Irregular Game Thread: Giants at Braves, Aug. 31

What’s going on in Oakland? The Raiders sign Jeff George, the Warriors dug up Don Nelson to be their coach… What’s Billy Beane’s response? I mean, if he’s so great, he has to at least make Dick Williams the bench coach or something. I know… He should sign Sammy Sosa, and make Mark McGwire the assistant hitting instructor.

And now, today’s opening act: Elvis Costello and the Attractions!

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  1. “You have to admit, this season feels different than the others, so maybe the Tigers will actually play to their potential. Think about it, every other time that Auburn began the season highly ranked, there were nine planets, Lance Bass was straight, and ice cream was not a suitable punishment for possession of marijuana and carrying a pistol without a license. The times are changing folks, this could be our year.”

    Just requoting because it’s so good and just to irk Mac

  2. I am confident that Auburn will play to its potential. Of course, if you’re in Auburn, Alabama, your potential is already pretty limited…

    1914 Update:

    NY Giants 63-50 (–)
    Boston Braves 63-51 (.5 GB)
    St. Louis Cardinals 64-57 (3)
    Chicago Cubs 62-57 (4)
    Philadelphia Phillies 53-61 (10.5)
    Cincinnati Reds 54-63 (11)
    Brooklyn Robins 53-62 (11)
    Pittsburgh Pirates 52-63 (12)

    No game today, as the Braves come back from the Far West, by which I mean St. Louis. The NL winner looks as doomed as this year’s NL winner, almost certainly having to face the Philadelphia Athletics, defending world champions with a sterlin 82-38 record and 13-game lead in the AL.

  3. By the way, tomorrow night, I do PBP for high school football (no live streaming broadcast) :( for Tim Hudson’s high school alma mater. Should be an interesting game as bitter rivals meet – one runs a spread offense, spreading 4 WR and running the ball through gaps, then when the corners cheat, they use quick screens to the boundary to move towards space.

    The other school (Hudson’s) uses 7 offensive lineman, 4 on one side of the center, two on the other, and runs options/draws/traps all day.


  4. Elvis Costello songs for the Braves:

    “(I Don’t Want to Go to) Richmond”
    “Everyday I Groove The Pitch”
    “Bobby Cox” (I know this team is killing you…)
    “Schuerholz’s Army”
    “My Funny Paronto”
    “A Bad Year for the Starters”
    “Loss In Our Time”

  5. Smitty, I think the only reason no one’s signed Henderson as a baserunning coach is that he still thinks he should play.

  6. Smoltz, who has lost just once in his past 14 starts, is 6-0 with a 2.11 ERA in his past six home starts. In those 47 innings, he’s registered 51 strikeouts and issued just three walks. The veteran hurler has lasted at least eight innings during each of his past five starts made in Atlanta.

  7. From the previous thread, I still don’t think the Crisp/Lester/hansen for Andruw trade is bad if it is made in the offseason. Rather I think it is too good to happen. All three are young and only going to get better.
    Andruw is one of the fun braves to watch, but I think the end is nigh.
    Our best chance is to offload him with a full season to play instead of half a season..
    There is no way we can re-sign him. We owe Chipper / Hampton / Huddy big bucks. LaRoche / Giles / Horacio are due big arb raises. Smoltzie is probably going to be signed for a 2 year deal. Put Ryan in center, hope frenchy picks his offence up, and pray Renteria stays legit for couple of years more.
    As for the trade Giles thing going on, who are we going to replace Giles with? Aybar? Prado? Interesting thought may be to replace him with KJ…
    But still Giles is more signable than Andruw and I would try to sign Giles ..

  8. Andruw is 29 this year. The end ain’t that nigh. He might keep getting fatter and have to be moved to a corner, but fat guys can still hit.

  9. Sorry to hijack the thread for a minute, but I have a Yahoo fantasy football draft this evening at 9:15 and need two more folks to join. I visit this site a couple times a day and post every now and again, so I trust that two idiots won’t join unless NY METS shows up today. League ID # 462992. Password is sussudio. I suppose the password is funny when you send it to your friends, but not so much when you have to post it for others to see. Cheers

  10. Brian J forgot one song:

    “What’s So Funny About Peace, Love, and a Horrific Bullpen That Should be Thrown into the Infinite Abyss”

  11. I don’t know…. I didn’t really want him to come back up this year since he had such a hard time last year. …mentally I think he shouldn’t this year

    He did look much better confidence wise when I saw him a couple weeks ago. He looked great… maybe/hopefully he’ll do well back up this year!

    I just don’t want it to get to him mentally again…

    I know I had read somewhere where someone had talked with his dad and he said that Joey was hoping for a Sept callup… so if that’s true… as long as he believes hopefully he’ll be okay!

