harrison (or what ever young prospect emerges) the chance at a couple of early season starts with no preasure on him, then send him back down for the season. We know what we have in the D-Back boyz, it would be good to get a peek at some of the others early in the season when their fresh and not in september when their worn out.

  14. Matt Wright???

    He was a Braves minor leaguer who left via minor league free agency this offseason and signed with the Royals.

    The Braves saw fit to add Jonathan Johnson to the 40-man roster instead of Matt Wright.

  15. McCann was not included on an ESPN vote for best catcher in the majors. Lo Duca, Pierzynski, and Posada were included, however. Absurd. Also, Chipper was not mentioned at third base. The vote can be found in the “Sportsnation” section, far left, middle of the front page.

  16. Hate King,

    Another small case of the anti-Braves bias. ;)

    McCann is regarded as, at worst, the third-best catcher in baseball right now, for God’s ake.

  17. They wouldn’t say so publicly, but Braves players and staff members gave unfavorable reviews to new batting practice jerseys and caps. Red and white swaths were added to the navy blue jerseys, and a red satin accent was added to each side of the blue caps. The caps were particularly unappealing to some Braves, including one who said it created the appearance of wearing a skull cap under the cap.
    — Atlanta Journal-Constitution

  18. I understand that the Braves (and other teams) are trying to sell stuff, but those unis & hats are lame. Can we please look like a ball team, not a bunch of comic-book characters?

    It’s still not as bad as those mid-80s Hawks uniforms, which had diagonal lettering & colors. It made them look like potato-chip bags.

  19. Is Kyle davies our 5th starter? I don’t think so. Give my opinion… Lance Cormier is better than Kyle Davies, If he pitches 5 more innings as soon as possible. Cormier allowed scattered hits, I also think he is experienced at the mound.

    About Keith Foulke retired
    Someone who many fans know in the MLB was a ex-baseballplayer. He was very famous at that time. I was a great fan (Of course whole my family). He patted Keith Foulke on the back because they were the same team. Besides, Keith Foulke’s wife was familiar :-) I saved his picture with his baby son in my computer.
    That’s a shame. But he is a man of decision. Good luck Keith Foulke.

  20. I’d consider Davies as more like our 4th starter considering the uncertainty that is Mike Hamton. As for Cormier, his mound “experience” includes more walks than strikeouts. Davies, in his minor league career, has 526 K and 188 BB in 528 IP. He’s a much, much better option than Cormier, who I’d like to see start in Richmond if he does have the option left.

  21. What’s wrong with the unis? I don’t think they’re that bad. They’re pretty subtle. It’s not like they’re doing anything radical to them.

  22. Anyone else been tempted by MLB.TV? They’ve finally announced prices for 2007 — $89 for basic, $120 for premium.

    At that price I’d at least be interested, but of course Nashville zip codes fall within the “local” blackout. We also are considered local for the Reds.

    Is not being eligible to subscribe to this really going to encourage me to drive 8 hours round trip to see a ballgame in Atlanta? How is this policy making MLB or the Braves any extra money? Stupid blackout.

  23. jay,
    i’m with you, that’s insane. granted, i live in chattanooga, but i don’t have cable. i’m certainly not gonna be able to attend most of the home games. nor will most of the games be sell outs. i guess is meant for folks over seas. thank god for braves’ radio!

  24. Matt Wright was a pitcher that pitched brilliantly at AA and struggled at Richmond–particularly in his first couple of outings. After that he settled down and all things being equal would probably have pitched reasonably well for Richmond this season. Injuries in 2004 and 2005 kept him from advancing through the Braves organization more rapidly.

    Matt Wright’s stats:

    Why is he worth worrying about? When Cormier, Kyle Davies (as much as I like him), Anthony Lerew are your options for a 5th starter, then having as many able arms as possible matters.

    The difference between Johnson and Wright is about 8 years–the latter is only 24 and has an upside. I cannot imagine what Jonathan Johnson’s upside (his major league ERA is 6.63) is except that he is local–and therefore will not get lost on his way to Turner field if called up.

  25. I’m not at all big on Jonathan Johnson. I suspect, however, that he gets chances because he was a 1st round draft pick. That it was the Rangers who took him should taint the pick somehow, since they seem only able to deliver major league hitters.

    I’d say they are taking a chance on him because he is going to eat innings at Richmond, but the truth is that in looking over his career, he’s just not an innings eater. He seems to struggle to get to 100 in a season.

    So, I’m at a loss as to why he’s taking a spot on the 40 man roster.

  26. My guess is that Johnson has major league experience, but given how badly he pitched (even if it was in Texas) it still hardly makes sense….

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