42 thoughts on “Discount Game Thread: Braves at Mets, Sept. 5”

  1. Thank you for not saying “1st post!”, Hate King. I find that recent development to be terribly annoying.

  2. I know, I’m easily annoyed. I don’t mind the little emoticons, but the huge ones people include in emails are pretty bad.

    You know the race to post first — and the accompanying announcement — annoys you, too, ububba. I know you’re too reasonable for that not to be the case.

  3. Perhaps too reasonable to be annoyed?

    Actually, I just got annoyed by a new person here at work, who didn’t know where to park—so she parked in a place that blocked the other 25 cars in the lot from leaving. That constitutes annoyance.

    Another annoyance: I really wanna go to this game, but it’s pretty gross outside. Dunno if they’ll play & if they do, it won’t be the best ballpark experience (Shea rarely is).

  4. Now 5% less annoying… or was that more? I forgot to check.

    1914 Update!

    Boston Braves 67-52 (–)
    NY Giants 67-52 (–)
    Chicago Cubs 65-59 (4.5 GB)
    St. Louis Cardinals 65-61 (5.5)
    Pittsburgh Pirates 56-64 (11.5)
    Cincinnati Reds 56-66 (12.5)
    Brooklyn Robins 55-66 (13)
    Philadelphia Phillies 54-65 (13)

    Today’s Game:
    Boston 402 000 001 – 7 9 0 WP- Cocreham
    Philly 001 000 000 – 1 10 3 LP- Mayer

    The winning pitcher, Gene Cocreham, was the closest thing the Braves had to a relief specialist, starting just 3 of his 15 games as a Brave. Of course, in 1914 you were a reliever only if you couldn’t really pitch (kind of like the Braves’ pen today), and the pride of Luling, Texas, would pitch in only one major league game after the 1914 season.

    Looking up Luling, I saw that in 1922, when Edgar Davis discovered oil there, he sold it for 50 cents a barrel.

  5. Maybe we define “annoy” differently. Mabye what I really mean is “to find incredibly silly and pointless”. That’s not exactly “annoy”. But you’re right in the sense that I should be worrying about my Business Crimes class right now and not what people are saying on here.

  6. Oh come now. Shea Stadium gives you the most fun you can have in an abandoned landfill surrounded by New Yorkers. Which isn’t much.

  7. When did Shawn Green and Michael Tucker become Mets? I saw them last night and started wondering when that happened. I think I missed something at some point.

  8. Tucker played his first game for the Mets this year on August 10, after signing for their team in Norfolk. Shawn Green was traded from Arizona for Evan MacLane on August 22.

  9. Brian J,

    The New Yorkers I can take and, no matter what anyone says, it’s always a great atmosphere to go to games here (in either stadium, though I much prefer the one in The Bronx). I’ve got thick skin anyway.

    But yes, Shea is a dump & has been a dump for a long, long time. But it’s a 15-minute LIRR ride from my office, so why not?

  10. What’s happened to Shawn Green? He got traded for Evan Maclane. That’s pretty much the equivalent of Dan Kolb’s Jock.

  11. Sorry I went all bart simpson on ya…I’m to the point now where I’m just rooting for us to get back to 500.

  12. Lineups..

    Francoeur (!!!)

    Lo Duca

    Um. I guess Bobby used a dartboard to fill out the lineup card today.

  13. WordPress ate my lineup, but yeah, Francoeur batting third will kill a lineup faster than drinking Drano.

  14. Willie Randolph on the Mets pre-game radio show:

    “Last night was a weird game because the Braves were patient at the plate. I mean, they’re always ultra-aggressive & we pitch them that way. That’s why Trachsel walked so many. He wouldn’t give in to them. I mean, Francoeur even walked on four pitches! (laughs) He never walks! (laughs again)”

  15. Could that mean that we are adjusting to the adjustments of others? Might this mean that only at the latter end of the season of dispair we are finally using scouting reports? Inconceivable.

  16. Re: the Randolph quote

    Well, it has taken us 5 months to figure out that patience can be a virtue, so it was a good gameplan.

  17. Postponed by rain. Presumably, we try again tomorrow, after whatever drugs Bobby was taking when he wrote that lineup will have worn off.

  18. Stu, thank you. I tried to come up with a generically terrible braves question instead. Hopefully it will reverse the trend.

  19. I just checked the standings for the first time in a while, man that’s depressing. It feels so hopeless just watching that magic number count down….do you suppose that’s how the met fans have felt all these years? ah screw it, who cares. I’m in for survivor Jay10, here’s to a great fall.

  20. We should be getting pretty good at this DH thing. Now, hopefully tomorrow will bring better results than the weekend did (could I be hoping for a sweep?)

  21. Game 1: Smoltz vs Williams
    Game 2: Davis vs. O. Perez

    Game 2 oughta be a shootout. Let’s hope Smoltz pitches deep in Game 1, we’re gonna need our crack relievers later on.

  22. Where are these crack relievers? Are you bringing them with you? If you are, remember it’s a day-night DH.

    The Phillies and Astros had their game rescheduled for the 25th, when we would have probably had to play in Philly if we hadn’t played the back-to-back DHs.

    Yorvit Torrealba just hit a HR to tie the Rox-Pads game 3-3.

  23. I was just informed by multiple people who know Tony Reali that he is an incredibly nice, unpretentious person.

    I’m still reeling from the shock. It’s all an act?

  24. Smoltz and Davies against the same two? I really like the odds on that first game, but not the second. But Davies is still better than Villarreal.

    But to be fair, when the Braves had those two doubleheaders against the Phillies, I thought they’d win the ones Hudson and Davies started and lose the Villarreal and Cormier starts. But the exact opposite was true. Go figure.

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