341 thoughts on “Game Thread of Brotherly Love: Phillies at Braves, Aug. 8”

  1. Today, tomorrow & for the next week-and-a-half, let’s imagine we’re the Dodgers. In fact, let’s imitate the Dodgers.

  2. With some of the things said about our own players on here, I don’t think we have a right to be making fun of how negative Philly fans are!

    — Bravesfan1

  3. 1914 Update:

    NY Giants 56-39 (–)
    Chicago Cubs 53-47 (5.5)
    St. Louis Cardinals 54-48 (5.5)
    Boston Braves 50-46 (6.5)
    Philadelphia Phillies 46-51 (11)
    Cincinnati Reds 47-53 (11.5)
    Brooklyn Robins 42-52 (13.5)
    Pittsburgh Pirates 42-54 (14.5)

    Sundays are for church, not for baseball (even though I’m with Susan Sarandon in believeing in the Church of Baseball). Day off for the NL.

    The New York Times is the source for the line scores I’ve been running lately. Today, they published partial statistical updates on players, hitters (listed by batting average, with .250 as the cutoff) and pitchers (by winning percentage, with .333 as the cutoff). The triple crown stats that we know of, home runs and RBI, weren’t listed; box scores didn’t include RBI and HR were too rare to be taken special notice. Instead, the stats listed along with batting average were stolen bases and sacrifice hits (!).

    Braves stats as of August 8:
    Joe Connolly, LF: .306, 5 SB, 5 SH.
    Johnny Evers, 2B: .296, 9 SB, 17 SH.
    Larry Gilbert, RF: .290, 3 SB, 9 SH.
    Ted Cather, 4OF: .261, 10 SB, 6 SH. (Just with Boston, .204, 6 SB, 3 SH)
    Butch Schmidt, 1B: .258, 9 SB, 15 SH.
    Wilson Collins, 5OF: .258, 0 SB, 0 SH.
    Bill James, P: .258, 0 SB, 3 SH.
    Rabbit Maranville: .257, 14 SB, 15 SH.

    Bill James 13-6, 139 H, 67 BB, 84 K.
    Dick Rudolph 14-7, 173 H, 47 BB, 68 K.
    Paul Strand 3-2, 26 H, 12 BB, 18 K.
    Lefty Tyler 11-9, 163 H, 72 BB, 90 K.

  4. We are closer to the wild card than the Braves were to the Giants even now. One sustained hot streak can do it, if we can just get a ltitle more pitching and a little less Frenchy.

  5. I wonder what Randy Wolf is going to look like today…Very interesting matchup between these two lefties. Not overpowering, but typically have good command. Hopefully James, will look better against Howard than he did Delgado. Just please dont give up HR’s to lefties on 0-2 or 1-2 counts!!!

  6. Brian J., unfortunately what we are getting is a lot less pitching what with Ramirez going on the DL and seemingly done for the year. The Braves have had roughly the same amount of injuries as last year. The difference is there have been no AA callups picking up the slack and no Jorge Sosa unexpectedly winning 13 games. This is the year the Braves finally ran out of magic with overcoming injuries to get to the playoffs. I guess the law of averages say we were overdue.

  7. Boyer, McBride, Stockman, Foster, Devine, Horacio, Hampton, James, Thomson, Davies, and I think Hudson have all been injured. Also Smoltz pulled his hammy this year too. No other pitching staff in baseball have had this many injuries to their staff. There’s no way this team could perform to its best ability with this many injuries, not even including our offensive injuries. That’s what makes our division run so unique. You cant blame Roger for this, actually I think he’s done a good job this year considering…

  8. Poll of the day.

    Which of the players acquired by a trade will best benefit the Braves?

    A.Willy Aybar

    B.Danys Baez

    C.Bob Wickman

    My choice is Wickman.

  9. In fact, let’s imitate the Dodgers. It’s more like they are imitating us. Their devious plan of collecting as many former Braves and Red Sox is finally paying off.

  10. Now or in the future?

    Now? Wickman.

    Future? Jury still out, but chances are it could only be Aybar—Baez & WIckman may not be on this team in ’07.

