Braves 3, Phillies 1 (11 innings) – MLB – Box Score – Braves at Phillies

Win one, lose one, lose one, win one… The good ship Tread Water and its captain Bobby Cox continue as has been usual the last two months.

Not usual was a fine start by Lance Cormier. Okay, maybe the wear of three games in a 24-hour period had tired the Phillies, but to give his his due he went seven, allowed one run on three hits, walked three and struck out four. His one run came on a fourth-inning sac fly.

Unfortunately, the Braves only got him one run in his turn, Orr driving in Langerhans on a third-inning single. The Braves apparently were tired as well, and got only three hits in eight innings off of Brett Myers. Especially tired were the 4-7 spots in the order, Andruw, McCann, Francoeur, and Ward (starting for LaRoche, who has only been the best hitter in the league the second half) who all went 0-4, except Andruw, who was 0-5 and struck out four times. Get him a rest, huh?

Finally, in the eleventh, the Braves broke through. Thorman pinch-hit doubled and was run for with L’il Tony. Orr bunted, and the catcher threw the ball away — I don’t know if it was to third, which would have been stupid, or to first, since neither I nor anyone else actually saw the game — allowing L’il Tony to score and Orr to get to second. Renteria got Orr to third on a groundout, and he came home on a wild pitch, but probably would have scored on Aybar’s flyout. Wickman allowed a single to Howard but nailed this one down.

Paronto pitched the tenth and got the win. Other than Cormier, the pitching hero was McBride, who went 1 1/3 in the eighth and ninth, got everyone he faced, and struck out the Terror Twins — Chutley with two of Kali’s runners on base, and Howard leading off the ninth. Struck out the third guy, too. That’s the McBride I thought so highly of last year.

Chipper played but left the game late, presumably for oblique reasons again… And now the Mets. For fun. I can only hope it rains tomorrow because the team must be dead on its feet.

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  1. Mac, since the scorer said Orr reached on fielder’s choice on that play, I would imagine the catcher threw to third to get little Tony…well, a win is a win…

  2. With making the Phillies play 38 innings of baseball over the course of 31 hours, could we have official burried them? Not too many teams could recover from that and live very long after to tell about it. Quite frankly, for me, if the Braves aren’t in the postseason, I most certainly don’t want TWO teams from the NL East being there either.

  3. Well, then they were stupid. It’s very, very difficult to get anyone who can run at all at third on a tag play on a bunt. You’d be better off taking the out and then either bringing the infield in or walking Renteria and trying for the DP.

  4. Mac, any thoughts on being at the Bama game on Saturday? I post on here because, well, the CFB thread has died.

    Auburn looked solid offensively I guess against WSU in a 40-14 win – Tuberville went to an ultra-conservative red zone offense which led to 4 first half field goals (and your token John Vaughn miss of the evening). The young secondary was lit up twice for big gains (42 and 50) but only gave up 232 yards total. Offensively, Auburn looked solid. No turnovers. 3 penalties the whole night. Cox was efficient (10/16 – 2 drops – for 156 yards) while Irons was stellar (20 carries for 184 and 1 TD).

    Auburn didn’t play their ‘A’ game, probably a ‘B’ game – hopefully the Tigers will fine-tune in Starkville this Saturday, jump to #3 (or #2 if Penn State can knock off Notre Dame) with a solid win, and ready themselves for the biggest game outside Texas/Ohio State all season, Auburn/LSU in two weeks on the Plains.

    Some questions:
    What’s up with Darby health-wise?
    Was Hawaii’s defense better than anticipated?
    How did John Parker Wilson look?
    Anything else of note?

  5. Wryn,

    I know you weren’t asking me but, John Parker Wilson’s numbers were
    16/29 256 yds 1 TD. Then numbers aren’t too bad, and after the game Mike Shula said “I think the way (Wilson) played today gives us some confidence to throw it more”

    BTW, Michael Bush just went down a horrible looking knee injury, it was just confirmed to be a broken leg. That really sucks he was having an outstanding game. 17 car 128 yds 3 TDs and they just started the second half.

  6. I wrote up the Alabama game at War Liberal, and probably will do that (time permitting) for each game. Alabama 25, Hawaii 17; Mike Shula is an idiot

    I think that gives you some idea, though I talked to my brother (who played OG at Vestavia) and he thinks it was blocking problems and trouble with Hawaii’s scheme that caused the second-half difficulties running the ball. I don’t see why you wouldn’t at least try the power game, though.

  7. Did it look to anyone else like a dirty hit on Bush? I know the leg probably broke when the guy fell on his leg, but he sort of threw the leg up once he got up..

  8. I know have been pretty non existent this month since the season has been a flame out and there’s not been much to say these days about the Braves (outside of the big year LaRoche is having, wow!) but I just hope Marcus takes good care of himself. Feel better, Giles.

