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So, what’s Kyle Davies’ deal? Is he still hurt, or does he just suck? It was 3-0 before he recorded an out last night, and it was 5-0 when he left in the fourth. Joey Devine came in and pitched well; as his ERA lowers and Davies’ gets higher, if the season were a week longer (thank God it’s not) they probably would have met at about 9. Davies allowed five hits and walked six while striking out only one; frankly, he was lucky to allow only five runs. Moylan came in and undid the good work he’d been doing by allowing single runs in the fifth and sixth.

McCann and Bobby were thrown out for arguing a walk call (Davies apparently had been issued a ball for breathing on his hands) and this time Pena, not Pratt, replaced McCann. The other Pena, L’il Tony, was actually the hitting star on the night, going 3-5 and raising his average all the way to .227. The Braves had ten hits but nobody else had more than one. Andruw had a couple of walks and hit a homer in the ninth.

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  1. only 3 more…Yes, Kyle just sucks. Hitters have seen him now and he cant make the adjustments to throw lower in the zone. For some reason he cant get the ball over any part of the plate either, 6 BB in 3 IP???? That’s not an injury, thats a loss of confidence. I hope winter ball helps him, but I’m afraid it wont.

  2. You’d think Davies has killed his shot at being 5th starter next year, but I have a feeling somebody else in the rotation — most likely Ramirez but possibly Hudson or both — will be gone and Kyle will be back.

    I’m actually looking forward to the chance to spoil the Astro’s mad push to catch St. Louis this weekend. If the Braves win at least 2 games in this upcoming series, it will almost atone for last year’s playoff flop.

  3. If JS keeps insisting that he is going to improve our pitching 1st and foremost, Davies has lost the job. There is no way he can look at Davies being our 5th starter and saying that its been improved. We need both SP and RP to improve and get to where we need to be.

  4. I’m thinking about that too Ron. I still remember that horrible game four last year. It’s time for payback.

  5. . When the season’s over, that’s when we will talk. “There’s a lot of teams out there that have a lot of money. L.A. [Dodgers], Anaheim, the Mets. … A lot of people are willing to spend money for good players.

    Would it kill you to watch Andruw go to the Mets?

  6. i remember when kd was tearing up the carolina league in early 2004 and i couldn’t wait for the braves to have an ace with my name. even his first start against the red sox was great. hasn’t gone so well for poor kyle since then :(

  7. I didnt look much at the previous thread, but did anyone mention the pitch Hernandez threw to Darryl Ward. That was one of the nastiest things I’ve seen. 58 mph, I believe, w/ a 4 foot drop. You could hear the crowd. Very impressive

  8. Another example of the Braves rushing kids to the major leagues. Davies needed more time in the minors. This creates two problems: it stunts development (debatable) and once they do develop they’re not as cheap.

  9. KJ has more power and possibly better OBP. Can Prado, Orr, or Aybar potentially knock 20 HR, 40 2Bs a year?

  10. I posted this on the previous thread not realizing that I was the only one still looking at that thread:

    If we signed Andruw and couldn’t move Hudson, then who would have to go. I’m going with the assumption that in 08 we would not be able to afford both of them. I could be wrong, but my guess is that Smoltz will want to pitch in 08 and I don’t want to see him in any other uniform. We will also have Hampton’s salary in 07 (8mil if you believe they budgeted or 14+ if they didn’t) so some chips have to fall. I’m sure Giles is a name that will be mentioned, but he doesn’t save us a whole lot of cash. My preference would be that Andruw is resigned reasonably, we trade both Hudson and Giles for young pitching, and we sign Glavine for insurance.

  11. can KJ handle a grounder, last time I checked thats why he was moved to the outfield. 20HR’s, bad defense, and a possible better AVG and OBP?????

  12. “I didnt look much at the previous thread, but did anyone mention the pitch Hernandez threw to Darryl Ward. That was one of the nastiest things I’ve seen. 58 mph, I believe, w/ a 4 foot drop. You could hear the crowd. Very impressive ”

    It was a eephus. Adam LaRoche’s father, Dave, had one nicknamed the “LaRoche LaLob” which was probably the best one ever.

  13. I dont think we can afford Glavine in any scenario. I would like to see it, but it wont happen. Theres no way we can afford Smoltz, Chipper, Hampton, Andruw, Hudson, Wickman???, in 08. That’s almost $70 mil just for those guys on an approx. $80 payroll. Giles is almost 100% done in Atl after 3 more games. Hudson and/or Druw have to go. Does Renteria’s contract extend past next year? If so, he’ll have to go.

  14. He threw an eephus pitch and I missed it? That’s not fair. I was actually watching the first 3 1/2 innings of the game, so it must have come later. That would have been so much fun to see.

  15. Would Glaving take a one year deal? That is the only way I see it as a possibility. That being said, I doubt it would happen because JS doesn’t want to rebuild the pitching for one year only. I’m sure he wants to see it strong for many years. I think that we will be able to trade either Hudson or Andruw and definitely will see Giles gone for 07.

