202 thoughts on “No Particular Place To Game Thread: Cardinals at Braves, July 5”

  1. Actually, in light of the circumstances and the fact i like the song better, why not “You Can’t Catch Me”?

  2. Now that Manny is not going to play in the All Star game I wonder who Ozzie is going to start at LF.

  3. fox sports is showing the lineup


  4. Good for Chip. And seeing that he’s in the line-up that Fox is reporting, the foot must be doing pretty good.

    I think the fact that Chip led the Braves to a 3-3 record during that week, was more impressive then his offensive numbers..

  5. I bet Joe Crede takes Manny’s spot. Ozzie said that’s what he’d do if there was an injury opening. Screw him. What a farce.

  6. I remember the “funny mark” as being a z most often.

    I’m not a big fan of z’s. I still have a cartoon from 1991 somewhere celebrating that “it’s already June and the Braves aren’t mathematically eliminated yet.”

    I’m hoping Ozzie starts Mark Redman in left.

  7. Yeah, mostly it’s x’s and z’s for clinched division and clinched wild card, respectively. I just think the funniest mark on the QWERTY keyboard is the ~.

  8. Yeah, I’m remembering from when there were no wild cards and dinosaurs roamed the Earth.


  9. ATLANTA — Chipper Jones is scheduled to see a specialist Wednesday about his injured right foot, and Braves manager Bobby Cox said the reports don’t sound encouraging.

    I doubt Chipper wil play tonight if there is still a possibility of further injuring himself. I’m sure the line-up posted above is incorrect. I guess we’ll see

  10. Yahoo now has the lineups: The Braves’ lineup is as CSG posted. Here’s St. Louis:

    D. Eckstein ss
    S. Taguchi lf
    A. Pujols 1b
    S. Rolen 3b
    J. Encarnacion rf
    J. Edmonds cf
    Y. Molina c
    H. Luna 2b
    J. Suppan p

  11. chipper is in the lineup on gameday as well. maybe he got some good news today. i guess we’ll see. go bravos

  12. POLL ::::::

    Who do the Braves need to step up most in July?
    Jeff Francoeur
    Marcus Giles
    Tim Hudson
    Andruw Jones
    Chipper Jones

  13. We need Francoeur to walk up, Chipper to power up, Hudson to pitch up, and Giles to be traded up.

  14. It will be interesting to see if the cards pitch up in on Frenchy after his comments. If he was serious then I hope so, I think it would let them take out some frustration.

  15. I was just commenting on the players in Jay’s poll. You’re right of course. We also need a little more patience from Diaz, power from Langerhans, and anything from Orr or Pratt to justify their continued paychecks. And a bullpen with some working parts.

  16. I agree 100%. I really think that Barry is here to stay for awhile. He has been affective in both of his outings.

  17. Here is what will happen:

    If the Braves are winning, it will rain out in the fourth inning.
    If the Braves are losing, it will rain out after the fifth inning.

  18. OK. There we go. Nine pitches, three up, three down. That’s the way I like to see a ballgame start.

  19. In regard to the poll question, I vote that we neeed Tim Hudson to step up the most. If you look at what he has done versus what he CAN do, I think he can have the biggest impact of any of those.

  20. Obviously, James needs his own rooting section. I have two ideas that I will not implement personally but am freeing for the public domain:

    1. The Chuck Wagon, in which everyone dresses up as pioneers or cowboys.
    2. The Brides of Chucky, who dress up in wedding gear.

  21. i wanted chip to go 5-5 with 5 hr’s so he didnt have to run. here goes the test

  22. This is too good, it can’t be happening.

    God has conspired against the Braves. It will rain out with the Braves leading 10-0 in the third.

  23. C’mon, let’s knock these guys out early.

    I like the “Child’s Play” motif. (Of course, it would be awesome to get Jennifer Tilly involved.) When I think of Chuck Wagon, I don’t think of cowboys, I think of dog food.

  24. hopefully thats all chuck will need, but we shouldnt stop until we see a yankee type beating yesterday compliments of cleveland.

  25. Ask for a home run next time, ububba. Obviously, they’re listening to you.

  26. Get home a half hour after first pitch, and I miss five runs. Crazy.

    Chuck can hold this lead.

  27. The Mets also jumped out to a 5-0 lead after the first. Coindidence, or…..? OK, probably just coincidence, but hopefully they blow theirs.