  9. I was looking at the lack of senior running backs in the country.

    With Bush going down today, the best senior running backs (according to this site) are:

    1) Kenny Irons – Auburn
    2) Kenneth Darby – Alabama
    3) Tony Hunt – Penn St.
    4) Tyrone Moss – Miami [FL]
    5) Courtney Lewis – Texas A&M
    6) Lorenzo Booker – Florida St.
    7) Ronnie McGill – N. Carolina
    8) DeShawn Wynn – Florida
    9) Justin Vincent – LSU
    10) Garrett Wolfe – N. Illinois

    It might be very wise for guys like Marshawn Lynch and Adrian Peterson to come out this year. I see a HUGE dropoff between Darby and Hunt on that board. Personally, I would have Alley Broussard (LSU) on that list as well in place of Wynn or McGill.

  10. I just saw the news about Marcus. Yikes! The article was kind of unspecific, so I figured I’d engage in unsolicited technical speculation. I think Marcus’s layman description is misleading, or else the doctor explained it to him in really dumb terms, because the heart has four major types of valves, and none of them can just be “stapled” shut. The whole idea is for them to be open, otherwise blood flow is blocked.

    My guess is he has a patent ductus arteriosus. It’s a blood vessel that connects the pulmonary artery to the aorta and allows blood to bypass the lungs, since obviously, in a fetus, the lungs aren’t working yet. When the baby starts breathing, the ductus arteriosus closes, usually completely within 3 weeks after birth. Sometimes, though, it fails to close. I’m going to guess Marcus has a mild case of this, because otherwise he wouldn’t have made it to age 28 without congestive heart failure. You fix it with staples or wires or whatever. I don’t know about the one week thing, but if he wants to be optimistic, more power to him. It definitely needs to be fixed, though. It can collect clots or cause the heart to become enlarged or eventually cause kidney or lung damage.

    Let’s see if my guess is right.

  11. Other possibility is ventricular septal defect. Just covering all my bases. I really don’t think it’s a valve, though, unless he got parts of his explanation confused. But if it’s a VSD, I don’t think they can just go in and staple it, unless it’s really, really tiny. I had a friend who had that discovered and had to have her heart stopped with potassium and her sternum cracked open so they could put in a little mesh screen. Recovery time was more like 7 weeks than 7 days since they broke her chest open.

    We shall see. HIPAA may never let us know.

  12. Tough news all around. At least Steve Irwin died doing what he loved. He raised the environmental awareness of a whole generation of kids and he deserves big praise for that. Godspeed Steve, we’ll miss your crazy Aussie self. If I had to go, I would rather be out in the gardens with my s.o. than anywhere else. How about y’all?

    Alex R., personally, I’ve missed reading your commentary. Will you promise to give one of your patented rants about the team before the end of the season? Lord knows it needs to be said.

  13. This whole “the Crocodile Hunter is dead” has me really sad, and I hardly ever watched him. His enthusiasm was contagious. Condolences to his family…

  14. I have to think playing both games Saturday had a lot to do with Chipper’s latest injury. Bobby really mishandled the lineups the last 2 days.

  15. didn’t expect to see that news about Steve when I turned on the tv this morning!

    that’s terrible… I used to watch his shows all the time!

  16. Hey Guys, I just got back from Orlando. Unfortunately I missed the weekend of Braves games as well as most of College Football Week 1.

    Sad news about marcus and chipper. Our pitching will have to step up, Andruw and LaRoche are good but we’ll need more than just those two bats against the Mets.

  17. One more thing about Steve Irwin…it’s just crazy to think that he can…with lack of a better word…mess with 12 foot + crocidiles and he is killed by a stingray. I watched his show a couple of times and as much as I made fun of his catch phrase “crikey” and him having no fear to get in there and feed huge crocidiles, I respected him for what he did for animals and for the Australian Zoo….Condolences to his family.

  18. As a Penn Stater I just want to say that Tony Hunt is the man. He is a solid running back and very much an all-around star. He catches very well and is an exceptional blocker in pass protection. Good speed and great power… he has an all-around game that will make some team very fortunate to land him second roundish.

    Let me put this in perspective… Tony needs about 1400 yards to finish his career as the all-time rushing leader at Penn State. PSU has a very strong history with running backs and to be honest this stat shocked me. He might not be the flashiest and thus will likely be out of the 1st round, but he is a very solid running back in the Corey Dillon mold.

    (Oh, and he went to T.C. Williams, the high school from Remember the Titans.)

  19. Anyone watching Nats vs. Cards? No hitter through 8 by Ramon Ortiz – and he just hit a homerun in the 8th… unbelievable…

  20. man,

    I just got home, I went out to see Crank! It was very good…lots of action, some comedy(i wasn’t expecting there to be)….all around a very good movie…highly recommend it!!!

  21. I think Courtney Lewis is every bit the back that Darby and Irons are. Wryn, you’re living in Alabama–there’s a chance that your perception may be a bit biased there.

    Hey, Smitty, remember when I said over a month ago that UT would beat Cal by at least 14?

    I repeat: The Pac-10 simply doesn’t compare to the SEC. The Bears would not have been averaging 35 points a game in this league. Plus, nobody in that conference plays any defense. It excites me that no one will take the Pac-10 very seriously (outside of USC) anymore in the near future.

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