  16. I think thats all Glavine wants, but with that said he’ll want us to meet NY’s option. I dont think he would come any less than $10-12 mil for one year. I say “no thanks.”

  17. Glavine supposedly said he would retire as a Brave, at any price. And has limited his 2007 options to the Mets and the Braves. I’d still rather not have him back.

    Also, anyone else glad that “Mobile ESPN” bombed? Those commercials were everywhere, and now that stinker is dead.

  18. More like $3 million, the cost of Giles’ salary.

    I’m almost certain Giles in gone. Anyone think otherwise?

  19. Yes, I think Giles is gone. If nothing else, because his numbers haven’t been overly impressive the last couple of years. Meanwhile, because of his great second half, LaRoche will be getting a significant raise. I don’t think we can afford Giles at 4-5million and LaRoche at 5-6million with all of our other large commitments. So, yes, he’s probably gone. Plus, there are several cheap in house options (prado, orr, kj, aybar–one would think that at least one of these could be okay next year). With LaRoche, there are fewer in house options that could compete for the position (Thorman, Jurries, then who?).

  20. Dan, Mobile ESPN isn’t dead. I work at a Best Buy in an area where, besides the TB Bucs, there isn’t a whole lot of sports interest and it’s a successful seller. It’s a provider made for a very select market (people who desire tons of sports content and can afford it too), and it’s only offered a few places nationally (Sprint stores, Best Buy, Wireless Toyz) and random independent or small chains. It wasn’t supposed to be the next Verizon; it was supposed to be a fan for hardcore sports fans.

  21. Is there any hope with Davies? Is he really rushed? His minor league stats look great. I mean, not as great as Chucky, but there look awesome. What’s wrong?

    Personally, I think Kyle just needs better command of his pitches…but you can say that to pretty much all bad pitchers with good stuff…like Reitsma!!!

  22. I don’t understand why we’re getting so worked up about Davies. As Smitty said, he’s young and we should give him time. He’s been injured, he was maybe rushed, so give it time. Plus, it’s not like he’s penciled in as the #2 starter. He’ll be a 5th starter developing at the major league level. It could be A LOT worse. Does Terry Mulholland ring a bell?

  23. If we’re all lucky, ESPN Mobile will fail miserably, if it hasn’t already.

    Then, perhaps, ESPN will stop trying to sell us stuff & get back to the notion of covering sports, something it doesn’t do nearly as well as it used to. Not likely, I know, because ESPN lost the plot a long time ago.

  24. Finally, a series that is meaningful. I hope the Braves can bring out the best they have this weekend and put a sudden, gruesome ending to Houston’s season–just like they have done to us the past two seasons.

    Although, I would also love to see the Cardinals get swept and Cincy sneak into the postseason…

  25. Mobile ESPN will either be sold or wound down. it may be successful in some regions, but it’s been a pretty spectacular failure nationwide.

  26. Is there any way that Joe Morgan and the other dude (who I forgot his name) get canceled from Sunday night Baseball?

  27. This team still needs a leadoff hitter, whether Giles stays or not. I don’t think it can be Prado or Aybar at 2B, nor Johnson in LF. I don’t like playing amateur GM on here, but I’m a Ryan Freel fan.

  28. That TBS article made me mad at them again. Cal Ripkin (Mr. Oriole himself) the face of TBS Sports? And this:

    “TBS already has named Chip Caray as its lead MLB play-by-player.”

    I’m sorry, that’s just plain wrong. I’m already mourning for the good ol’ days with Skip and Pete (and we still have one more year before they just go to the Sunday games with who-knows-what-team-on-any-given-week).

    If I wasn’t a broke college kid, I’d invest in something to watch the Braves. But I don’t have any money, and so can’t do that.

    What a sad, sad time in Braves history…

  29. yeah chip seems like hes kinda a douchebag and hes not very funny and just plain annoying. How is it that someone as good as skip caray can go and have a son as moronic as chip

  30. Chip is godawful. He’s cut in the mold of today’s windbag announcers who seemed more concerned with stroking their own ego than calling the games. It’s just tragic that the Caray legacy has come to that.

    Also, I wouldn’t be surprised to see both Marcus and Andruw go. Aybar is going to be our 2B and leadoff hitter next year, and I’m just fine with that. His defense should be good enoguh and he’ll post a solid OBP. Hell, maybe he’ll even steal a base or two every now and then so that someone can FINALLY win that damn “stolen base inning” gas card that’s now worth nearly $9,000.

    I’d be nice to keep Andruw, but I just don’t think it’s going to happen financially. But who knows; maybe it might. Still, I don’t think Hudson, Hampton, or Renteria are going to move, which means Andruw is the most likely candidate.

    Maybe the Angles will give up some prime talent for him?

  31. He’s a utility guy (Freel) and I don’t think he’s played much third–mostly 2B and OF? It’s possible that Aybar could do the job, but I’d personally rather see someone who can steal 35 and get on base 35% of the time, rather than someone who might only steal 10 bases and get on 40% of the time.

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