  11. Robert don’t forget about bringing up all the rookies…Kemp, Ethier, Martin, Billingsley, Saito, and Loney.

  12. I guess McCann wasn’t good enough yesterday, we have a Pratt sighting…

    1. W Aybar, 3B .256 0 2 0
    2. M Giles, 2B .271 9 42 8
    3. E Renteria, SS .311 11 45 12
    4. A Jones, CF .273 27 97 4
    5. J Francoeur, RF .256 21 78 1
    6. M Diaz, LF .322 4 19 3
    7. T Pratt, C .207 3 16 1
    8. S Thorman, 1B .250 4 11 1
    9. C James, P

  13. We might have a better shot at keeping Baez over Wickman…After the trade the Indians said that they will try to sign Bob after the season and after Fausto Carmona failed as closer in just 1 week, I am sure they will offer more money than we will.

  14. From Jay’s link above (#16):
    “Braves bits: Adam LaRoche was a late scratch from Tuesday’s lineup because of discomfort in his left forearm. He was hit in that area with a Bronson Arroyo pitch on Saturday. … General manager John Schuerholz’s son, Jonathan, was named the International League’s Batter of the Week for his efforts last week. The younger Schuerholz, who has struggled most of this season, earned the award after hitting .444 with two homers and 10 RBIs. … Cormier’s shutout led him to being named the IL’s Pitcher of the Week.”

    Reminds me of one of those bizarro headline games you hear on morning radio where one of the items is real & the others are fake…

  15. JAY10, you dont think Wickamania will take a hometown discount. I bet JS thinks that he will.

  16. I wish he would….Then again maybe he will realize that we have a better shot at post season action that CLE does.

  17. Haha that was hilarious. Ok, I got most of the people there. Obviously Perez and Hudson, Jordan, Langerhans… who were the other people? And the shorter guy? Who was he?

  18. Smoltz has a better beard than Norris…

    If I don’t comment anymore today, it’s because Norris broke into my house and roundhouse kicked me in the face.

  19. It had to be one of the front office people – that didn’t look like a player at all. Can’t find a picture of Hal Gileema, but that’s who it looked like.

  20. Nothing wrong with sitting McCann against a lefty for a day game after a night game. You can’t expect him to catch 6 days a week especially with the sore ankle. The only problem is who is his backup. Can’t the Braves find some contender who wants a backup catcher to take Tank so they can call up Pena? Or, heck, even Salty despite his bad year would likely perform better.

  21. I am wondering when that ankle is going to get better…it has been injured since we played Arizona.

  22. Ron,

    McCann just sat Monday, didn’t he? And tomorrow is an off day anyway. I would send out McCann unless he really looked bad or asked out.

    Why are we playing so early anyway? Both the Phillies andBraves have tomorrow off. I thought these early things in the week were to help a team that was traveling. Too many schools are back in session for it to be a concession to “a day game for the family.” These day games (where nobody is under an urgent travel plan) need to be eliminated, except for maybe early April and late September.

  23. Cliff, It is a get away day.

    We should just trade Pena. We won’t call him up, because sitting would take much needed AB’s away from him.

  24. Today’s Lineups.

    J.Rollins SS
    S.Victorino RF
    C.Utley 2B
    R.Howard 1B
    P.Burrell LF
    A.Rowand CF
    M.Lieberthal C
    A.Nunez 3B
    R.Wolf P

    W.Ayabar 3B
    M.Giles 2B
    E.Renteria SS
    A.Jones CF
    J.Francoeur RF
    M.Diaz LF
    T.Pratt C
    S.Thorman 1B
    C.James P

  25. Has anyone looked to see what Pratt’s numbers are against Wolf, maybe that has something to do with it as well.

  26. Fair point about the off day tomorrow. Chalk it up to Bobby’s love affair with lefty-righty matchups I guess.

  27. Today’s lineup v.s. Randy Wolf.

    W.Aybar never faced
    M.Giles 5-16 .313 1 RBI 6 BB 3 K
    E.Renteria 3-17 .176 1 HR 2 RBI 2 BB 3 K
    A.Jones 8-45 .178 2 HR 5 RBI 5 BB 9 K
    J.Francoeur never faced
    M.Diaz never faced
    T.Pratt 0-2 1 BB
    S.Thorman never faced
    C.James never faced

  28. You’re talking about the same manager that persisted in bringing in Remlinger to face left handed batters until Shuerholz finally had the sense to DFA him. Bobby doesn’t look at numbers.

  29. Phillies v.s. Chuck James

    Pat Burrell 1-2 .500 1 HR 1 RBI
    Ryan Howard 0-1
    Mike Lieberthal 0-1
    Jimmy Rollins 1-1 .1000
    Aaron Rowand 1-1 1 HR 2 RBI .1000
    Chase Utley 0-1

  30. Yeah no one covered….Looks like the Phils will be running all day.

    Who would you rather have?

