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I mean, I have to work and stuff. Open thread, see you tomorrow with a recap. Chipper’s stupid oblique muscle, grr.

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  1. Small sample size caveats (et al) apply – but, you guys realize how good Bernero has been this year? 2.78 ERA, 1.01 WHIP 19:2 K:BB ratio…I doubt he can keep it up, but if he ends up the year with numbers in the ballpark (heck, even if his K/BB ratio drops to ‘only’ 4 or so…) of where they are now, he will have been quite another feather in Leo’s multi-plumed cap. I know there are other metrics out there, but combine that effectiveness with how he’s been used (emergency long relief when starters have left for injury {which has happened a disturbing amount already}), and you could say he’s been quite valuable

  2. Ok…does anyone else hate Damn KolBB right now or is it just me? ARGGGH…why can’t we just get a guy who is not a headcase and can also throw strikes without blowing a game?

  3. Well, that was pathetic. I know that calls for Kolb to be replaced as closer (TM) go out every time he blows a save – but, really, how many BS will it take for them to make a move?
    I don’t know that they have anyone they feel comfortable putting in the position, though (as in, anyone they have complete confidence in, like they did with Smoltz).
    I did kinda wonder why they bothered having Sosa warming up – if it’s Kolb’s game all the way, a fat lot of good it did to have Sosa ‘ready’.
    I’m not advocating anyone in particular – but at this point, why not let Reitsma, Foster, Sosa & Bernero have shots at it. They’ve all looked good (and, at times, excellent) this season. Give it to one until he blows one, then give it to the next guy. I know that’s an arbitrary way to do it, but I don’t think there’s anything ‘wrong’ about it.
    Or maybe Smoltz wants to move back to closer, since he’s not getting credit for any wins that the pen (Kolb) keeps coughing up (kidding w/ the Smoltz comment, folks)

  4. I have a question with the current injuries to Hampton and Thompson who are the probable pitchers for the Mets series. Both teams probables

  5. And you gotta feel for Smoltz, pitching his guts out (again) for another no decision.
    On the bright side, the bullpen is identified as a problem early enough in the season that maybe they’ll have something worked out and a solid pen by the time the end of the year comes around. I guess the danger with that is that is will be a Tom Martin/Kent Mercker/Ray King ‘solutions’ – not that they were all just awful, but none of them were (IMHO) particularly better than the in-house relievers (either already with the big club and not being used much, or in the minors). And, I know that, in defense of Martin/Mercker/King et al, they each had a major league track record, which is generally more reliable than the minor league track record (not to start a whole debate on that – track records in both majors & minors are useful, not cure-alls).
    But, again – Kolb is just painful to watch…

  6. Chuck,
    Don’t know about the whole series, but I read today that with the off day Thursday they may be able to put Smoltz in Thomson’s spot and just skip him. Don’t know if anything has been announced for sure about Hampton’s spot but Mac (or somebody) was speculating about someone being called up to fill in a turn for Hampton.

  7. Im going to the Wednesday game against the Mets and im wondering who would be the likely starters?

  8. I’ve been at both games. The Padres are definitely in a zone right now, particularly late in games, especially against bad bullpens. Something has to be done about Kolb.

    Back at it tomorrow. Let’s hope Kolb misses the team bus.

  9. Unfortunately, as I see it, the only thing to do is to hope he doesn’t cost them too many games and then go out and get a closer at the trade deadline, like Wagner or Mesa. I don’t see any reasonable in-house solutions and no one is available now. (No, John Rocker does not count)

    It’s really, really frustrating to watch Kolb pitch.

  10. “It’s not his mechanics,” Braves manager Bobby Cox said of Kolb, who has issued 16 walks in 16 2/3 innings this year. “I don’t have the answer.”

    Translation, “We’ve had enough of this crap.”
    The Braves are going to have to do something they don’t want to do, and it will cost them more than Capellan to do so.

  11. The fact that the Braves were willing to eat Martin’s contract may be a sign that they will dispense with KolBB’s services without further delay. They’ve given him more than the benefit of a doubt, but now it’s time to find a closer, even if it that role has to be filled by committee. Having given up so many walks, KolBB can’t even be an effective middle reliever.

  12. DAN KOLB SUCKS. I have cringed to see the 9th come from the second week of the season. I feel for the man, not so much because of the booing he has recieved at home, (I’m sure they love to see him up in the pen on the road), but because it must be tiring dodging all those base hits rocketing toward his cranium. Dan, please, buy a used car lot and go into business for your sake and ours! PLEASE DUDE PLEASE…

  13. Let’s just hope that KolBB doesn’t have a copy of “the photos.” It seems that the organization wants to give people chance after chance after chance.

  14. Here’s what KolBB has to say in today’s AJC: “‘Leadoff walks don’t bother me,’ Kolb said. ‘I’m a ground-ball pitcher; I can get double plays. But when they’re hitting them where people aren’t, it’s tough.'” Famous last words?

  15. I know the problem with Kolb! I saw a van today with “Kolb Electric” on it. So, we must have gotten the electrician rather than a relief pitcher.

  16. Memories of Rocker? Would that be the Rocker with e.r.a.s of 2.13; 2.49; and 2.89 in his 3 years here, with a better than 2:1 strike-out to walk ratio? Don’t morph political dislike of Rocker into some equivalency with Kolb. Rocker was much, much better.

  17. Here’s what KolBB has to say in today’s AJC: “‘Leadoff walks don’t bother me,’ Kolb said. ‘I’m a ground-ball pitcher; I can get double plays. But when they’re hitting them where people aren’t, it’s tough.'”

    I about lost my lunch when I read this. Is this not the dumbest thing you’ve ever heard? I’ve wanted to give Kolb the benefit of the doubt, but this seals it for me. If Reitsma wasn’t struggling, he’d be closing by now. But, he is, leaving nobody in house. Take that back – ANYBODY is better than Kolb…

  18. It reminds me of when Steve Avery was disgruntled and then Bobby put him in the game in a relief situation against the Yankees (if I am recalling this correctly). And, of course, he proceeded to then blow the game. He had said something to the effect of not wanting to pitch for Bobby anymore or being unhappy with the organization, yet Bobby still put his ass out there. I was so angry. Does anyone else remember that?

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