  28. Chuck’s fallen behind 2-0 on Rolen and Encarnacion. Don’t try to get too cute, Chuck, just keep it in the strike zone. You’re doing fine.

  29. There was a lot of offense yesterday and it looks like there will be a lot today.

  30. This is a bit off-topic, but was there every a player profile done of Chuck James? Someone was asking about him and I wanted to link the profile from this site, but I couldn’t find it.

    Oh, and how ’bout that offense? :-)

  31. Obviously, James needs his own rooting section.

    If you supply enough beer, I could be willing to help start the upper deck “Upchuck” section.

  32. Well I thought Purina made it or something. I guess I’m wrong.

    I was born in 1986, so what do I know?

  33. Okay, this one is a bit out there, but “we” (again, I will not be participating, except in spirit) could dress up as modernist paintings or sculpture that do not depict anything existing in objective reality and go as the Chuck James Baseball Abstracts.

  34. Purina did make it; we just can’t seem to find out when they stopped making it.

    Oh by the way, Chuck himself is pitching a helluva game.

  35. Chipper back in Braves’ lineup; Reitsma out for season:

    Reitsma has sought a second opinion with Dr. James Andrews in Birmingham on July 17, Porter said.

    Porter said Andrews will help determine if Reitsma needs Tommy John surgery, which would keep the right-hander out for a year, or an ulnar nerve transposition procedure, which would keep him out about six months.

    “He’s going to have surgery, for sure, season-ending surgery,” Porter said. “But at this point we don’t know exactly what he’s going to have yet. There’s still some question marks.”

    I vote amputation, but that’s probably harsh.

  36. This is admittedly going on what I heard during the TBS broadcast, but either of those operations will probably need to be combined with removing bone spurs. Don’t count on Reitsma pitching at all in 2007.

  37. It almost seems a shame to have a rally like this in a game where we’re already up by four runs.


    Glad Chipper’s stroke is intact.

  38. Whaddya know, the naysayers are nowhere to be found.

    Man I love thrashings

  39. Suppan’s line: 3.1 IP, 9 H, 10 R, 9 ER, 2 BB, 1 K. That’s a line our bullpen would disown.

  40. True, but if two of those are striking out the pitcher, it’s not a real good sign.

  41. I was just about to say how much I am LOVING this and I love kicking Tony LaRussa’s a– but then they cut 2 runs off the lead.

    This is what Mac said that Chucky is prone to the longball, but still, I will take an 8 run lead.

  42. I think as long as Chucky keeps the homer to an occasional thing but can still mostly strike people out and get pop ups, we are cool…

  43. Yea he gives up a lot of flyballs but with our outfield it shouldn’t be a problem.

  44. Flyballs are preferable to grounders with this infield. On the other hand, he did get that GIDP earlier.

    And, it’s official.

  45. Overall, despite the occasional homer, we have to all be very happy with what we have gotten from Chucky. I only wished we had stuck him in the rotation for Sosa 2 months earlier.

    Now, if Davies gets healthy, we can dump Thomson.

    By the way, does anyone in here have a Kyle Davies health update? Just curious.

  46. The only thing I know is he is on the 60 DL. Other than that I am curious also.

  47. …and there’s our two runs back, thank you very much. Take that Cardinal a-holes…still wanna keep throwing at our players? Love this.

  48. No matter how big the lead, the Braves should just keep piling it on and see if they can carry it over into tomorrow and beyond.

    That was probably on purpose.

  49. ok…this sh– has gotta stop. We need to throw at one of their players now…enough is enough. I don’t care if it’s a B.S. ump response and our pitcher gets tossed, but LaRussa’s jacka– tactics is complete horsesh–.

  50. LaRussa should be tossed right now just on general principles. I think this is 5 HBP in this series now, plus 3 or 4 close calls.

  51. Well, the occasional homer is of course ok when you start with a 9-run lead, but if it continues, it’s going to be more of a problem most of the time.

  52. Seriously, LaRussa has spent his career having a hard on towards Cox for no reason in my opinion. We may not all love Bobby’s in game managing, but he was one of the nicest and most easy going managers in Baseball. For LaRussa to continue to try and get under Cox’s skin is beyond ridiculous.

    I would love to drop 25 on these jackoffs.

  53. Ok, Alex I know we all had this big discussion about wishing harm upon players, but you have to admit it would be great to see Francoeur get a full head of steam from the plate and just form-tackle the pitcher the next time he gets plunked. That would probably make my year.