    Lieberthal or Pratt

  31. This game is being played like two teams who are anxious to get to their off day tomorrow.

  32. I moved three weeks ago and the cable people, who told me they could give me cable, have changed their minds. I’m getting DirectTV tomorrow. For some reason the game isn’t on the radio today and I’m mobile, so I can’t listen to it or watch it. Fortunately I’ve got a mobile wifi hotspot, so I can watch the Yahoo game channel which updates every 30 sec, and I can keep refreshing this page and monitor your comments. It just takes a lot of pulling over and refreshing/reading this way.

    I’m off again!

  33. Just pay the $15.00 for the entire season at mlb.com and you can listen to all home and away feeds of every single game in major league baseball. Then you can listen and not pull over.

    I don’t know how people live without it.

  34. How is Aybar getting thrown out on the wild pitch a FC? What other choice did the fielder have? Not throw?

  35. I still can’t believe after all the years they invested in Betemit that just as he’s coming into his own they discard him for a singles hitting thirdbaseman. Unbelievable.

  36. I have XM, so I can listen to any game I want. YOu always get the home team, which is sometimes great (diffrent perspective) and sometimes you get the Padres guys.

    THe first game of the year I got Vin Scully!

  37. Radio on MLB.com is awesome. The investment is minimal & you have a choice of announcing teams. Plus, if you speak Spanish (or French back in the days of the Expos), they have those broadcasts, too.

    You just have to remember to log on and off the site, or else you get locked out of the site for 2 hours. I’ve had a few issues with them, but they seem to have straightened out.

  38. I have Sirius; I signed up for it over two years ago, before MLB had signed up for satellite programming. I sent letters to Sirius, begging them to get MLB. XM got it instead. I may switch soon.

  39. mlb.tv feeds are nice too. Some of the things you hear between innings are priceless.

  40. Yeah, I have MLB.tv. (Atta way Andruw!!!). I kinda wish I hadn’t got it, cause my internet connection at home has deteriorated to the point where it’s useless there. I only use it for day games when I’m at work (heh, heh), but I dig there. Radio would be better cause I only flip over for highlights, and just listen to most of the game.
    Anyways, like Landogarner said, the in-between-innings comments are great and I wish they didn’t cut off after a few seconds. Landogarner, does it go silent during commercials for you or is it just me?

  41. I did that for a while Davey, but the convenience of having all the games at your fingertips, with no searching, and being able to choose the feed you want is by far worth more than $15 you pay.

  42. ermoore, yeah it goes silent and sometimes you get to watch the t.v. commercials from the local broadcast. But the feed before the game starts and sometimes for 5-10 between innings you get to listen to the broadcasters b.s. I’ve heard them talk about women in the stands and all kinds of funny shit.

  43. Jay you forgot Nomar. I thought he was finished but he is having an amazing year.

  44. I would say Nomar and Thome. Mags and Thomas are also good candidates in the A.L…but Thome has been great.
    And Mags’ hair works against him. That’s gotta go…

  45. XM has the baseball, but Sirius seems to have everything else.

    My magazine works with Sirius & I’ve done a couple shows with them & their setup is amazing.

  46. I was about to say I think this should be his last inning. Because he is over 100 pitches. I wanted him to get the W. But now we need some more offense.

  47. I saw Mags up close at a game a couple weeks ago. In his defense his hair looks better in person.

  48. Rick White looks like my grandma’s schnauzer.

    Okay I will leave him alone.

    DIAZ!!!! Hustle!!!

  49. Will the ump PLEASE warn the Phillies bench… that’s about the fourth or fifth time that a Braves batter has had to duck an inside pitch.

    On a brighter note… YES!

  50. That’s it, Francoeur. I want you to play the game like that.
    Btw where’s Rochey? Is he hurt or day off?

  51. Huckleberry was out yesterday with a “sore forearm” so maybe his poor wittle arm still hurts.

  52. You know, Lando, you’re playing into Adam LaRoche’s hands… he asked all the fans who booed him before to keep booing him after he started hitting well. You’re doing EXACTLY WHAT HE ASKED. Spooky, huh?

  53. Well he has been sucking it up again in his past couple games but I never planned on stopping anyways. I knew he would revert back to his old ways sooner rather than later.

  54. Don’t you guys know that one good inning buys Yates 10 horrible innings, in Bobbys eyes?

  55. why does a reliever stay in the game after 2 walks, much less 3 walks in one inning. This is what I hate about Bobby, he thinks the reliever has to stay out there a full inning. It blows my mind. You walk the 1st batter you need to be pulled…

  56. !!ahaha!! I knew I wasn’t just hearing things. Wow, that was classic. Love our announcers.

