Mets 8, Braves 7 (14 innings) – MLB – Box Score – Braves at Mets


These are the leads that the Braves blew in the game tonight, the last in eleventh inning.


These are the pitchers who appeared for the Braves tonight. Sosa took the loss, but as usual, it was Reitsma’s fault; he’s the one who gave up the game-tying homer to Cliff Floyd in the eleventh.

Davies was “effectively wild” for six innings, walking four and pitching behind in the count at other times, but allowed just two runs. But he tired, and McBride and Ray couldn’t hold the lead.

James left the game with an apparent injury in the ninth, which really threw things out of whack. Moylan was great (three strikeouts) but then Reitsma blew the lead. Out of pitchers, Sosa had to come in, and as usual threw a shutout inning then gave up a double to lose it.

Marcus had three hits; Chipper, Andruw, Jordan, and McCann all had two. Betemit hit a pinch-hit homer that would have won it if Reitsma were a real closer. Renteria kept his hit streak going. Reitsma is probably Satan.

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  1. It only took Reitsma two pitches to blow the save. At least he is consistent.

    We need to win badly tomorrow and badly on Sunday, but especially tomorrow.

  2. Considering he wasn’t expecting to pitch, Sosa actually did well. He might be able to handle the closer role.

    If James is really hurt though, that kind of talk is just talk. If he’s not seriously injured (I never heard anything on the telecast), he may get the start Sunday.

  3. Seriously though, how can we fairly blame Reitsma over McBride and Ray? At least he only gave up one run.

  4. HEY MAC:

    Braves fun fact: The braves are 8 games behind the mets yet you still talk shit. Kinda makes you look like a dumb ass buddy.

    tO ALL OTHER BRAVES FANS: SORRY. He just keeps writing stupid crap about the mets when he really has no reason to. Mybe if you were even with us or 10 games ahead i could see it but come on.

  5. fun fact: I am a troll. I am short, with warts all over and I live under a bridge. I like t eat small children and You can read all about me in billy goat gruff.

  6. Reitsma is the “Closer” Dan. You can also blame McBride and Ray if you want to, but there is no way you blame anyone over Reitsma.

  7. This is a Braves blog, NY METS Dan. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to come.

  8. i do like it, i love to come here. I just think it sounds a little funny. Being cocky is not an atribute. I just think it’s crazy to rank on all these teams to make your team look better. I like Mac so it’s not to be an ass to him. It’s just me being funny like him. He can do it so I think I can too . Its only fair

  9. I’m tired of blaming people. It doesn’t make me feel better, it doesn’t change the outcome of the game, and it doesn’t make the team better. It sure would be nice to see a few solid performances by the pen, wouldn’t it?

    NY METS – I realize you enjoy delighting in our suffering. Schadenfreud and all that. This may well be the Mets’ year, and if so good for them. If it were me, I’d wait till later in the year to gloat, but that’s your choice.

    I’m curious, though. There are tons of good Mets blogs. Why don’t you hang out on one of them?

  10. anyways, really I must go, big day tomarrow. Im geting my first bike early in the moarning. GSXR 750. I should be getting a 600 due to the fact it will be my first street bike ,but it’s being sold dirt cheep so i gotta do it.Hopefully I wont get thrown off the damn thing

    Good night

  11. I am not “delighted in your suffering” I was early on but it got old. Now i am actualy pulling for the braves to make it a good divison race. I dont want you to beat us, but I dont want you to crach and burn.I do go to mets blogs. I just like your blog as well.

  12. Reitsma blows. I am drinking eight nyquils and curling up in a ball in my closet. Wake me up when we release that bastard. Why we didn’t trade Sosa after last year is beyond me. If there was ever a peak in a pitcher’s trade value that was it.

  13. I’m not watching anymore games until Schuerholz gets rid of (i dont care how) at least one loser from the bullpen.

  14. Will Startup’s line in Mississippi tonight:

    3.0 IP, 0 Hits, 0 Walks, 3 strikeouts.

    He came on in relief in the 10th and got the win in a 13-inning game.

  15. Well, someone will probably be sent down tonight and probably someone else before the game on Sunday, just because they’ll need a starter for that game.

  16. I gotta put some blame on Renteria. Didn’t he have an error that lead to runs scored? And it was a bad one. Right through the legs. He looked like I would on that play. Wait … ok that might be too mean.

    Wouldn’t it be great if Renteria started the same defensive drills as Giles. I love his plate presense. If he could cut out the errors, he’d be the man.

  17. I thought Bobby was very clever not to walk Jose Reyes in the second to last inning. Prevented the Mets from clearing Lo Duca, which would have allowed them to double-switch out Lo Duca and put in a fresh (and better defensive) Castro. Didn’t matter in the end, but was smart.

  18. Someone a few threads ago suggested Renteria mostly had problems with balls hit right at him. I think the theory was he has a problem folding his long body up enough to get down to the grounders between his legs. Last night’s error sure looked like good evidence to support that theory. Maybe Glenn Hubbard will work with him on either getting beside the ball (which would be bad form but if it worked…) or figuring out how to get down faster and stay in front of it. It was actually at the point of that error last night that I started to get a sense of dread.

  19. “Will Startup’s line in Mississippi tonight:
    3.0 IP, 0 Hits, 0 Walks, 3 strikeouts.
    He came on in relief in the 10th and got the win in a 13-inning game.”

    Plus he’s a lefty, perfect replacement for Chuck James (not long relief, though) should he really be hurt. Everybody knows I’m a Startup fan, but I still am hoping the Braves don’t rush him. I think it’s high time Scheurholz makes the trade for bullpen help he should have made over the winter….

  20. I dont know why alot of you guys give Jordan such a hard time. I think he’s looked real good this year. He looks like he got in really good shape. And I havent seen anything wrong with his defense at first. If it were up to me I would start him at least half of the time at first. Anything to get Laroche out of there. Laroche just kills me. I cant stand him. Well thats about it for now

  21. Jon, if you haven’t seen anything wrong with Jordan’s defense, you haven’t seen many of the games in which he’s played. Off of the top of my head, I first think of that line drive, would-be DP that bounced off his glove in SF and directly led to a loss.

  22. Okay I guessed I missed that. But I still dont think he deserves as much criticism as he gets. But I’ve seen Laroche make plenty of errors and thats supposed to be the thing he’s good at. Defense. But he sucks at that too. What I really think the braves should do is teach Betemit to play first. It cant be that damn hard. If he can handle third and short, playing first should be easy. We just got to get his bat in the lineup. The guy can flat out hit. I would use this lineup.

    Just trade Laroche or something or release his ass. I seriously doubt anyone would trade for him. And I apologize for talking about Jordan’s defense when you were right I haven’t seen to many of the games he’s played first. And NY METS is an idiot.

  23. “I seriously doubt anyone would trade for him. ”

    I’m not LaR fan either but theres no reason why a team wouldn’t since hes on a non garunteed minimum wage contract

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