16 thoughts on “Vulgar Display of Power Game Thread”

  1. @ John R. from the last thread, Agostino was actually part of a big trade in the NHL this week. The Penguins traded him to the Flames as part of the Iginla trade.

  2. Oops, tie game. Minnesota will not go quietly. It’s 2-2 with 5 minutes left.

  3. Continuing March Madness chat from the last thread:

    – I went out on a semi-limb and picked Syracuse for the upset last night. Indiana has great talent and the *general concept* is well-coached, but on a minute-by-minute basis, Crean just ain’t that great. IU’s plan was to shrug off the 2-3 by running up and down on Syracuse, but the Cuse has athletes, too. Zeller wandered to the top of the lane a couple times and took one shot (that I remember) and hit it, but otherwise, he got lost underneath that defense. Dude’s soft. Of course, Syracuse still had to actually score, which sometimes is a foreign concept (http://scores.espn.go.com/ncb/recap?gameId=330680046).

    – Florida is going to murder FGCU. I mean really dump a safe on them.

    – Duke gets beat by teams with guards who can penetrate and bigs who can board. Like Michigan State.

    – An Ohio State University is at least making their crazy-easy road to the Final Four exciting. I like how everyone is prerequisitely trashing Aaron Craft for the hustely-try-hard-PG routine. We don’t live in the David Eckstein Era anymore. Don’t strain anything beating Wichita State for a trip to the Final Four, guys.

  4. @10 as a BIG fan who watches tons of basketball, I can tell you Crean is in the bottom half of the conference in coaching ability. He’s an excellent recruiter but when it comes to making adjustments on the fly he’s in over his head more times than not.

    I also picked MSU over Duke. Michigan – Kansas was a tough one for me but I chose the Jayhawks.

  5. Great night of basketball. Fk you, Cinderella! I had Michigan State in the Final Four, so I’m a bit bummed that I picked the wrong school from that state to advance, but at least I got the right Florida school.

    And what a wonderful effort by Florida. Sure, it doesn’t “count” because the final score wasn’t within 10. (Although Florida was trying! You see all those free throws they missed in the last two minutes? It was because they wanted Gulf Coast to get it within 10 so everyone would shut up about that arbitrary cutoff.) But you can’t tell me that Florida didn’t show character hanging in when FGCU was hitting frickin EVERYTHING and Florida couldn’t buy a shot. They closed out the first half excellently, got off to a great start at the beginning of the second half, and held the game just far enough out of reach for FGCU to not really have a shot. It was the basketball equivalent of an older sibling holding the younger sibling’s toy just out of their reach while the kid jumps up and down crying but can’t quite get to it.

    But in the end, it was a great defensive effort that got them through. Folks thought Georgetown had a good defense because they can’t score and they play other teams that can’t score. People underrate Florida’s defense because they have an offense that can actually put some points on the board. That my friends was a fantastic defensive effort across the board.

    Best thing: they basically did it getting nothing from Murphy and Young. Like, almost literally nothing on the offensive end. Defensively Young was fine, but the real standout was Will Yguette whose length and quickness were simply too much for FGCU. I can’t wait for Michigan. That’ll be a tougher matchup, and they’ll need to knock down more 3-pointers than they did tonight. And miss fewer layups. Excitement!

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