  57. The inning from hell…

    In today’s SI, there’s a story about Chase Utley and how much of a hustling player he is.

  58. Get Yates and McBride one-way tickets to Siberia. Or Atlantis (might be easier to pass off…)

  59. This way I don’t have to create another graphic. The Yates Doghouse gets lots of use.

    Anyway, recap will probably be late as I have a meeting and I don’t know how long it will go. I know I hate to miss this.

  60. The moral of this story, Mr. Schuerholz, is that importing a closer for this bullpen is putting a band-aid on a gunshot wound.

  61. That line by Skip is almost straight outta Major Leagues. Skip is the best, it’s gonna hurt if we don’t getta hear him anymore in a couple of years.

  62. Bobby, none of these relief pitchers should ever see daylight again. Or nighttime stadium lights, for that matter.

  63. I have barely seen Macay McBride has went 1inning.
    Yates is alone. He should live under the same roof with McBride.

  64. Wow, the Braves just broke my spirit right there. I’m done. I resisted for as long as I could, but they have broken me. I can’t even turn away.

  65. Yeah, Atlanta’s given up. Thanks Yates. Thanks McBride. Thanks Paronto.

    Can we get the 10-run rule installed? They’re gonna need it.

  66. I’m starting to think the Dodgers owned J.S. in that trade. Oh god we are going to be screwed without Dayton to do J.S.’s work for him.

  67. Memo to starting pitchers:

    You’re going nine, pitch counts be damned.


    Yates, Paronto, McBride, Ray, and Baez.

  68. Okay, I have to go soon, but vote who goes in the Doghouse which only fits one:

    A. Tyler Kali Yates
    B. Macay McBride
    C. Bad Chad Paronto
    D. Bobby Cox
    E. Roger McDowell
    F. The suspender-clad mastermind who assembled this pitching staff.

  69. 4 BB 6 H 2 Outs, good job guys! Let Smoltz, Huddy, Renteria, McCann, and the Jones’ have an early vacation. No point in playing anymore!

  70. Of course no one caught it.

    I just saw the look of fear in that bat boy’s eyes…..A tank one direction and the almighty Thor in the other.


  71. Okay, that dual “Yahoo!” just really cracked me up…

    Wait… we’re out of the inning? Really? Truly? Yahoo!

  72. You know, when you say, “F. The Suspender-clad mastermind,” it both constitutes an answer to Mac’s question, and a coherent statement in itself.

    F. him indeed!

  73. G: Ted Turner, for selling the Braves. And for selling TBS.

    That billion he gave to the U.N. would look good helping the Braves sign ML-caliber relief.

  74. To paraphrase our webmaster, “I’ll send them bad relievers, the worst I can find. They’ll have to sit and watch them, every fan will lose his mind.”

    Honestly, what’s got to be going through the hitters’ minds now? Even if they somehow get six runs, the pen will just roll the rock right down the hill again, as happened to Sisyphus.

  75. i would of rather seen 10 straight singles. THROW STRIKES, YOUR A PROFESOINAL BASEBALL PLAYER, ACT LIKE IT DAMN IT!

  76. Some people here might disagree with me here and come with all sorts of arguments and comebacks…but I don’t care.

    I want Wilson back…NOW

  77. Two straight first-pitch outs. Orr and Aybar should have just asked the umps if we could end the game now. I bet they wanted to.

  78. According to several sources, the Yankees were one of four teams to put in a waiver claim on Braves center fielder Andruw Jones. The Yankees had no spot for Jones, who isn’t being dealt, but the move likely was made to make sure Jones didn’t end up in Boston. He had to be dealt by Monday, when the 72-hour period closed. Brian Cashman refused to discuss the claim because Major League Baseball prohibits teams from talking about the waiver process. Considering they were among the top teams in the AL, it’s likely the Yankees were the fourth team to claim Jones, who isn’t going to be dangled a second time.

  79. The Betemit trade makes sense- if Cox had the sense to you Baez as a fireman, putting out blazes whenever they flare up. Instead, Cox uses him as an eighth-inning “closer,” waiting to protect leads the rest of the pen can’t deliver.

  80. he signs his book,
    and doesnt look for a hook
    he comes through late
    but we still call on Yates!

