Braves 4, Astros 1 – MLB – Box Score – Astros at Braves

We have one thing to play for…


I’m petty.

Tight pitching matchup most of the way between Roger Clemens and Chuck James, who is young enough to be Clemens’ son if his first name were spelled “Khuck”. (“Kcuhc”?) The Astros got a couple of first-inning walks but couldn’t get a hit. The Braves didn’t really threaten until they got their first two on in the fifth, but then couldn’t do anything. Finally in the sixth, Orr (second baseman of the day) hit a leadoff chopper for a single, and Renteria’s hit-and-run went off an infielder’s glove for first and third. Then Chipper hit a slow chopper to first, and Berkman was so intent on coming home he forgot to catch the ball. Andruw singled in Renteria to make it 2-0.

The Astros got a one-out homer from Biggio, followed by an infield single, but that runner was stranded. Kali got one man in the eighth, then McBride struck out two with a creamy base on balls filling. In the home eighth, Renteria and Chipper hit back-to-back homers for breathing room. With two out, Wickman allowed back-to-back singles but ended it with a strikeout.


James, after those two first-inning walks, didn’t walk anyone else, allowed just four more hits, and struck out eight. Pretty good work.

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  1. knocking the astros out is the only thing that could salvage this eason for me. sweet pay back. lovin’ it.

  2. Nice. It’s a shame, because I’d have loved to see the Cards blow it, too…. Is there any way Cinci can still win the Central?

  3. Since this is Chuck James’ last start in 2006, I’ll do ask this one final time.

    Mark Bowman, do you still think the Braves should trade Chuck James to make room for Horacio Ramirez during this offseason? Do you still want the rotation next year to be: Smoltz, Hudson, Hampton, Ramirez and Davies?

  4. I would love it if Chuck James became the answer to a Roger Clemens trivia question, then went on to have a great career in Atlanta.

    Now he & McCann have something in common.

  5. I’m pulling for the Braves to keep on winning, but I don’t really care whether the Astros or the Cards go to the playoffs. The way they’ve been playing lately, the Cards will be eliminated quickly against anyone they play. There are 2 main teams that I don’t want to see win in the playoffs (Yankees and Mets). I also would like to see the NL make a decent showing in the WS, but it doesn’t seem likely. It looks like the only hope is San Diego or LA.

  6. From a previous thread:

    “Dan, Mobile ESPN isn’t dead. I work at a Best Buy in an area where, besides the TB Bucs, there isn’t a whole lot of sports interest and it’s a successful seller. It’s a provider made for a very select market (people who desire tons of sports content and can afford it too), and it’s only offered a few places nationally (Sprint stores, Best Buy, Wireless Toyz) and random independent or small chains. It wasn’t supposed to be the next Verizon; it was supposed to be a fan for hardcore sports fans.” -Rob

    That was followed by ububba and a couple of others saying they wanted it dead. Is it just me, or does the news from yesterday sure make it sound dead, they’re folding.

    The people at deadspin are gloating over this. I don’t know why, but they’re obsessed with this phone.

  7. Eh, we’re all petty, Mac. I don’t care, I loooooooveeeed it.

    Another potential storyline:

    If Smoltzie makes his final scheduled start and has his strikeouts going, he has an outside shot at the NL strikeout crown.

  8. Braves
    Kyle Davies (ATL – SP)

    News: Kyle Davies lasted just 3 1/3 innings and gave up five runs — four earned — Thursday in a loss to the Mets.
    Impact: Davies walked six while getting lit up for the fifth time in six starts since returning from a torn groin. There’s been speculation that the Braves could trade him with Mike Hampton coming back, but it’d definitely be a case of selling low. Davies still should be a future No. 3. He’s a potential bargain pick if he begins 2007 in the rotation.


  9. I think the ad dollars to subscribers ratio for ESPN Mobile was like $5000/1. Of course, it’s more like lost ad revenue, and they surely stuck the ads in some places that weren’t necessarily for sale to other advertisers (some SC segments, etc.)

  10. You’re right, drewdat. $150,000,000 in ads and 30,000 subscribers. That’s $5,000 in ads for each subscriber. Not good.

  11. I hate the Astros way more than the Cardinals just because of the last two years… I would love it if the Braves can keep these Astros out of the playoff. Just like what Chipper said, this series is the playoff for the Braves.

    Way to go Chucky!!!

  12. Just read this on I guess we will see what will happen…

    “Mass coaching changes? Early Friday evening, Braves general manager John Schuerholz wasn’t ready to announce any potential changes to the coaching staff. But it seems a strong possibility that he could be announcing a number of changes by Sunday.

    While everything remains speculation, it seems rather definite that Eddie Perez will replace Bobby Dews as the team’s bullpen coach. The 67-year-old Dews, who has finally reached the age where his body no longer allows him to take on the daily physical rigors in the bullpen, doesn’t feel he’s ready for retirement.

    There’s a chance Dews could be moved to another role, such as bench coach, currently served by Pat Corrales. Earlier this week, Corrales indicated he’d like to return next year. But at the same time, he gave an indication that it wouldn’t be a certainty.

    There’s a chance there could be even more coaching changes made. One that seems likely would involve third-base coach Fredi Gonzalez, who some consider the favorite to be named the Marlins’ next manager if Joe Girardi isn’t retained.

