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  1. Except maybe for the Top 10, the rankings don’t matter so much to me—I’m just enjoying the memories & anecdotes. Thanks, Mac.

  2. I assume that the last 20 or so spots will be filled predominantly with players from the time of the streak due to the fact that the teams were so much better then the ones from the 70’s and 80’s. I can only think of maybe 2 more guys from the early 80’s and that’s about it. You’ll have to excuse me I’ve only been a fan since ’88 when I was 12.

  3. Here in reverse chronological order are all the #45s in Atlanta Braves history:

    Dan Meyer
    Trey Hodges
    Odalis Perez
    Terry Mulholland
    Paul Byrd (I)
    Jose Oliva
    Vinny Castilla (I)
    Charlie Puleo
    Eddie MIller
    Jamie Easterly
    Oscar Brown
    Don Cardwell
    Paul Doyle
    Ed Sadowski

    Sad to say, but it appears that Puleo did the most with #45, by which I mean he was average for parts of 4 seasons. Easterly wore it the longest (’74-’79), though, so I’m calling it his number. He beats out my sentimental favorite, Ed Sadowski.

    Sadowski went 1 for 9 in 1966, coming off a fine 1965 in which he was the last starting catcher in Atlanta Crackers history. His spare time was spent successfully replicating his genome by fathering future Georgia Bulldog All-American tight end (and my fellow 1984 Chamblee HS alum) Troy Sadowski.

    Mac, I think you’re doing the right thing by keeping the number at 44.

  4. Of the other eight… Three were members of the team going back to the Milwaukee days. Two were mostly active in the early seventies, two in the early eighties. And one was all three, which should make guessing that one pretty easy.

    There were a couple of guys (nineties relievers) whom I’m not sure about leaving out, so I could get it to 47.

  5. Whatever happened to Trey Hodges anyways? I remember him being extremely effective when he came up with (I think) Jung Bong, but towards the end of the year he had absolutely been broken down due to overuse in the bullpen. After that, he disappeared (baseball-reference says he signed with the Twins and got dropped soon after) Does anybody have any insight, or did his arm just fall off?

  6. @9

    Ha! Jung Bong! The awesomest thing about him was hearing Skip say “another hit off bong,” That was some funny stuff.

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