– MLB – Box Score – Orioles at Braves

Miserable Braves Loss Type 4.2(b), “Starting Pitcher Is No Good And Doesn’t Even Pitch Five, Team Can’t Get Hit To Come All The Way Back.” That’s the first repeat I’ve had since I started keeping track.

Hudson had his fourth straight bad outing, his second straight miserable one. He didn’t even get out of the third this time before giving up six runs. A DIPSomaniac could make the argument that he was somewhat unlucky in that of his eleven hits allowed, ten were singles and the other a double, but considering that he actually got lucky on a couple of baserunners (Roberts overran the bag trying to get a triple leading off the game, and Patterson, one of eight consecutive Orioles to reach base in the second, foolishly tried to get to third on a single in front of Andruw, things could have been worse. Though they were plenty bad enough. I believe that the Orioles hit .647 against Hudson today, and that’s not simply luck.

The bullpen actually pitched okay, but for the atrocious Cormier (the Alabama university system should probably issue a formal apology for tonight’s game) who allowed a run in two innings of work. Yates continued his recent good work. Reitsma pitched, got in one scoreless inning, then left with two out and two on in the seventh with what appeared to be a nerve problem. I am guessing that he will head back to the DL tomorrow and to Birmingham on Monday — Wednesday if the clinic’s taking a four-day weekend.

The Braves rallied for three runs in the fourth, but Thorman was thrown out at home trying to score from second on a single to end the inning. Then in the fifth, they had two on with nobody out, Ortiz got Francoeur to fly out, then the Orioles came with a LOOGY. Bobby inexplicably let LaRoche hit for himself, he promptly lined out, then Thorman struck out to end the threat. Cormier’s run came in the next inning. Thorman later flew out with the bases loaded and two out in the seventh, and Giles and Renteria both hit into double plays to kill possible rallies. Chipper hit a meaningless solo homer leading off the ninth, as it seems he has several times this year.

Hopefully Javy Lopez will start at catcher tomorrow for the Orioles. He deserves that at least. Though with the HEAT that may not be such a reward.