Game Thread: Astros at Braves, Sept. 29

I write this Tuesday afternoon. At the time of this writing, it’s possible that the Astros still have something to play for. Knocking them out of the playoffs isn’t much, but it’s the least those bastards deserve. Let’s keep playoff baseball out of that joke stadium for 2006.

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  1. I support calling the Astros’ ridiculous home park by its original name- Fraud Field. How many of those crooked E’s did they have to pry off the seats?

    1914 Update:

    x-Boston Braves 88-56 (–)
    NY Giants 80-66 (9 GB)
    St. Louis Cardinals 77-69 (12)
    Chicago Cubs 75-73 (15)
    Philadelphia Phillies 72-75 (17.5)
    Brooklyn Robins 71-75 (18)
    Pittsburgh Pirates 64-82 (25)
    Cincinnati Reds 58-89 (31.5)

    Today’s Game:
    Cubs 100 100 000 – 2 5 0 LP- Cheney
    Bost 000 020 001 – 3 3 2 WP- Hughes

    In his first start of the season, Tom Hughes gets to be on the winning side of the pennant-clinching game.

    A double by Possum Whitted in the bottom of the 9th drives in the winning run. Larry Cheney of the Cubs walked ten batters in his complete-game loss.

    Combined with the Giants’ 5-2 loss at home to Pittsburgh, the win officially makes the Braves National League Champions for the first time since 1898.

  2. I guess I would rather see the hot team win. Astros have the pitching to shut down the Mets, the Cards dont. I would like to see LaRussa sit out the post season. I guess I really dont care either way

  3. Maybe it’s just the fact that the Braves won’t be in the postseason, but the NL playoffs are looking more and more like a joke. Will we be treated in the NLCS to the tantalizing pitching matchup of Trachsel v. Woody Williams. I can barely wait.

  4. Of course, Josh, our pitching matchups wouldn’t have elevated the proceedings. There’s a very real chance we’d need Lance Cormier to start Game 4 of a Division Series.

  5. I’d rather have revenge. If anything, that is the draw for the last Braves games of the season. The Astros have to win games against the Braves. Obviously, it’s most likely they will. They’re hot.

    But some Braves fans, like me, want the Braves to play spoiler and deny the Astros the playoffs. Cardinals fans desperately want the Braves to beat the Astros and for their team to beat the Brewers.

    Funny how things turn out, doesn’t it?

  6. “Yeah. I like what I’m doing and I know what I’m doing,” Baker said. “And I know what the circumstances have been. I know myself. I was thinking about Larry Brown last night. Larry had a bad year in New York with the Knicks. Does that mean he doesn’t know how to coach anymore? It doesn’t work like that. You just don’t lose it that quickly. You don’t lose it at all. Look at Joe Paterno. He’s still got it. … I actually gained from this experience.”

    hmmm? Baker comparing himself to Paterno, that’s good stuff!!

  7. True Brian…but I guess that is the reason why we are already talking about next year. I’m willing to bet that in that game 4 of the division series we would get an early lead. We’d probably be up 6 or 7 going into the 8th and then the bullpen would give up 8 in 2 innings. Man I am so happy that football season is here. Otherwise I would have gone mad long ago.

  8. should we give Huddy the final start of the season and hope that he’ll be great. Might give us some incentive on the market, with his last few starts being of quality. Could very well back fire against a hot Houston team though. We blew Smoltz shot at the Cy Young already

  9. Not relevant, but did anyone know that TJ Houshmanzadeh and Chad Johnson both played at Oregon St at the same time?

  10. My ESPN is only showing the Phillies too. That’s not fair. I wanted to see how James would do against Clemens…

    So far he’s doing just fine.

  11. First things first: FIRE LARRY COKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The other thing: If you don’t like Phillies/Marlins you should see Deal or No Deal. That’s a great show.

  12. Judging from the number of posts tonight not too many of us are watching or listening. Kinda reminds me of the mid 80’s when I lived in CA. and used to go up to Candlestick when the Braves where in town and they were both horrible. One night I was there, there were only around 4,000 people there. We all sat in the first couple of rows all around the stadium. Bruce Benedict and Terry Forster came out of the bullpen dugout and talked to us for a couple of innings, leaning on the left field wall. I guess it helped that my wife was a “knockout” and they flirted outrageously with her but I didn’t mind. It was so cool to be having a conversation with those guys!

  13. Chuck got out of it, striking out Ausmus and Burke. Now if only we could get through the 8th innings unscathed for once, we can win this thing.

  14. DOB has an interesting question on his blog. Do we beat Houston and keep them out of the playoffs, or let them win and (hopefully) play the Mets in the Division Series. His point was that the Mets would find out what if would be like to limp into October with a hurting pitching staff and go against Clemens, Oswalt, et al, so they would see just how hard it is.

    Interesting thought.

    Yates? That was scary. I have a little more faith in McBride.

  15. Ken Simonton got alot of attention on that Oregon St. team. I remember more of him than I do of Johnson and Housmanblahblah.

    Well that’s probably because I have the mental capacity of a guinea pig

  16. Bobby should just bring Wickman in now. It’s not like he needs to rest for the postseason, or anything…

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