  12. why would we bring him up again, we are going to kill this guy

    The best I can figure is that we are going to claw back into contention for the Wild Card just to have Devine give up an epic game winning homerun to eliminate us. It’s his thing.

  13. Jay10, calm down buddy, the game will start soon enough.

    I hope Devine does great for us, I dont see it though. If he can bounce back mentally that quick, then he is one heck of an athlete. I didn’t personally want to see him again until ’08. Lets hope I’m wrong

  14. I really like Joey Devine. He’s going to be our ace closer come 2008(you read it here first.) But how many sidearmers have lost it in Braves’ uniforms?

  15. It’s all part of the Curse of Gene Garber. Gene cursed all Braves closers (only Smoltz had the mana to resist it) and all Braves sidearmers.

    As for Devine, he just better not pitch with the bases loaded.

  16. A little Giant redemption could be on our hands…

    In 2006, it was planned to have Devine start the season at Richmond in order to get him some closing experience, but an injuries to Horacio Ramirez and Blaine Boyer forced the Braves to call him up, along with Ken Ray. The call-up backfired though, when Devine pitched a total of one inning in two games against the San Francisco Giants and gave up seven runs on five hits, five walks and two wild pitches.

    That’s Reitmsa type numbers

  17. Mac, from the “Strange But True” file – Jim Nabors is singing the National Anthem in Tuscaloosa on Saturday.

  18. To respond to Marc S’s post from the last thread, I think Andruw is absolutely a future Hall of Famer. He ain’t there yet, but neither is A-Rod. Andruw’s gonna end up with plenty of counting stats, a roomful of Gold Gloves, adequate stats for the sabermcnerds, and somewhere around 600 homers. He’ll retire after having been one of the best offensive/defensive center fielders of all time. He may be on the way downhill, but it’ll be a long, long time before he hits bottom. Don’t forget the year he had last year. As far as moving him to the corner, it’s not worth it for a while yet. His sagging defense notwithstanding, he’s useful in center field on reputation alone.

  19. Gomer Pyle is one of the best baritone singers in the world. You are lucky to get someone like him Mac. Oh and he is gay

  20. Who would you give NL Rookie of the Year too

    a. Josh Johnson (gets my vote)
    b. Dan Uggla
    c. Ryan Zimmerman
    d. Prince Fielder

  21. Looks like I missed some drama involving me in the other thread. If Stu is around, what I meant in my post was “How much worse can it get for the Red Sox?” I wasn’t making any sweeping statements, but I can see how it might have been misinterpreted. I’ll drop it now, but I figured I should clarify what I meant. Thanks to the people that defended me, and Stu’s apology is definitely accepted. It was just a misunderstanding.

  22. AAR,

    I don’t think Andruw will ever post a season like that again. That was his peak you just saw.

    Nonetheless, if Andruw can keep up the counting stats, I think he’ll get into the HoF some day on the basis of his defensive reputation (these things are hard to shake, I mean Jeter’s defense has only lately gotten to be average but you’d think he was Ozzie Smith from watching Yankees broadcasts). I do hope you’re not suggesting in your post, however, that A-Rod isn’t HoF-bound. Unless he kills a man or bets on baseball, he’s in the Hall of Fame. Look at his seasonal averages ( In an almost 11 year career, he’s AVERAGING 43 HR, 124 RBI, 22 SB while hitting .305-.385-.571. Regardless of what Yankees fans say this season, he’s going to end up one of the best players of all time.

  23. In the BC game, the Central Michigan QB got demolished a second ago. BC stinks this year.

    ..and as I type, the wide receiver for BC gets nailed.

  24. Central Michigan….i think they might just win this thing….BC looks shitty, they just let a back-up QB bust off with a huge run.

  25. Just back from Spain. Looks like the bats were working while I was away.

    My Elvis song for the year would be the collab with Allen Toussaint—“The River in Reverse.”

    “Wake me up
    Wake me up with a slap or a kiss
    There must be something better than this
    I don’t see how it can get much worse
    What do we have to do to send
    The river in reverse.”

    Big game from Smoltzie tonight.

  26. It’s 4th and 8. You trail 10-3 with 6:00 to go in the first half and have it at your own 28. CMU goes for it and fails miserably.

    With short field in front of them from the 10, BC throws a pass to a wideout running over the middle, who gets hit, fumbles at the 5 .. as a CMU guy is trying to pick the ball up, a BC offensive player dives at his legs, knocks the ball free, and another BC guy picked it up at the 3 and walked in.

    17-3. Ballgame.

  27. The Central Michigan coach should quit after the game – he’s also employing a 3-QB system since he can’t figure out who his starter should be.

  28. Oh. My. Gosh.

    That’s thirty dropped passes for Central Michigan so far in this game. This time, they drop an open bomb that would have been a 60-yard gain.

