The 44 Greatest Atlanta Braves, #29: Freddie Freeman (by bledsoe)

No. 29: Freddie Freeman
Braves Seasons: 2010-2014
LH Hitting, RH Throwing First Baseman
.285/.366/.466; 104 HR, 424 RBI, 405 RS, 129 OPS+

I simply love this guy. Frederick Charles Freeman came to the Braves from Orange County, California, taken in … Finish Reading

The 44 Greatest Atlanta Braves, #22: Craig Kimbrel (by bledsoe)

No. 22: Craig Kimbrel
Braves Seasons: 2010-2014
Right-handed Relief Pitcher
15-10; ERA 1.43, WHIP 0.903, 186 SV, 289 IP

A comet.

It is difficult to overstate how good this guy was. He blew away Smoltz’s club record for saves in … Finish Reading