Special Guest Game Thread: Braves at Marlins, Aug. 19

Pete OrrHello, this is Braves infielder Pete Orr.  I’ve been asked to write this game thread and given free rein to talk about whatever I want.  And yes, I’m Canadian, so I’ve decided to use this opportunity to preview the upcoming Atlanta Thrashers hockey season. As I see it, the key to the Thrashers’ season is…

[5000 boring words about boring boring hockey deleted — MT]

…least they’re not the Hawks.

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  1. You talking bad about hockey ehh? You Yanks always bashing our sport ehh? Then no more Maple Syrup and Shania Twain for you!!!

    And another thing ehh, Snakes on a Bobsled ehh.

  2. USA won last night by 11 points. Next time Puerto Rico will beat them. Is Canada playing in Japan?

  3. Canadians aren’t pathetic, eh? We’ve got Thorman from the Great White North too, eh?

    Braves pitchers can take pride in one thing over the last two days- they’re not the Red Sox staff.

    1914 Update:

    NY Giants 59-45 (–)
    Boston Braves 57-47 (2 GB)
    St. Louis Cardinals 59-52 (3.5)
    Chicago Cubs 56-52 (5)
    Brooklyn Robins 49-56 (10.5)
    Pittsburgh Pirates 49-56 (10.5)
    Philadelphia Phillies 48-57 (11.5)
    Cincinnati Reds 48-60 (13)

    Today’s Game:
    Boston 200 010 000 – 3 6 1 WP- Tyler
    Cincy 000 010 001 – 2 8 4 LP- Ames

    The Braves scored their last run on a walk and two errors. One of the errors was by George Twombly, the guy the Reds signed from Baltimore instead of Babe Ruth.

  4. Let’s hear it for the Columbus, Ga., Little League team. They just beat Staten Island, NY, in the Little League World Series, 3-2 in extra innings.

  5. Looking like Marcus will be resting again…and Langy’s defense is not enough to keep him in the lineup with the way Diaz is hitting.

  6. Wow, MLBTv is having a national blackout for a Braves-Marlins game, that has to be Bud’s genius at the highest level.

  7. If the Braves lost again tonight when Chuckie only giving up two solo shots to Cody Ross, I am going to give up this season.

  8. I was catching up on the other thread…

    Brandon Jones is on the DL now and out for the season… will be having surgery on his non-throwing shoulder.

    for those that get CSS… Richmond is on right now and I think (not sure) it’s a double header. Daniel Curtis is pitching the game right now.

  9. I’m really getting sick of TS games…. there’s way too many now and I can’t see em!

  10. And we bat Diaz eighth because… is there any coherent explanation? Has any ever been offered?

  11. Diaz hits eighth because Francoeur is still, for no reason anyone can understand, not only in the lineup but hitting sixth.

    Oh, well. That was worth the risk.

  12. Brian, please learn how to keep your right hand behind your back when you are catching please…you are too damn important…

  13. Well, I’m right handed so that’s not usually a problem. Also, when I catch, I usually have enough problems locating the ball first… oh. You mean the Brian with baseball talent.

  14. nice job, James

    Ok if you are real Thorman

    I saw baseball for the first time in my life but was interested in hockey better than baseball while growing up rapidly.
    It starts in October :) I iust hope would like to live in Canada someday :)

  15. I’ve often considered it for various reasons. My father’s from Montreal, and I have fond memories of my visits. I’ve heard great things about Vancouver, but I’ve never been there. Very much like Seattle, from what I’ve heard.

  16. @-@ Rochey. He has a tenacity in him nowadays.

    There are Franch-Canadian in Montreal I know. possibly????
    I think they are gorgeous :)

  17. Sorry I’m late, eh? I just got back from working at the root beer factory with my best friends Ed McBrian and Brian McEdward, working off a pretty serious bender after Evgeny Malkin signed in the States. That kid can really skate, you know?

  18. Frenchy drives in those 2-out runs just often enough to excuse the rest of his performance.

    As for Montreal, there’s a sizable English-speaking minority in the city in the city, mostly on the west side of the city. Until the 1960s, English-speakers dominated the city’s business and culture.

  19. Montreal is a nice city, but I always find Canadian cities boring. I guess I will appreciate them more when I get older.

    Nice easy inning for Chuckie!

  20. Pittsburgh came back from a 6-run deficit to tie it in Cincinnati. Maybe if they win it’ll count for 2 or 3 in the standings.

  21. Which is more frightening, that Skip would say we should go after a 37-year-old Seanez, or that (looking at Yates and Paronto) we probably should?

  22. Chip and Skip are perverted….

    SC:”the rain starts to fall and the fans scatter for cover”
    SC: “like it or not the are getting a wet t-shirt contest”
    CC: “I know I like it”
    SC:” oh, me too!”

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