  29. a 3-QB system, we all know a 2-QB system doesn’t work. Yes he should be fired. Then again its Central Michigan, who expects them to have quality players?

  30. Bonds has probably the highest average against Smoltz of any other active player. With at least 25 AB’s

  31. check these numbers against Smoltz…

    Mark Grace 67AB .358AVG
    Felix Jose 23AB .435
    Rico Brogan 27AB .407
    Ellis Burks 22AB .409

  32. urlhix,

    Ibiza was, as usual, a total gas.

    Dunno if you are into electronic dance music, DJs & clubs, but if you are, there’s no place like Ibiza. It’s pretty much the capitol of the world for that stuff.

    Last year I went a little more hog-wild, club-wise; this year, I had some “official responsibility,” as my mag had to present an event at one of the bigger clubs. So I returned without “the Ibiza flu,” as they call it.

    This year, I caught more of the “Sunset Strip” scene, where we basically hit the sunsets every night along these beachside cafes with some of the world’s biggest DJs playing. Lotsa sangria & messy Europeans stumbling along the banks of the Mediterranean to the biggest house & techno tracks of the day.

    This week, I saw/heard: Judge Jules @ Eden; Roger Sanchez @ Cafe Mambo; Masters At Work @ Privilege; Fatboy Slim & Carl Cox @ Space; and Erick Morillo @ Cafe Mambo.

    My trip back had me changing planes in Dusseldorf, so it was a long, long day today. I’m still a little delirious.

  33. I’m in the don’t promote Devine camp–I’d have him put more distance between last year’s debacle and his return to the show.

    Any news on other call ups? Not that he’s worth much, but where’s Phil Stockman these days? He did a rehab stint in Rome a few weeks ago but hasn’t been activated.

  34. ububba,

    I was in spain about 2 years ago and was trying to go to Ibiza, but apparently it was “out of season.” Is there really a season for the clubs? I was there in october I’ve heard it is the most amazing place to party. I still want to go.

  35. Phil Stockman is not one of the 6 players the Braves have asked to join them in Philadelphia. Reports are that Stockman has been moved to the 60 day DL and is returning to Australia for awhile.

  36. Figured you had a great time, ububba. I’ve always wanted to go to Ibiza, good to hear it is still kickin’.

    I don’t own a whole lot of dance stuff but I really love a well played set. Love the mash-up scene and dig the better psy-trance stuff I’ve been hearing on the music blogs. If you knew me you might be surprised to find that I like that kind of stuff but the way I see things there are only two kinds of music, good and bad. My favorite is 60’s southern soul music but I like everything from pure commercial pop to japanese noise bands.

    The Ibiza flu is such a funny phrase, BTW. I can only imagine…

  37. Well, that was about as good as we could have hoped for considering the junk Franchy was swinging at.

  38. This is getting crazy. Might as well win it now…

    Hate King,

    Yup, Ibiza’s “season” runs from June until late September, but July & August is when it’s hot & heavy for tourists there (tons of Brits, Germans & Italians—not so many Americans). I’m told it’s pretty dead during the other months. I think the only big club that’s even open off-season is Pacha.


    My musical tastes are pretty broad, too, but my mag is all about DJs, so the club stuff is “work.” Speaking of soul: For about 3 years here in NYC, there was a DJ from Alabama who ran a “soul night” in the East Village. All he played was Stax & the really greasy, indie, ’60s soul. It was every Friday from about 10 to 4 a.m. Great stuff.

  39. well, guys, Yates is coming into the game to pitch out of this jam…yup…i’m not going to say anything

  40. ububba,

    I knew your tastes we’re really broad, hope I didn’t imply otherwise. Sounds like you have a great gig. I’ve dreamed of us writing for Mix or Electronic Musician or any of those kind of mags but we mostly deal with business, credit union and fabric industry stuff. I’m still a gear head though and try to keep up with what’s coming out in the audio world.

    Sounds like that DJ has it going on. I find great old soul 45’s all the time down here. A perk of living in the South, I guess. One of these days I’m going to have to get a jukebox to do them justice.

  41. you mean those red beads? he’s been wearing those for awhile now…i can’t remember what for though

  42. urlhix,

    As I always say, writing about music isn’t all glamor, but it sure beats covering city-council meetings. I speak from experience.

  43. they are sanctioned by the MLB..they have some sort of magnetic working with them that helps him with his oblique…

    That’s what Pete said..

  44. Magnets? Jeez that’s dumb. Even by ballplayer standards.

    Ububba, I hear ya. But can you dance about architecture? Lol…

  45. The magnet thing is popular among studio musicians too. Again, not the sharpest bunch of tools in the shed.

    Ububba, cheers to you, that made me laugh out loud at the end of our crappy game.

    /trying to picture a Frank Gehry house mix…man, that’s freaky

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