Hilo del juego: 10 de Junio, Braves en Astros

Hola, soy el shortstop anterior de Braves, Andres Thomas, y me han pedido abrir este hilo de rosca. Realmente no sé cuáles es esto alrededor, pero estoy alegre ver que el Braves ha abrazado el estilo de Andres Thomas del juego.

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  1. Los Bravos estan jugando una cacada las ultimas dos semanas. Necesitan un cambio de jugadores inmediatamente sino los Mets de N.Y. se van a ganar el division.

    Ademas…Reitsma tira como una nina.

  2. Tu Mamma La Pinga.

    That’s it for the Spanish I know, but I would like that specifically aimed at the following people:

    Bobby Cox
    John Schuerholz
    John’s staff
    Adam LaRoche
    Chris Reitsma
    Todd Pratt
    Tyler Yates
    Brian Jordan
    Mike Remlinger
    Chad Paronto
    Marcus Giles
    Edgar Rentaria’s Defense
    Jeff Francouer
    Jorge Sosa
    John Thomson

    oh, well…you guys get the point. We have a lot of mediocre sh– on this team.

  3. Can tomorrow’s thread be in French so I can actually respond to it? I can decipher Spanish but not write it, save a few simple sentences. And let me say that if the Braves play like UGA is playing in the CWS right now, we are in deep shit tonight. Oh, wait…

  4. hahahahahah….Jenny just made my day. That was awesome.

    Langerhans is just awful out there. I think even Jeffrey Francouer has a higher average than him.

  5. You’re welcome, Davey. I had to figure out whether it was “ser” or “estar” and then figure out the third-person plural conjugation, but it was well worth it. Now if I only knew how to translate “suck” as a noun.

  6. ¿Quién es siguiente? ¿Rafael Ramirez? ¿Darrell Chaney? ¿Marty Perez? Tomaré una victoria en español, francés, inglés o swahili. No importa a mí.

  7. I was thinking and this is what the braves should do. They should trade Giles and TRY to trade Laroche. Put Renteria at 2nd where his weak arm wouldnt really matter. Bring up pena to play short like Mac said a few days ago. Then Chipper to first and Betemit to third. And that would make the infield much better with the only weak thing being pena’s bat. And for giles and Laroche try to get a leftfielder and some bullpen help I guess. Well thats about it.

  8. Quién es siguiente? ¿Rafael Ramirez? ¿Darrell Chaney? ¿Marty Perez? Tomaré una victoria en español, francés, inglés o swahili. No importa a mí.

    My vote is for Biff Pocoroba, Roland Office, or Tony Brizzolara…

  9. i am not in favor of trading giles, but i bet giles would have some trade value, and laroche would have a little (maybe). so maybe, just maybe, if we packaged it right, we could get something for them. and yes, betemit is leading off. i dont like giles sitting out though. i was hoping for laroche to ride pine, but not happening. i would love to see giles pinch hit, stay in the game at 2nd, and see betemit move over to 1st.

  10. Moin Jungs! Heute werden die Braves endlich wieder gewinnen. Es wird Zeit, dass sie eine Serie von Spielen gewinnen sonst wird der Abstand einfach zu gross. Ich habe noch immer Vertrauen. Ach ja, Giles muss weg.

  11. Can we please stop with the Spanish? I don’t understand it at all.

    I took two years of German in high school (a language credit was required and Spanish, French and Latin were full and German was the only thing left, and even then only one teacher even taught German because the demand was so low.)

    But it’s been so long and I haven’t had to use it so I don’t remember much.

  12. Wow. Betemit, Chipper, and Edgar in the same lineup?

    The Braves will win today. Count it.

  13. Dan,

    There are a million language translation sites out there & easily accessed.

    Looks like Wilson is working his way back into the lineup.

  14. I felt this coming ever since I turned on the game and saw the lineup. Too many good hitters against RHP in one place. Other than the automatic Francoeur out, this lineup is potent.

  15. I don’t understand this MLB.TV Mosaic thing. Regular mode blacks out the Braves, but Mosaic doesn’t. It does, however, black out pretty much everything else on FOX. Weird.

  16. T.P needs to start slapping some plate discipline into Jeffrey. He’s turning into Adam Dunn..only with better defense…and less homers..

  17. We really need to win this game. Considering who’s pitching for Houston and the line-up they got out there today..

    If we can’t win today..we have no business going on.

  18. I’m watching this game on FOX in Nashville. Jeff is swinging at balls that are bouncing 2 or 3 feet in front of the plate.

  19. Granted the Astros have a little league lineup out there today, Hudson has been dominant. I haven’t seen the Astros hit a fly ball yet.

  20. but adam dunn has plate discipline. his obp is .384 to jeff’s .267. he just doesnt hit for avg. and never has

  21. Guess what. Yeah, Betemit is on base again. This guy needs to play every day and I don’t care where.

  22. Betemit could come out of the bullpen for all I care..as long as the kid plays. He needs to play everyday…


    Did anyone else think that Ausmus was going to tie it up?

  24. Funny how changing our closer and leadoff man and the return of our best hitter can turn things around ;)

  25. Doesn’t Francoeur realize that what he’s doing isn’t working? Is he just dense, or what?

  26. BTW, how was Betemit’s defense at 2B today?

    Does anyone smell a significant move by JS happening?

  27. Malone, he made some nice plays at 2B. He’s a versatile player. I say we get rid of Roachy and put Wilson there.

  28. I agree with Lando..

    Move Wilson to first..and get Adam out of there. Giles’ defense aint THAT bad. He’s good enough, he just shouldn’t be hitting lead-off.
    Also, Langerhans needs to sit. Get Diaz in there…he can’t possibly do a worse job at the plate then Ryan’s doing.
    And either get rid of Thomson and or Sosa..and get Chuck James in the rotation.

    Clark KentMcCann

    Can’t be worse than the past 2 weeks

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