    One of the top candidates to fill one of Atlanta’s potential coaching vacancies is Chino Cadahia, the team’s current Minor League field coordinator. During his 10 years in the Braves organization, Cadahia has become known for his knowledge, enthusiasm and organizational skills.”

  13. Did anyone see what McCann had to say about his ejection from Joe West on Thursday against the Mets?

    “I asked him, ‘Where did you have that call?'” McCann said. “He said, ‘I had it low.’ Then he asked me, ‘Where did you have it?’ I said, ‘I had it down the middle.’ Before I could even … I was getting thrown out. There wasn’t one cuss word. I wasn’t even yelling at him.”

  14. The umpires have gotten out of control. They need to get it through their freaking heads that nobody comes to the game to watch them.

  15. This is setting up perfectly for ultimate revenge. The Astros start today 1.5 games back with 2 to play (3 potentially for the Cardinals). Cormier is starting tonight so they’ll win today. The Cardinals will win too. Which brings us to the final game of the season with the Astros needing a win and a Cardinals loss to force St. Louis to play their rained out game with the Giants… but they have to face John Smoltz! GAME OVER.

  16. Khuck – that is high comedy. I hate how Klemens spells his kids names with K’s. If Frenchy and his hot girlfriend have them though, maybe he should do the same thing. Either that or in an ironic twist have them all have BB’s like Gabby or Robby. Either way Klemens is still a klown.

  17. I guess I’m the only one who would rather see the Astros in the post-season than the Cards. I can’t stand LaRussa. And with how long the ‘Stros were our beetches in the playoffs, the last two years haven’t made me hate them. And I would love little more than watching Clemens absolutely destroy the Mets.

  18. I hate the Cardinals more than I hate the Astros (LaRussa, that fact that people said Edmonds was better defensively than Andruw…)q, so I can’t really decide what I want. I want the Braves to win out, just because that would be cool, and I want them to definitely win on Sunday, because they haven’t won the last game they’ve played in 11 years.

    At the same time, I don’t think the Cardinals could get past the Mets (if Philly wins the WC), and I don’t want the Mets in the NLCS. So, it’s a problem. I suppose I’ll solve it by just rooting for the Braves for the next two days, and seeing how everything pans out.

  19. Marcus Giles being gone next season is a given. The Braves want to free up the money, and he will cost about five million for 2007. But I’d rather have Orr play second than Prado (gasp) since we’re going with cheap, already with the Braves, talent for second next year.

    There are only two more Braves games between now and April 2007. Why must one of them be filled with Lance Cormier? To give me even more bad memories?

  20. When the Busch Stadium organist began playing the “Tomahawk Chop” ditty Friday night, the St. Louis Cardinals knew it was good news: The Houston Astros had finally lost.

    I don’t think you’ll hear the Braves chant going too often here,” Weaver said. “But it was nice to hear, and a big swing for us.”

    Fans were doing the tomahawk chop while keeping track of the two games, although manager Tony La Russa said he wasn’t aware that the Astros had lost until he heard the familiar chords.

    “I thought that was really a good touch. Very smart,” La Russa said. “And our fans enjoyed it.”

  21. That’s great. It’s nice to have such a recognizable “ditty.”

    Of course, the Mets fans started doing a mock chop after the Mets clinched, so the chop has gone around the league this September.

  22. “…hope the 1st round treats them well”

    Yeah right.

    Congrats to the Mets on their one straight division title.

  23. Just watched the reply of the Braves game! Nice act of revenge. At least the end of 2006 has something going for it. I wish that I had seen the Cardinals fans doing the Chop.

    If Smoltz wins and gets lots of Ks, he could still lead the league in strikeouts and be one of several pitchers with the most wins–16. Granted alot has to fall the right way, but it would be great finish.

    Smoltz for Cy Young!

  24. Personally, im torn because i want to beat the ‘stros as payback for the last two years

    but along with being a braves fan im also a royals fan and i hate la russa and the cards and would rather get punched in the nuts then see them make the playoffs

    also, because the stros have the best chance to knock the mets out of the playoffs with their rotation

    *sigh* im so confused

  25. Bobby has been friends with Corrales since boyhood, I believe; I can’t see him being replaced. Also, Corrales has major league managing experience and Dews doesn’t, and the bench coach takes over the team when Bobby is ejected (six more to go!)

  26. If we’re relegated to spoiler, then I’m fine with beating whatever team is on the schedule. I’m no LaRussa fan & I’m not thrilled helping them, but I don’t mind ruining Houston’s season either.


    I think the reason most folks rejoice over the failure of the ESPN phone has more to do with their growing misgivings of ESPN and its never-ending & obnoxious branding attempts. For me personally, it’s just too much, too brazen, too often. Instead of giving us the scores or some insight (any insight!), it’s any excuse to sell us stuff. It’s junk mail masquerading as a broadcast. Enough.

  27. Wow, I was really freaking wrong about Mobile ESPN. I mean, they were doing moderately well on activation considering their limited market, but dang, I didn’t think they would fold. Start getting cheaper like T-Mobile did, maybe, but wow. My bad.

    Atleast, like many have said, we don’t have to see a Mobile ESPN plug on every thing ESPN does. And now I don’t have to feel convicted about not selling their new Ace phone. I also don’t have to deal with their weak activation system. I could always get through to their third-party activation line. Now I know why :)

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