  54. Honestly, does anyone else agree that this is ALL about LaRussa and his bizarre hatred of Cox. I don’t understand…all other Managers from Dusty to Garner to even Ozzie seem to have enormous respect for Bobby…but not LaRussa. It must irk him that people don’t rever him and his 70’s haircut the same way.

  55. Yeah, I have seen Francoeur play some football. A form tackle would be beautiful.

  56. Tennessee,

    Honestly, you are 100% right. and there is a difference between wishing an ACL tear on Pujols vs. wishing Francouer would run Luna’s a– over at the plate.

    No, the Cardinals have continued to tried and bully the Braves and the Braves need to start bullying back.

    I am with you, Tennessee…the Braves need to stand uip for themselves and I especially don’t like taking it from that hack coward LaRussa.

  57. Hey Mac…this Tyler guy the Cards brought in is an AUBURN guy…think this might be the right guy to go after? ;-)

  58. Even with this lead, I’d rather the pitcher not hit the batter until there are two outs, but yeah, do it.

  59. No, charging the mound in this case is a waste.

    Either lead an invasion of the dugout after LaRussa’s head, or just walk to 1st, and commence beatdown on Pujois.

  60. Watching the Fox Sports Sputh broadcast is hilarious…they are trying to tempt Braves fans out to the ballpark with ex Braves such as Paul Assenmacher and Charlie Puleo. Man, you have to be a hardcore fan to get excited by those guys (though Assenmacher had a few good years).

  61. Throw at LaRussa?

    Anyone know where Charlie Sheen is tonight? We could really use ‘Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn to accomplish THAT!

    (Sheen’s probably wish some prostitute/cheerleaders tonight).

  62. Rick Ankiel would probably hit LaRussa if he tried throwing towards home plate..
    Or Chuck Knoblauch (I hope I typed thar correct)

  63. The Mets got 5 runs and 4 hits while making one out against Pittsburgh in the first inning- and no hits since.

    Sadly, the Pirates couldn’t string any hits together and lost 5-0.

  64. I can’t sign in Mac..

    When I sign in, nothing happens..and when I try to post, I just get errors.
    Any ideas?

  65. So long, Chuck. You did your job. Now can our bullpen get nine outs before giving up nine runs?

  66. Thorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, my adopted player gets his first big league homah!

  67. I think there needs to be a section now of Bravos fans at the Ted dressed in Viking gear who are “thor” supporters.

  68. Wow…Reitsma is lucky that Braves fan who caught Thor’s homer was nice…he’s lucky she didn’t chuck it at Reitsma when she realized it was, well, Reitsma.

  69. This is really bothering me. I try to sign in and nothing, just nothing happens.

    On my laptop everything is fine…but on the desktop I just can’t sign in or post anymore.
    But it was fine about 3 hours ago…

  70. So endeth Mr. Pujols’ day. 0-4. Obviously, the Braves never heard what all the fuss was about.

  71. If it was Jered Weaver then I would be jealous but Jeff is 3-10 with a 6.29 era.

  72. Actually, the Cards just went “whoops”…they meant to aquire JERED Weaver and realized they got the wrong one…the Ozzie canseco, the Billy Ripken…

  73. Did you read ESPN’s articles regarding juicing pitchers? With so many teams needin pitching,it’s enough to make you wonder just how many pitchers were juicing….especially middle relievers. Those would be the guys to benefit the most from steroids, especially their ability to help you recover more quickly.

  74. This kind of stinks. Right when we have a perfect spot to pitch Reitsma, he’s on the DL.

  75. I think we have a good chance of winning tommorrow. We will face Joe Mays(0-5). Then again we have Hudson going for us.

  76. FSN midwest is talking about Glenn Hubbard questioned about steriods. Does anyone know about this?

  77. No, we consider it a relief.

    Ah, for the days when Braves were Braves and this was the kind of show we could put on against anyone who challenged us. May they soon return!

  78. Always great to beat the Cardinals….now lets see how we do against the Reds!

  79. I cant believe McBribe apologized to Edmonds … he is on my shit list now … the way teams have been hitting our guys .. and he apologizes ??? Frenchy and Andrew need to have a talk with him and other pitchers … Paronto had a perfect opportunity with Albert and Rolen ….. who is gonna change Paronto ?? Maybe those 2 but at least we say hey you hit our top 2 RBI guys we hit yours !!!!!!!!

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