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A serious note… I think that the expected transfer of ownership of the Braves to Liberty Media is likely to be a disaster. And that ownership by any entity that only wants the team as a tax writeoff is likely to be. It is hopeless to try to convince Time Warner of this — they simply don’t care, especially now that they’ve unloaded Turner South.

That means that the appeal must be to the owners of the other teams, who have to approve the stock transfer. I do not think they’re likely to be happy about any non-cash purchase.

I suggest contacting the Commissioner and asking him to oppose the transfer of the Braves to Liberty, or to any entity that has no interest in the team except to avoid tax penalties, and which will likely flip it as soon as it can without paying taxes. It is not in the interest of Major League Baseball that its teams be used in this fashion — especially when there are interested, local owners who will pay cash.

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