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I posted this last year, but a refresher:

It’s pretty simple. Be nice to me, and be nice to your fellow posters. Don’t use extreme profanity. Don’t make comments slandering entire groups of people. Use common sense. Basically, treat this forum like a civilized conversation. Don’t write anything you wouldn’t want your mother to hear you say.

There is one judge, me. (Unless Merv thinks I’ve let things get out of hand.) Everyone gets one warning. On the second offense, you’re banned. You can appeal to me via email but insulting the judge is a very bad way to get him to agree with you.

I didn’t want to do this, but I also don’t want this site to go the way of Usenet, or Metafilter, or Little Green Footballs, or (name your own online forum that’s been taken over by barbarians).

I will add one new point, or rather reinforce the first sentences. Be civilized, and do not attack other posters personally. I’d like everyone to think first. Would you speak aloud to another individual what you’re writing? If not, you probably shouldn’t write it.

14 thoughts on “Comments policy”

  1. Oh Mac, you’re such a $%@*$&^@# &^$*&&^#@ !!!!!

    Just kidding. Keep up all the good work.

  2. Thanks, Mac, for the calm reminder. I’m soooo dying to read your previews. My daughter’s getting married on Sunday and I really need someone with a level head to to talk about something I’ll actually enjoy.
    Save us, Mac. Them Marlins are coming hard again!

  3. Good one, Mac. Pretty much the only time I get tired of this site is when the comments stray into back-and-forth arguments instead of intelligent, braves-centered conversation.

  4. The Big Cat retired today at 399 career HRs.

    I’ll never forget Opening Day 2000. Classy player who went out on his own terms.

  5. Why don’t you just let me roll my Ten Commandments monument in here Mac? It would make it much easier for everyone.

  6. I figured something was up when I saw two subjects with all those posts. Have been out a bit and didn’t want to go through them. I’m still predicting the division in this order, and feel even better about it with Andruw playing exceptional ball.


    Sorry, but the Marlins will implode when Delgado pops a vein because he’s hitting below the Jason Giambi Line.

  7. Braves

    On a limb with the Phillies. The players relax and hit under Charlie Manuel, and their pitching steps up, just not enough.

  8. Braves

    The Washington Post baseball preview today lists a “rival” for every team. For the Braves, they say its the Marlins. I probably would have said the Mets.

  9. Mac,
    What are your predictions on who’s going to make the 25 man roster start out in ATL. Also, who’s the first pitcher/position player called up? My predictions to follow.

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