  81. For Baez yes but Aybar is no Betemit in any way shape or form. And the way Betemit has continued to play……

  82. Two on, no out. Ken Ray has decided that since no one else bothers to make an effort, why should he?

  83. I wanted anyone in the last, now I dont care anymore. Season is lost right here…Cant win at home our manager cant manage a ball game, our GM cant find ball players, and we trade away everything of value for half year rentals and expect them to resign to home town discounts. I bet Andruw demands a trade!

  84. how can cox catch blame for this? are you guys kidding?

    baez, the fireman, walked the bases loaded last night and had to be “bailed out” (if such a term can be used to allowing a 398 foot fly ball to dead center) by franklin. the problem isn’t the manager; it’s damn hard to spot-weld a leaky submarine with a half-empty box of matches and a sterno can.

  85. He can’t demand a trade until after the World Series. His dream will have to come true sometime after November.

  86. Oh, Kyle, you know how fans think they can manage better than the team they root for. All cases, no matter how good or bad the manager is.

  87. Kyle, well said.

    Or, to use a different metaphor, Roger McDowell is the Jolly Green Giant, Bobby Cox is Clarence Birdseye, and the Braves bullpen is a nuclear fusion reaction.

  88. Kyle, read your comment. Baez walked the bases loaded. Why in the hell was he still in the game after two walks? Same thing today – he brings in Yates and he has 3 walks and gives up a hit before being yanked. Answer: Bobby Cox our manager, he leaves the relievers in the game too long when they get in trouble……….Yes I blame him and also the piece of crap thats on the mound

  89. Don Sutton: “Apparently the Mets and Mariners are fighting over which of them used ‘Who Let the Dogs Out’ first. Someone said that was a little like two mad scientists fighting over which of them discovered a horrible disease.”

  90. Wow. Don Sutton is using wit now. Sounds like he’s improved to almost tolerable.

    Now let’s get a rally going here.

  91. This topic bores me. We’ve gone through this ad nauseum.

    JS’ options were extremely debatable in the off-season. Nobody gives Bobby credit when his moves work out (like last night—we won, remember). I also fail to see what Wilson Betemit has to do with this inning.

    If that’s not bad enough, I’m off the deli loaded with Met fans…

  92. so what, you want him to take those guys out and put in someone even worse sooner? here’s a hint: NONE OF THOSE GUYS ARE GOOD. he has to rely on someone crappy; it’s just a matter of picking your poison.

    i just can’t believe you would criticize him for leaving baez/yates in too long… as if the guys who came in later are miracle workers. franklin just missed giving up a granny, paronto/mcbride got shelled. what’s so hard to understand about that? sheesh

  93. *looks in his Frenchy 2 out magic bag to see if there is anything left… again* … nope, nothing in there today.

  94. whats hard to understand is that the guy on the mound cant throw strikes and Bobby lets him stay out there. Yes, pick your poison, when one’s not working at least try another. sheesh……….

  95. I think I am going to write a eulogy for the Braves sometime this week on my blog. I’ll let you know when I have the will to do it.

  96. Just put the whole team (including the GM) in the doghouse and be done with it for the year.

  97. Sam he just got a two out rbi earlier in the game. You can’t expect him to do it every time.

  98. Yeah I wonder if there is some AL team that doesn’t know the real Vulture that we could pawn him off on for a decent prospect.

  99. I think we need a more drastic regime than “the doghouse.” Call it “the hall of political prisoners” or “the Maginot line.”

    I nominate everyone on the team except for McCann, Smoltz, and Andruw.

  100. I think just not bad if you have something to lose.
    It does mean at least you wouldn’t blast hopes.

  101. Just pathetic. Not winning the division was going to happen sooner or later but who expected a team so unable to retire opposing hitters that it’s not likely to be within sniffing distance of .500? Having, say, 85-90 wins but coming up a bit short of the division title or wild card would be one thing, but looking like the Royals or Pirates is entirely different. Here’s hoping JS retires after this season.

  102. Boy, next year is going to be interesting. If KJ comes, back, Frenchie and his .681 OPS vs. right-handed pitching needs to be platooned, at best. Do we think anyone will have the courage to push this one?

  103. Aside from Chuck James, the only person who had a good game today was Skip Caray, who said it correctly, “These people [Braves fans] are spoiled.”

  104. Yates is the only one for the doghouse. How do you recieve a paycheck to play in the majors if you can’t even meet the minimum requirement of throwing the ball over the plate?

  105. I agree with Skip’s assertion. He has announced through so many losing seasons that he can say that.

  106. It’s been published. I don’t know why it didn’t show up for you. I was wondering why nobody was commenting but I figured it was just depression.

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